Canada · 543 Days · 63 Moments · January 2016

Genevieve's adventure in Ontario, Canada

22 July 2017

Duck weed - edible
Ostrich fern - edible but not in large quantities. No hair, steam them with butter
Base wood - young leaves for salad or buds
Choke Cherry - good for wine or jam
Thimble berry - edible
May Apple - only fruit is edible. Tastes like tomato. Don't eat seed
Jack in the pulpit - eats meat
Plantain edible and good for bites and stings
Sweet fern for tea
Day lilies edible flowers
Horse tail
Water lilies - wash twice cause of the amount of starch before eating
Juniper berries - good as spice in pasta sauce
Catnip - calming tea
Mountain ash - Orange berries edible
Burgamot - used to make Earl Grey tea.
Sicamore tree
Cat tail - edible. lower stem. When green, cook like corn on cob.
Dog wood poison with white berries
Clover cream good for skin problems
Spruce - twigs for tea. sap can be used for glue. Can start fire even in damp conditions Birch bark 90% oil
Jewel weed - juice in steam like Aloe. Edible. Chew and crush the stems juice and apply lightly.
Wood sorrow, lemon plant - chew on leaf lemony
Burdock - burs for velcrow, roots thinly sliced like potato, young leaves for tea
Stinging nettle - irritant causing hives. Boil to get rid but great for tea
Cow parsnip - poison
Willow - Steep 10-20 minutes may help headache tea
Sumac - bright red berries steep for tea for ripe for lemonade. Boil berries for cleaning
Rose - petal and rosehip fruit good for tea
Raspberry Bush - leaves for tea
Tea out of any Evergreen Or for poppori
Black walnut - use gloves to pick cause has yellow dye, boil for edible.
Milk weed - White sap in leaves for constipation , pods boiled editable, in autumn pod inners can be flamible
Thistle - tea, edible lower stem, veggie leafs
St John's wart - Medicinal and uses for anti depressant. Alot of side effects
Teaser - good for fire starter
Garlic mustard - Invasive but editable
Editable but only if you have to
Queen Anne's lace - wild carrot editable
Nightshade poison berries
Grape vines edible, leaves for tea Crescent moon seed toxic grape
Hawthorn berries edible
Like barb wire but good for starter
Golden rod - tea anise lycoric smell
Manitoba Maple - soft wood
Buckthorn and berries not eatible. Thorn At end
Chicory ground the root and dry for coffee substitute
Rag weed no good
Pineapple weed salad
Yaoro tea

11 June 2017

More flowers and wood sculptures
First time visiting the botanical garden in port credit. Beautiful blooms despite the withering of some due to heat

1 June 2017

Hidden waterfall and enjoying the water view

3 May 2017

Got to see God's creativity up close through telescopes at a star gazing event held by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. The moon and Jupiter with its moons were out tonight and one group had the ability to take photos through your phone. What a great experience just to see them up close.

29 April 2017

Went to check out the cherry blossoms, Toronto style at high park. They were still beautiful but nothing beats the ones I've seen in Japan. The landscaping could have used some more thought considering the awkward placement of garbage cans and porta potties that kinda took away from the whole experience. Unfortunately, there were quite a few people who were being rough to the trees by breaking off and pulling hard on blossom branches to get photos. I feel the Japanese have more respect for theirs. But overall, I'm glad to have seen them and other beautiful flowers.

22 April 2017

Went downtown for some research to Death In Venice where they serve tito Ron's Filipino desserts. Ordered empanadas with ube polvoron pie ($4 + tax), a lychee cookie ($2.50 + tax) and an ube marshmallow square ($3.25 + tax I think). The ube seemed to overpower both desserts but the square had more flavor from the crust than the pie. The cookie was really good but everything was super sweet. The empanadas were pretty good with a flaky crust. The three we tried had main ingredients of beef, chicken and veggie (mostly corn) with different dipping sauces. ($8.35 + tax)

16 April 2017

First time trying the hazelnutmisu from bubble republic. Thick drink with no tapioca but tasted good

15 April 2017

Bull's eye at Blade Play axe and knife throwing for friend's non-bachelorette get together

10 December 2016

Nutella hot chocolate. Meh couldn't really taste the nutella.
Maple Bourbon Haddock at Chop steakhouse bar. Blackened haddock seared in maple bourbon butter, served with wild rice pilaf ($24.95+ tax) Christmas outing with the girls and this was super tasty.

31 January 2016

Mondello Italian restaurant for my birthday. fettuccine alfredo and a birthday bomba from Milano (peanut butter gelato with caramel center and milk chocolate coating & peanut butter drizzle). Overly expensive for the portions though the food was pretty good

27 January 2016

All day breakfast at sunset grill. Made my pancakes into a sakura flower