South Africa · 3 Days · 9 Moments · March 2017

Genevieve's adventure in Boosmansbos

10 March 2017

The hike down is much quicker than up and offers some spectacular mountain views! There is also a beautiful mountain pool at the bottom of the mountain. It makes the perfect spot to relax before a big climb.

9 March 2017

It is definitely worth spending an extra night or two on top of the mountain insread of just walking up and straight down. There is admittedly not that much exploring that can be done but the stream and waterfall next to the hut is always worth the stay! There is also a small peak next to the hut called grootberg which is worth visiting.
At last, Alex wrangled an evil boss looking strawberry rain frog out from under a patch of proteas to show us what was making all the noise. Beautiful
Spent a misty morning looking for frogs and other critters around the hut. Managed to find a clicking stream frog and some type of ghost frog. We also found a cute little velvet worm!

8 March 2017

The hut is incredibly basic, just a concrete building with a roof and a make shift table.
Finally reached the hut after a long 15km hike all up hill! The trail was drier than we had ever seen it and we almost encountered a problem with water around half way.
Encounter with a fantastic legless lizard, I was sure it was a snake! Alex assured me us it was a lizard and Marike managed to grab it from the grass :D
Beautiful Disa ferruginea
And so started the journey up the mountain