North America, Europe · 5 Days · 24 Moments · March 2018

Geoff and Kristin’s journi to Greece

14 March 2018

Today we spent the day exploring Santorini. Very beautiful place.

13 March 2018

We arrived in Santorini this afternoon where it was very windy. Made for a bumpy landing. The hotel is beautiful. It just re-opened for the season 2 days ago so great timing for us. Dinner was good but did not match the hype. Kristin had a brandy type of dessert drink. I did too. It was good. We are excited to explore tomorrow. Exhausted at the moment.
Last ones from the acropolis
Acropolis Museum and surrounding area

12 March 2018

More from acropolis.
This morning we went and toured the acropolis and visited the museum.
Finally we stopped and toured Aegina. We went to a monastery and to the temple of Aphaea.
We then went to Poros although we only stopped there for 30 minutes which was long enough to climb a ton of stairs to clock tower.
Today we went on a cruise to 3 islands. The first island was called Hydra (or Idra or Ydra). 3000 people live there and there are no cars on the island (except for an ambulance and garbage truck). Kristin loved all the cats that were everywhere and the donkeys.

11 March 2018

We did a sunset guided walk around the acropolis which was very nice.
34 hours of travel time but we made it to Athens finally!
On our way to Athens (again)
We are pushing out 4 hours late. Looks like we will miss our connecting flight to Athens on Saturday. Not a good start to our trip.

10 March 2018

Our unexpected hotel for the night. holiday inn
Missed the last flight to Athens by minutes. Long line to change tickets to tomorrow morning. Followed by another long line to exit the terminal.
These seats would have been nice
I paid extra for these seats!?!? Off to London. Already dreading this long flight
That was one crazy long experience checking in and going through security but we made it!
Now we wait to checkin at British Airways :(
Now we wait for our bags