Myanmar, Thailand · 7 Days · 8 Moments · April 2017

Georgina's tour through Myanmar

19 April 2017

Travelled back to Bangkok Nice hotel room with joe for his last night, sunny residences. Went for an Italian with joe and Laura. Had nice wine and a cheese board and prawns and lamb and mash. Really nice food but terrible service. The next morning I napped in hotel room and watched YouTube videos and had time to myself in a nice room.

17 April 2017

Mandalay Went for some food and had chicken liver soup and joe had chicken liver and heart in his noodles. Had a really nice dinner with lots of sides at Mingalarbar but they gave us a complimentary dessert that was horrible and joe accidentally ate a really disgusting thing Hahah

15 April 2017

Lake Inle day 3 Boat trip on inle Floating garden- allotment growing tomatos Houses on stilts in the lake Tiny kitten in the monastery who had only just opened its eyes Seeing lotus and silk weaving, lotus really expensive Seeing cigarettes being made (banana, aniseed and honey, normal) from leaves and dried corn etc. Got to try them. Pagoda where men were putting gold leaf on the Buddhas Nice dinner at the place with the hanging pots

14 April 2017

Lake inle day 2 Cycled to monastery Kitten in monastery Getting soaked Cycled to vineyards but closed, got soaked more Loved the thingyan festival a huge water fight Joe gagging on hair in his mouth that Soph tugged Drinks at night market then dancing to terrible Bermese rock singers with loads of bermese men

13 April 2017

Lake Inle day 1 Minibus took around 9 hours and the driver had not slept for three days and nights. At one point the girl next to him said 'hey no sleeping'. Arrived, checked in and were allowed into the room. Slept until 11/12 and then had a Indian curry for lunch and a wander. First day of water festival and little kids on the streets soaked us. Really fun.

12 April 2017

Bagan day 3: Next day- woke up in the morning and there was a Parade outside (presumably for three day water festival starting the next day) so we watched that. Then tried to go to a museum but shut. Walked to a pool and chilled in a nice pool for the day (they brought us a free scoop of ice cream). Tried to take a pic but I couldn't get the pose right, also talked about perceptions of the world and our biases. Was nice pool. Had lunch/dinner at weather spoons (beef burger) before showering and waiting for bus. On the bus me and joe saw a gold temple on top a hill that looked nice. Long bus to inle.
Bagan Day two: got out ebikes/scooters. The man told us how they work really quickly then we gave them a slight go. Laura (slowly) crashed into me to immediately but we got the hang of it quickly. Really fun and joe loved it. We had a drink at a boat cafe, then on the way back some locals car was stuck and joe helped them get it out. Joe helped the locals get their car out the sand and then we went back and chilled for a bit. When it was cooler we biked out to some smaller temples and took pictures. On the way something was rattling on my wheel and joes battery was dying so we pulled over. Cat (who hasn't ridden any) then held the handle and the bike started moving and crashed into a tree. Joe lifted it but then crashed it into a tree again.. was fine tho :) in the evening had an alright falalfel pita.
Bagan: Arrived and got a 5 hour bus from Mandalay. Arrived in Bagan late evening and just went to sleep. The next morning was cats birthday. The others went to breakfast and I put her presents and balloons in her room. At breakfast we did secret Santa for cats birthday, I had laura and Cat had me (Trish ring and horrid lod cave yellow beaded vest). We then cycled around a few nice temples- v v hot. Stopped for lunch at a nice cafe. Cycled back to hotel and chilled for a bit before going for a sunset boat ride. It was really cute on the boat and the man let us climb on the roof and then lifted chairs up for us. We went for cats birthday dinner and cocktails at Bibo restaurant. They gave cat a sweet rice cake that looked scary but was cute. Back to hostel for birthday Jim rummy.