Japan, Canada · 14 Days · 162 Moments · March 2017

Panda discovers the land of the rising sun

6 April 2017

Going home in bb8

5 April 2017

Strawberry and chocolate crepe in akihabara (520 yen)...was ok but not as good as the one in Tokyo tower.
This wasn't the most elaborate toilet in our trip but was the only one I remembered to take a photo of :p they are really efficient with their bidet features and some have heated seats for the colder weather. So much better for cleaning in general!
Mutekiya ramen with a one hour wait time. Worth it, the best ramen I've tasted on my trip this round. I added fresh garlic and some spiced condiment they provided for free and it tasted great. 1100 yen for the mutekiya-ramen set
Peach fanta tastes good. Another win
Tiramisu box 1290 yen split with four. Apparently the Japanese are really into French baking and desserts here
Kaisen misakiko conveyer belt sushi that sends your sushi through a train XD tried anything that didn't look normal despite the fact there was no English to tell me what they were. Pretty good
can only take photos of the exterior but the ghibli museum was fantastic. Sitting in the cat bus, large models of airplanes and howls moving castle, old school film and animation displays, and the original storyboards, background paintings and cells of some of the most well known classics. Watched an original short film on top of everything...truly they are great at storytelling.
Made it to the ghibli museum!
On our way to the ghibli museum

4 April 2017

First decorated man holes I've seen in Tokyo
Tokyo tower at night with beautiful sakura display...now open a portal to rayearth and we're gold
Green tea and red bean with strawberries crepe...one of my tapioca balls dropped :( 530 yen at Tokyo tower. Best crepe this trip ;)
Tokyo tower with the half moon in the sky
Go! Go! Curry 🍛 second round. This time just a pork cutlet and Hamburger without actual curry and rice...my protein is complete and only 400 yen!
Trying random snacks. The takoyaki puffs have the consistency of Cheetos but with takoyaki flavor (89 yen). The green tea marshmallows (100 yen) have a green tea filling in the center. Both pretty good! On our way back to Tokyo
Off to see the Miyako Odori traditional dance performance. As per my previous shows, I present also a photo of the no photography sign
Chocolate chip green tea cookie not too bad but would be better with tea
At the Heian temple

3 April 2017

First AirBnB where I'm sleeping in a traditional room...had to double the futon though :p
Shops around the glico running man. The pork gyoza in this particular shop was tasty. 200 yen for 6
Running with the glico man!
Anime and game shops around Denden in Osaka brought out allot of fond memories and the fact we missed allot of releases from the Japanese games XP
Cheesy Hamburger with curry rice. Cheese was in the middle and it tasted pretty good (730 yen)
Apparently called Dr. Yellow, a train that runs all through Japan just to scan the railing system and doesn't pick up any passengers
Travel to and through himeji castle
We've arrived at Himeji
Quick packed food from the Hiroshima station totalling 505 yen. Sandwich has pork cutlet in the middle and overall it tasted the best out of the two items I picked up. On our way to himeji

2 April 2017

Went on a kit-kat shopping spree...there are so many unique flavors...all my spending money will probably be on snacks XP
Down Hiroshima hondori street, there was a jump shop with a cool storefront
Hiroshima style okonomiyaki at Nagata-ya. Ordered squid chips and siso (some veggie that looked like spinach) with Udon noodles (920 yen)
Some photos of the Hiroshima museum exhibit and the sad reality of the events. A reminder of how destructive man is even to one another and how fallen we are apart from the Lord.
The atomic bomb dome and the peace park in memory of the bombing in Hiroshima
Cute construction sign poles in Hiroshima
Green tea azuki maple shaped sweet (95 yen)
fresh 400 yen oysters in miyajima
The floating Tori gate
Deer everywhere on the island
Ferry ride to miyajima island
Around the miyajima island station
Apparently a train car with the evangelion theme being advertised at the Hiroshima Station
670 yen bento from the Osaka station for the trip to Hiroshima

1 April 2017

Man hole in Osaka
Had pork and squid okinomiaki at Momotarou in Osaka station
Night view of the main shrine and gates
Cats were littered around the shrines 🐈
Sunset and night fall on the first vantage point
Climbing through the fushimi inari gates
Different kit-Kat flavors we're encountering
Firefly squid maki was soft with subtle taste. Pretty good
Marinated eel and Toro salmon sushi
Tuna sushi, roe maki, and avocado maki
The conveyer belt sushi places have macha in containers or packets you add yourself with water faucets on each table, eliminates the need for a server to refill which is awesome

31 March 2017

They had the large bell under guard and yet more fine details
Nishi Honganji Temple
Nice house with traditional roofing and a mermaid garden display outside a shop
It's like looking at a river of macha
Some of the finer detailed of Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple. The craftsmanship is amazing
Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple closest temple to Kyoto station
Kyoto's version of the statue of liberty?
Saw two fish looking like they were about to kiss and lots more strange and unique sea dwellers
Was funny how they wouldn't actually mention the two "famous" characters they referenced for their exhibit
These two were so cute sticking together on the glass sill
Within the mall close to the aquarium there was a section designed like a traditional street way with different shops/restaurants. Very cute and they were selling warabi-mochi D: should have bought some
This is the type of acrylic they used to create the Pacific Ocean tank in the Osaka aquarium. Amazing
Osaka night lights
Near and around the aquarium at night
Pork cutlet and Udon set...yea I ate it all...(1030 yen)
Ponyo jellyfish!
More jellyfish fun
I enjoy the beautiful design of jellyfish
Giant crabs...I won't lie, they made me wonder how much they would cost in a restaurant
Osaka aquarium has one of the most beautiful tank setups I've seen.
This guy was so cute he just kept looking at me while taking photos
Things seen on our way to the Osaka aquarium
Umeda sky building
Osaka Pokemon center
Full day osaka subway and aquarium pass
Always visit McDonald's at least once on a trip although didn't order anything special

