Asia, Australia and Oceania · 215 Days · 36 Moments · January 2017

Georgie's adventure

14 August 2017

Farm work 88 days completed Started with half the minimum wage at piece rate of the sweet potato farm. 3months on a chick farm the most Brutial thing I can picture myself doing, but it was an experience one I definatly won't forget.

30 July 2017

The hardest good bye, to the people the environment but also the experience of a lifetime. Gatton will not be forgotten!

15 July 2017

Emma's 21st in surfers paradise!! A beautiful ocean balcony apartment! Friday night, girls night turned into drinks with the boys when they crashed. Saturday to cure the hangover we headed to dreamworld and went on every single extreme ride, running around acting like absolute kids on a day out. Pre drinks in the apartment made sure that emma didn't get into any clubs, but we started at beer garden, sin city and ended the night along the beach waiting for the sunrise (which we eventually gave up on and went to bed) Sunday was an emotional struggle but we made it back to gatton with me driving once again being the only responsible one for a change.

20 June 2017

Weekend escape from gatton in Brisbane!! Wild Saturday night at various bars and clubs, followed by a Sunday session with me on driver responsibilies..

15 May 2017

3 1/2 months in gatton, 3 different caravans 2 different jobs, was the best experience of a lifetime due to my farmily I shared every waken moment with. From drunk nights out day sessions coffee catch ups and family meals.

12 May 2017

Birthdays in gatton!! A regular occurrence of creative celebrations!! Jorindas private room Macy's night Jen's back to school day, with lessons on the field hosted by miss go-Downey. Abis birthmas in July with a drinking game advent calendar. Beckys garden party with lots of beer pong and the occasional flip cup Emma's 21st to surfers paradise Leah's paint party treasure hunt course around the caravan park which had just enforced the drinking ban.

29 April 2017

Gatton road trip A trip to the beach turned into a weekend away with my favourite people. Surfers paradise - a circus act on the beach with a picnic and goon with the girls Camping spot just off the motorway with risk of snakes.. Byron bay - along the beautiful beach we reunited with a few fellow Gatton's, watched the surfers and ended with a sunset swim. This led to pres at the hostel and a night out even if a few were left behind in bed drinking from saucepans. Then the hitchhike home... a typical sign was made "Brisbane" and quickly a typical English women picked us up and took us straight to Brisbane, where we spent the day at the lagoon eating free bread served on the street. From there it was too gatton.. a girl on a drive picked us up without realising how far it was until we distracted her while chatting shit and ended up at our destination.

17 April 2017

13 days in Melbourne ❤️❤️ A favourite city.. spent more time with french than aussies so far, drinking and going out every night there's literally always something going on. Spent a day of the beach having a BBQ, drank so much coffee as bunch is very popular here, went to the cinema and saw boss baby... Got to spend my birthday here so went to the frenchies for crepes and drink, loads of people then turned up and I peaked too early so had to get an early night.. 😂 A few favourites: •pony island •cookies •shrine of remembrance •hosier street - graffiti •degrades street - coffee street •st kilda - beach + night life •chapel street - shopping + night life

11 April 2017

Fallen in love with Melbourne already... such an amazing city with such friendly people, somewhere I'd love to live. Who would have guessed the first thing I buy in Australia was a coat and scarf, arrived in winter but still so hot somedays. I moved in with Isobel someone I met in Thailand and met all her friends, such a great night life here as well. Also caught up with my girls from Vietnam. It was such a culture shock arriving here after Asia, in good and bad ways (a lot more expensive). I do miss Asia but am also planning my next trip there already!

7 April 2017

Couldn't have been happier to spend my last night in Asia with my boys from back home and celebrating 3 months travelling. UNO led to many more drinking games and a night on khoa San road..

5 April 2017

Last stop - Had a detox on this island, another beautiful island. Spent a lot of time in a hammock, or driving around on my little scooter. We volunteered and walked dogs, went to old town and also had a Beach day.

26 March 2017

Had the best time in krabi - two reunions with my English and German girls!! Spent days on the Riley beach where we got caught in a storm and had to get back via a scary and very wet long tail boat!! Had an explore on scooters and climbed 1237 steps to get to tiger temple to a stunning view point. Also had a day of Netflix with the girls chilling and recovering. This was due to a few crazy nights out always with a bucket in hand and some crazy dancing..!!

22 March 2017

Another beautiful island where I reunited with my Germans chilled out on the beaches. One of the days I spent exploring, I was the crazy girl that thought it was a good idea to walk up the mountain to the view point in 33 degrees rather than getting a taxi, but the view made it worth it and I cheated and got a taxi down and then onto a waterfall.

