Republic of Serbia · 1 Days · 15 Moments · July 2017

Mountain Beljanica / Monastery Manasija

29 July 2017

Krupaj well with amazing color of water
Central plateau and meadows.
Some of the photos from the top of Beljanica...
Finally after 4h of hiking and trekking I reach the highest peak, 1339 m.
One of the peak's around, 1200 m. I'm pointing in direction of Rtanj mountain. (Pyramid shape)
Near the top of Beljanica
A tree house with beautiful view
Near the tree house
Mountain Beljanica

28 July 2017

Waterfall Lisine (Veliki Buk). The starting point for hiking mountain.
Founded by despot Stefan Lazarevic, between 1406 and 1418.
Monastery is surrounded by high walls
I'm standing in front of the medieval Serbian monastery "Manasija"