South Africa · 5 Days · 12 Moments · April 2017

Hiking the Tsitsikamma

1 May 2017

The last day we walked to the storms river bridge in less than an hour and proceeded to have a victory burger at the Marilyn dinner. We then started our long trip back to Stellenbosch and said goodbye to the amazing garden route.

30 April 2017

The last hut was definitely the best, placed on a steep hill though so people struggled to find flat ground to sleep on. The advantage of this hill was that we took turns trying to find ways to slide down it. First with mattresses, then sleeping bags but alas it didnt work as well as expected and was more fun than expected!
Alex hiked the first big hill bearfoot!!
A marvelous hollow tree in the forest
The fourth day was one of the best hiking days. Beautiful forest and fynbos (although terribly pine infested). The day consisted out of two tough up and overs but view was worth getting to the top and the pools at the bottom would be worth if it had rained some more. Right before the hut we stopped in the forest where a big pool should be to have lunch, was just the break we needed.

29 April 2017

Alex made a friend while swimming (only mildly venomous, eish).
After an especially tough day we were rewarded with a beautiful hut and your choice of swimming holes! We were all on the pasta this night and had some time to kill so I whipped out my trust frizbee (that I use as a plate) and we had an absolute jol on the slope above the hut. Albeit very badly, we wont be joining an ultimate team any time soon! Most of the group slept outside that night but I chickened out after the wind started up. All in all a hellish day of up and overs but saved by the great swimming holes and mountainous views.

28 April 2017

The second day had a lot of beautiful forest and the spectacular blauwkranz river crossings in which to swim. I fell in of course. The description of this day says it is fairly flat however the whole day seemed like we were only going up and down. It ended up being a long day of hiking with our spirits hitting rock bottom on the last turn before the hut appeared. Thank goodness for that.
The first nights hut overlooks a large gorge with swimming pools and a waterfall just below. Alex and Marike tried to sleep outside but got rained out. The next morning everyone had a slow start but was excited for the day ahead.

27 April 2017

Due to the severe drought in the western cape many of the waterfalls were unfortunately only trickles. I imagine they are quite spectacular after some good rain but I dont want to know how snotty that trail will be then! The drought also made for fewer places to safely fill up water bottles and a few river crossings were sadly, underwhelming.
Our first waterfall of the hike! Alas only a trickle
Car packed, ready to start rollin