Australia · 12 Days · 9 Moments · September 2016

Heading to Adelaide airport from Darwin

1 October 2016

Just got to Brisbane airport, back home with my dad. Had great holidays with my mum in NT and SA. I love my family and am so lucky to have parents like mine.

30 September 2016

Arrived in Adelaide today at 5.00pm. It's so lovely, it's just like Melbourne my fav place. When we arrived at the camp it was beautiful, and then we found out it was the wrong camp. But the one we are at now is even nicer. Happy to be here with my awesome mum.

29 September 2016

Still staying at Lawrie park while the car gets fixed. It's been super windy and rainy all night and all day in SA. Lots of people have said its tornado wind, but it's not really that bad. It definitely is scary and it rocks the caravan but it's not strong enough to tip it. Hoping it will calm down soon. 😬👍 The other day at the camp we had a nice camp fire with some lovely travellers, before the rain came. 🌧🌬

26 September 2016

What a lovely view. Just outside of the free camp (Lawrie Park) at Neshaby SA.

23 September 2016

Just a quick pick of the view from a highway in SA #roadtrip

21 September 2016

Wow at the NT broader/SA broader. So glad to finally be here. We stayed on a free camp right on the boarder, it was lovely. We built a fire and enjoyed nature (and no reception). So many flys Tho.

20 September 2016

Taking a walk through Delves marbles with my mum. It really is amazing here, the only thing I didn't like was the heat. But all and all great fun and glad we made the stop. While I was there I saw a few other people walking around and having fun, and so was I when I found some shade... 😉😋
Quick stop at a fuel station along the way.
Loved this camp (Banka Banka). The people were all really nice. We were all able to have nice warm showers and connect the van to water, for only $20 a night. The real highlight of the trip was the people, so lovely. We all sat around the fire singing and drinking beer, the real Aussie way.