Malaysia · 12 Days · 9 Moments · May 2017

Georgina's journi to Malaysia

16 May 2017

Penang final day: Really hung over this day. We went for salmon bagels with Zak (nice guy we met night before), then just chilled in hostel, then went for an Indian as a local place, then in the evening had mango salad at the food court. Zak got me some ferror rocher as a birthday present which was really sweet, but he did also list Soph as family on fb which was odd. Had a bit of a stress in the evening with our bus to Singapore as there was no where to collect tickets, but when we did finally get on the bus it was really comfortable and luxurious- chairs like big arm chairs.
Penang day 2: We woke up and had breakfast. I then spent the morning cleaning all my toiletries and bags etc of sick from night before :( We went to a cat cafe in the morning as we all felt hungover, and then spent the day just wandering around and looking at Penang. In the evening we went to the Red Mountain Food Court which did lots of different amazing food for really cheap. We got roast duck. In the evening we went out again. Played the cardboard game- it was the hotel owners birthday. We arm wrestled the Australian army people and then had chicken burgers from 'old Trafford'.
Penang day 1: Arrived late afternoon and walked to Tipsy Tiger Party Hostel. We went to Ynot Bar for dinner and had a really nice chilli with garlic bread. In the evening we got two free drinks (good g&t) from the hostel bar and played drinking games with Alex (owner), Toby (guy I thought called Greg), Dean, the tanned Spanishy looking girl and others. We played sevens, flip cup and ring of fire. I got really drunk and threw up on my bed/wall/toiletries, and then lay on the top of the stairs in my pants. Lots of people saw and joked the next morning. Cat and Soph tried to put me to bed but I insisted on going out again (back to Y Not bar, owned by Alex also). I just sat in the same spot with a water for a bit before cat walked me home. I got a pot noodle.

11 May 2017

Penang day 4: We went to the botanical gardens and walked around the whole thing. There were turtles in the lily pond and lots of giant lizards. We then went to the bee gallery which was odd with lots of scenes full of dead bees. For lunch we went to a vegan sushi place which was so tasty. On our way there we saw an old man get knocked off his motorbike. We did a wash and relaxed in the evening, but the annoying Canadian man was there so he made it less relaxing. Dinner at the food court again - prawn biryani clay pot. Went out in the evening and this time had sone of our own salted caramel vodka. Soph got really drunk and threw up for ages.

8 May 2017

Langkawi day 3 and 4: Hungover and tired from coming back at 3am. Got up late and went for food at next door local place. We played cards and chilled. A bit of a nothing day but went for a tasty Syrian dinner at Yasmin's, had a chicken swarma (Soph had good lamb). The next day we brought cheap vodka (£8 2K stoli) and went for lunch at Kopi Coffee place. Then got uber to local town and brought more Ritter cornflake choc for ferry to Penang (didn't get on our flight back to KL as turns out it was a really stupid idea as Penang only a few hours from Langkawi lolz)
Langkawi day 2: We got up early to do the 'island extreme' high ropes course. Really fun but exhausting - long ladders and lots of zip wires. Downward robe tube that I decided to slide down but my bottle got caught and I accidentally choked myself. We came back and went for lunch at the local Kopi coffee place- tasty red chicken. Sunbathed in the afternoon and got random patches of burnt chest. Nice sea with sandy floor. Napped then went to the burger place for dinner - build your own. Then brought some alcohol to go out that evening- £1.50 gin & tonic. Went to nest on the beach. Ladies night so unlimited cocktails but they were really week and it was dead. Walked to Sunba Bar. Danced with older group for fun but then one of the men took it a bit seriously and kept grabbing me. Nice group of guys helped us escape multiple creepy men- including man bun guy and Tracy beaker look alike guy. Left and Soph and I wanted to get in a strangers van but two other girls said dont lol. Naan.
Langkawi First full day: In the morning we went on the cable car. Nice at the top but a bit misty, had fun looking at the different love locks on the bridge. On the way back down we threw water out the window and watched it fall far to the ground hehe. We then went to the 3D art museum and took pictures as part of the art, like all of us with as pandas. Finally we did 'skyrex', which was a dinosaur simulation with all Asians screaming- funny. We were going to go to Seven Wells waterfall next and then a beach but it started raining loads so we just ended up going back to the hostel and playing cards at another local place next to our dorm- very nice. Chilled in the afternoon and then decided to do a wine and cheese night so walked around for ages getting all the components. We had our wine and cheese night and then got really nice lamb from the stall outside our hostel. All felt a bit drunk.
Langkawi- We arrived mid afternoon and checked into Melatis VIP female dorm- individual sections with a curtain. Walked along the beach (nice sand but less clear sea), went to the mall (incredibly cheap duty free alcohol) and then for a drink and to play rumi at a cheap, sweet local place. In the evening we went for dinner to a fish restaurant. Slightly confusing ordering but Soph and I ended up sharing a red snapper with its head on etc still, in sweet and sour sauce and really nice garlic cauliflower.

4 May 2017

Langkawi- A night in KL before flying straight to Langkawi island.