North America · 14 Days · 27 Moments · July 2017

Carr's Northwest Adventure

24 July 2017

One last night capped with seeing the Red Sox. Rafael Devers was called up earlier in the day and was there but did not play, so we missed his debut by one day but still neat seeing him. The view of Mt Rainier on the way out was too cool. Going to miss the 70 degree weather.
Took a nice boat tour of lake union and lake Washington. We saw homes that are literally on the water, Husky Football Stadium, some gorgeous homes on the lake and Mt Rainier (zoom a little on photo with American flag, it's just to the right of the flag). The home featured (beige home) in Sleepless in Seattle. And a great view of downtown Seattle as well.
Kristin wanted to go take some pictures this morning so that's what we did. About to take a harbor cruise in Lake Union.

23 July 2017

Another ballgame and then we went to a Seattle Sounders soccer game which was a lot of fun! They beat San Jose 3-0

22 July 2017

After the ballgame we walked to the pier. It was beautiful seeing downtown Seattle at night. The Wings Over Washington virtual reality ride was pretty cool. We also did the sky ride which was ok.

21 July 2017

Friday evening we went to a Mariners game. The weather was beautiful. Saturday morning we went to West Seattle and did a 5k. Again the weather was perfect and the neighborhood was great. Kristin and Kameron did it in 30 and 32 minutes. My time wasn't good. I had a terrible cold which made it less than fun but I finished so I was happy about that. Saturday evening we went to another Mariners game which was a lot of fun as the Mariners had a walk off win in 10 innings over the Yankees.
After a short nap we toured UW. We got our steps in (19k and counting) and did a little shopping afterwards. I think I like he university more than the kids do.
The kids and I made it to Seattle very early in the morning. It was a rough night overall with little sleep. We went to Public Market and Starbucks and visited the gun wall (yuck).

20 July 2017

Train ride to Anchorage was very nice but very long. Not impressed with Anchorage. The girls bought some hand painted chocolates though that look pretty impressive. Now kameron, kristin and I head to Seattle. Armida is heading home.
Our train to Anchorage is actually a 9-hour journey!

19 July 2017

Last night we went river rafting. I got some great video which I will have to post later. Everyone seemed to love it which is good since I was the only one pushing to do it. Phew. This morning we take a train and bus down to Anchorage where our Alaska journey ends.
Woke up way too early and we took a bus ride for 8 hours into Denali National Park. We got to see 6-8 grizzly bears, a couple up close, a ton of Caribou, some sheep and had an incredible view of Denali Mountain on this clear, beautiful day.

18 July 2017

We arrived to Denali just in time to get a quick lunch before our zip lining excursion. The zip lining was fun and lasted a good two hours. Then we returned to hotel just in time to go on our next excursion which was riding ATVs, a first for us. The ATV was fun but we rode very slow which was a tad disappointing. The scenery and weather was perfect. We had dinner in the middle of it. We expected a modest salad and soup but we got an amazing dinner with King Salmon, delicious ribs, chicken, chili, corn on the cob and several salads. It was the best meal we've had on the entire trip which was a nice surprise. Overall a great day.
Stopped in a small town called NeNaNa on the way for a quick snack and to see some cute puppies. Then we pulled over to get a view of Denali (formerly known as Mt McKinley), which is about 100 miles away. They say only the mountain is visible only 30% of the time so this was a rare treat to have such a clear day.

17 July 2017

We arrived to Fairbanks on a charter flight from Dawson City in the morning. Once we got checked in we quickly signed up for a Discovery Riverboat tour, not really knowing what it was all about. It ended up being a great excursion. It was a steamroller boat that went along the Yukon River. We learned about history of life along this river and saw some incredible homes and where they train dogs for dog sledding. It was a great afternoon.

15 July 2017

Took a 9 hour bus ride from Whitehorse to Dawson City Yukon. Had dinner in Dawson City and then went to a local casino hall that has a famous can-can show. Kristin couldn't get in.
Took the train from Sagway, Alaska to Fraser British Columbia. From there we took a 3-hour bus to Whitehorse which is in Yukon Canada. Saw lots of pretty sights but no wildlife.
We are done with the cruise portion of the trip and off the boat. Spent the morning in the small town of Skagway and now we are on a train heading back into Canada for 3 days! We will stop in Fraser BC and then head on to Whitehorse Yukon.

14 July 2017

We had a tour In Juneau that included whale watching and a rainforest light hike that ended with a great view of Mendenhall Glacier. Whale photos will be posted later since they aren't from my phone.

12 July 2017

We are getting close to arriving to Juneau (and have phone again)
We are leaving now!
Morning portion of our final day in Vancouver

11 July 2017

Kameron had an adult beverage with dinner!
Stanley park bike morning

10 July 2017

Late night dinner after shuttle fiasco
Cherry coke in English and French
We've arrived to Vancouver. Oh Canadaaaaaaaa!