17 March 2017

Amazing week spent on koh Tao at big blue diving. I completed my open water and loved it so much from the beginning that I carried on to do my advanced. Saw so many incredible fish and just loved the feeling of being weightless exploring the ocean. One of my favourite memories was the night dive, not knowing what's around you except from where you shined your light. The moment of coming up to the surface and seeing the stars and then lightening lighting up the sky was unforgettable!

14 March 2017

I then spoilt myself to a night in a luxury private bungalow with Britney, serious breath taking views and space we could call our own even if it was just for one night. We star watched from the deck just from our balcony and then also got up to watch the sunrise in the same place, looking out into the ocean.

10 March 2017

Had such a wicked time here; waterfall party, jungle party, full moon party. Was pretty much nocturnal on this island so plenty of chilling on the beach and topping up the tan. However did have an experience of a lifetime which really is indescribable and this was the paragliding, being able to see the island from such a height as well as some on the close by islands! Also managed to get me and the Cornwall boys out of bed and to the wipeout course after full moon, this was an interesting thing to do whilst hungover but was such a laugh.

9 March 2017

Back to Bangkok!! First thing I did was was reunite with my German girls, this clearly ended up in a night out in the crazy koahsanroad. Cocktail buckets cheaper than dinner, dancing in the streets between clubs! The morning after I tried but failed to be productive so ended up in the girls hotel in the rooftop pool, followed by a massage and a shop down the market. The second day was my 2 month anniversary travelling so I went on a long walk explored Chinatown and the little streets that literally sell what ever you can imagine; one street will be selling car parts the next will be selling shoes... I found a cute cafe to catch up on my diary before heading to the flower market.

6 March 2017

Last stop in Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh city Got even more shopping done in the markets, first thing we did and also the only thing adventurous besides drinking we've done for our stay here. Had an amazing group of people so we just chilled by the pool and met even more wicked people. We managed to do the most expensive round of drinks the bar had ever done.. Got blonde white girl wasted and loved every moment. Also bumped into the gabbot boys from back home which made my few days, sad saying goodbye so soon but jealous of them starting there vietnam trip

3 March 2017

Few days to chill on the beach top up the tan / burn..

28 February 2017

Hoi an - I knew I'd love you ❤ New way of shopping is on push bikes.. spent loads but all worth it!! •tailored bikini •tailored dress •playsuit •2 tops Managed to find the sun and have a beach day with our family, watched Vietnamese football and got destroyed by the waves. Ancient city at night is truly magical - lantern festival 😍

26 February 2017

Reality check.. we're riding on the back of motorbikes, in the pouring rain going on the top gear route from hue to hoi an (hai van pass). This has to be one of the best experiences and the weather just added to it, the moment we broke through the cloud and got a view of the city was unforgettable.

24 February 2017

Another great city, with a lot of history from the Vietnamese war. I visited lots of different places and learnt loads from the history, so I've put a few facts together with what I saw. • Tunnels where 600 people lived for 6 years during the war • Imperial city • Memorials - 7% of Vietnam is taken up by head stones • Bunker hill, where America used as a firing point in aid to stop the Vietnamese using perfume river which they used to import. In 2 days there were more bombs dropped than ww1 and ww2 combined. • Abandoned fountains, water park and aquarium - this was only recently shut in 2004, it wasn't a successful business and in order to maintain the family name Vietnamese will destroy all paperwork of the businesses existence. • Hue was heavily effected during the war due to be the capital and its where the north and the south crossed over

22 February 2017

Phong Nha Just one day was enough to visit both caves, apart from that there's not much to see. Finally I learnt to ride a scooter, it really is the best / cheapest option of transport around heres it's so much fun riding through the valleys and the bendy roads. Paradise cave - longest cave in Asia Dark cave - zip line into the cave (longest zip line in Vietnam), swim inside the cave, there's also a mud bath which is chest deep which you just float in; reminded me of the Dead Sea apart from looked like Charlie and the chocolate factory.

