Vietnam, Cambodia · 14 Days · 6 Moments · March 2017

Georgina's adventure in Cambodia

15 March 2017

Battambang- btb hostel - went on bamboo train - drinks by lake and swimming in lake - laura drove the mans tuk tuk

9 March 2017

Siem Reap: central hostel. Nice city like busier Hoi An (Vietnam lots of bridges) Day 1: felt ill and emma throwing up, went for waffles but no appetite. In bed all day, went for really nice pizza but didn't have any. Cat got ill in evening throwing up. Day 2: escape games getting Angkor treasure back. Went to buy tickets and see sunset at Angkor Wat. Dinner at Khmer kitchen, nice chicken wings. Went to get ice cream Nutella and coconut from scratch ate by river. Day 3: Angkor temples. 4.30 start, really competitive to see sunrise and waited hours. Looked at temples. Bayon the best with all the faces and arches. Hot so we left around 2, had a nap in afternoon and then I felt ill again for dinner so had a nice croque monsoniure Day 4: really nice hour long foot massage $2, afternoon by pool, went to markets, pizza in eve. Went clubbing Chinese people brought us lots of beer and New York Cambodian shots in temple. Day 5: markets then bus to battamban

5 March 2017

Koh Rong (Monkey Island resort, 4 nights) Travelled by bus- 6hours $5 - beachy chill day one we arrived at about 5pm, went in the sea and it was really warm. Showered and went for some drinks in the evening. Limbo with fire. Day two we mostly lay on the beach again. Went on a pub crawl in the evening (wanted glitter to cover spot and only paid 100 riel, bitchy girl commented and they added $1 min to sign) , skinny dipping after- laura and I left room clothed the others were naked in pairs so laura and I felt like concentration camp guards. After we all showered together and it felt like auswitZ. cat and emma were drunk and had half a weed cookie each. Day 3 we went on a tour which included an hour snorkelling, an hour fishing (I wanted to free a fish) then we went to long beach which was really sandy. I played volleyball and we watched the sunset. After that we went swimming with plankton. Day 4: chilled until we got the boat back and bus
Phnom Penh day 3 Got a tuk tuk with our tuk tuk driver friend to the zoo/sanctuary where the sunbears are. On the way we got stuck In a huge traffic jam full of massive lorries and one car blocked all the others and loads of people jumped out their cars. It looked like they might fight so we planned our escape in the bushes but luckily they didn't 👍🏻 Arrived at sanctuary and people selling fruit for the animals mobbed us like the kardashians and followed us around. The animals are used to being fed to some right up to you, including monkeys with tiny babies and big deer. The sun bears and otters were cute but it was so unbearably hot so we didn't last long. In the afternoon we all went in the pool and played games. Dinner- Kabbas. Nice Khmer curry again, amazing banana smoothie, 50c beer and cheap.
Phnom Penh day 2: Killing Fields and genocide museum- rags from mass graves still on floor, bashing tree, temple thing of skulls. Interesting history I did not know much about before. Prison S-21- blood stains on the floor from where people were tortured and killed. Very sad. When we left there was a dance troop doing some weird interpretive dance in the courtyard. Dinner at Mok Monty- had Khmer curry and beef wrapped in leaves. Really nice and run by OTT gay man. Can send back food and swap if you didn't like it.

1 March 2017

Phnom Penh (Lovely Jubbly Hostel) - bus $10 / 6 hrs. Arrived waited an hour or so until cat arrived. We went to a burger place - Cousins burgers