17 February 2017

Back to ha long bay, I gave in and did castaways!!! This was officially the best 3 days living on a private island with loads of crazy people, words and pictures can't describe the experience or do it any justice. •tubbing •kayaking •rock climbing •bonfire •booze cruise •millions of push ups (can't use the word m.i.n.e or t.e.n •volley ball We were warned.. but.. I managed to cut up my hand on the coral when capsizing our kayak, but it's ok as I wasn't the only one 😂 From 11pm you could walk down to the sea and see the plankton - which is mind blowing - kicking around in the water while it lights up and glows. There was a gong and if anyone rang it you had to buy everyone on the island a shotgun (luckily for my bank account I wasn't tempted) however other legends were!! I was lucky enough to share this experience with over 50 amazing people, we lived on the island as a family and made so many memories. I love you all, and I hope our paths cross again ❤

15 February 2017

So.. I'm suppose to be on a 16 hour bus journey to hoian with the German girls.. but instead I'm still in Hanoi!! My spontaneous moment.. I had the bus booked a hostel, an hour before departure I decided to make a decision for myself and not get on the bus. I decided I wanted to take more time traveling Vietnam rather than rushing south for the better weather and Cambodia. So I'm still here, no set plans and officially a single traveller once again! 'The best plans are the ones that change'
4 hours there, 4 hours back, but omg was it worth it!! Halong bay is officially the most beautiful places I've ever seen. 😍

13 February 2017

Back to Hanoi for a day! We met back up with James at note coffee, post it notes everywhere that people from all around the world have left for others to find! We then explored a bit more of the city and walked over the bridge to an island on the lake where there was a really cool temple. Here we had people ask to take pictures of us with them and next thing you know there's a group of them all jumped in the picture 😂. Then sat my the lake and spoke to some of the Locals who wanted to practice there English, this was really useful as found out a lot more about Vietnam and places to go. Had a crazy night, started at the roof top bar at 5 for the hour of free beer! From that we started loads of drinking games - beer pong, flip cup, stack cup and far too many shot guns and hand grenades.. and then all headed out!

11 February 2017

Sapa was an experience! 3 days, 2 night, 7 degrees To get there me and the 2 German girls had to get a sleeper bus where we were just dropped in the middle of nowhere.. from here we got a Vietnamese taxi (motorbike) with all our backpacks to the homestay, where we spent the night with a local family and got to help prepare dinner. First thing we did was buy warmer clothes as we weren't prepared for such a dramatic drop in temperate, next issue is finding space in my backpack for these.. We hiked 3 hours up a mountain with no path, carrying all our luggage and being helped out by some of the locals, we then brought a few of their products to say thank you/ we didn't really have a choice.. The next day I went off with a few girls from Czech for another hike which was a lot more enjoyable without all the weight on my back. However it was a shame for the cold foggy weather as it did ruin what could have been some amazing views.

8 February 2017

Arrived in Vietnam at Hanoi, a new place with a new culture. The key is to walk, pick a street and explore, down each one is a different experience. To cross roads you just have to shut your eyes and go - traffic won't stop for you but it will avoid you!

7 February 2017

Just an over night stop over in Vientiane to see the capital. It's a great city with a beautiful night market where you could easily buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes. Here we did a work out during the sunset with a big group of locals and other tourists.

29 January 2017

Vang vieng is officially the craziest place you could imagine!! First day and we're tubbing, literally a bar crawl along the river. Free whiskey all night from one bar to the next. But beyond the city is a beautiful carm mountainous scenery, where we climbed to a view point and explored a massive cave. We had 8 days here so we had to chill, kayak for the last few days to let our body's recover!

26 January 2017

Spicys travel to Laos!! Here we celebrate sabastian's birthday and got birthday style drunk!! Large night market with loads of buffets and different style food. Here we hiked up various waterfalls - kuangsi waterfall was the largest and most beautiful clear refreshing water I've seen.

25 January 2017

On route to Laos, we took a bus and a slow boat which took 2 days in total. The experience you get from something depends on your prospective and your attitude towards it. I loved the slow boat, plenty of drinks, music and loads of people to meet and talk to. Of course the view was also spectacular the whole way.

22 January 2017

Pai.. wow.. another place I'll never forget, such a chilled vibe always on the hunt for a hammock to just soak up the atmosphere. I saw so many sunsets, more waterfalls and incredible views. But of course enjoyed the night life at the sunset bars and don't cry (especially the chicken stall outside.)

15 January 2017

Chiangmai is defiantly my type of place, I knew this as soon as I walked into spicytai hostel!! I loved every minute, met so many people and from here the spicy family was created. I saw so much here; sticky waterfalls, Grand Canyon and even spent the day with elephants!! I also drank far too much and my bedtime averages at 6am.

12 January 2017

Bangkok was an experience.. it's a crazy city, plenty to see and lots of temples to visit. Being my first destination on my trip it was a bit of a shock landing here!