30 March 2017

Random ramen at one of the many ramen shops in Kyoto station
View on the Togetsukyo Bridge
Through the bamboo grove, wish I wore my panda suite lol
More flowers cause they are pretty creation from the Lord ;)
Strolling through the gardens...not everything was in bloom but still had some beautiful blossoms
Some of the buildings in and around the garden

29 March 2017

Sights in and around the grounds of the Arashiyama Tenryū-ji temple
Green tea Taiyaki from a street vendor (215-230 yen I believe)
Sights around the saga arashiyama station
In and around Kyoto station
Under the sky tree and a bite from the distance
Bake cheese tart which is really good when frozen from the train station
Tall sunshine mandarin mango frappe which was suppose to be their flavor of the month. (615 yen) which is quite expensive for a tall...
Up the Asahi beer headquarters for a night view. Had to buy one item to sit down so melon soda for me and shared a sakura mont blanc with Steph. The dessert wasn't my thing cause it tasted too much like eating icing and I was not happy with the pickled item on the very top XP but the view was beautiful as we watched a traffic jam of boats down the river
Had to take a photo of the first KFC I've stumbled on cause they made a chibi Colonel Sanders!
Going to uniqlo flagship store
Tokyo night lights
Tenyon tendon for tempura everything!
Up the asakusa tourist info center for a city view including one of the sky tree
Yukata and hair details..allot of work but really worth it
Different shops leading to skytree
Wearing a yukata under the sakura tree
Melon pan yum...airy in the center but crunchy on the outside (170 yen)
Sensō-ji temple in asakusa to get a taste of their street vendors and admiring the sole sakura tree in full bloom
Can't remember which station :( but pandas...allll the pandas

28 March 2017

Decided to pick up a warm drink at the station. A little watery but not bad
I believe this is the melon cream soda flavor of fanta. Tastes yummy considering I don't drink fruity things often. (150 yen)
Marinated tuna
Tuna maki, eel sushi, tuna and mayo sushi (tasted like a tuna salad/sandwich), and the standard salmon...we ate quite a bit at the end
Blue fin tuna sushi
Having sushi through conveyer belt. First up, raw bonito and welk sushi
Tokyo station gatcha machines
Ghibli shop at Tokyo station...💜
Some interior of Tokyo station
Ecute has the cutest food...which is why I caved and bought myself an expensive siretoco panda donut...that face...I got the tea version and it tastes like jasmine tea infused sweet bread
Croissant taiyaki (chocolate and custard)
Up close with the foxes in the fox village in zao
I kinda miss full protein meals so just bought some chicken wings and pork for breakfast at the ecute store in ueno station (616 yen plus tax)

27 March 2017

Apparently foxes like to bite butts :p
Goats, hares and rabbits in the fox village. The goats seemed to really like my shoe laces
Ueno station panda art everywhere
Gated areas for certain stations to keep people away from the edge of the platform. Also each station has 8-bit type music whenever the trains are indicating boarding. One station had the astro boy theme song ;)
Apple custard pastry at ringo and warabi-mochi at the station...the warabi-mochi was like eating a water droplet. Yummy
(Tonkatsu) pork katsudon on curry rice
Was able to see the elusive mount Fuji on my first visit to Japan :O Goal!
After waiting in line all day, decided to eat overly priced park food lol Takoyaki balls on a stick
Road on Takabisha, the steepest drop roller coaster certified by the Guinness book of World records
Setting up my own AT field, not feeling so hot about ppl stabbing me in the chest, and pretending to be an out of control Eva? Lol
Pairing with Kaworu Nagisa
Interacting with some of the original pilots and keeping Kaji away from me
Down the halls and meeting a berserk Eva
The start of our evangelion adventure and trip down memory lane. First stop, Eva 01 model and the creepy board room
Caution do not fight the bears...
The mascots at Fuji-q were super cute at least...
Snow snow everywhere at Fuji-q...we decided to try it out anyways since we bought the expensive tickets in advanced. But the snow on the roller coasters looked bad when we first came in
Waiting for a taxi at the inn we stayed in for the night. The outdoor onsen was beautiful with the snow in the evening and mostly private since not many wanted to brave the cold but it actually help you stay in the water longer since the water is super hot.

26 March 2017

Gyudon (beef and rice bowl) with runny egg and green onions from Matsuya. First time ordering from a machine that spits out a ticket to give to the counter. You pay first, select your meal then hand it to the staff to serve once it's ready wherever you are sitting. Took a photo of their "all natural bbq" whatever that means lol Also a photo of the McDonald's soft serve sakura special
The wind cave which looked more like an ice cave...
Bird watching stop at Fuji tour
The bat cave with very low ceilings which required allot of squatting to get through the advanced route. Japan definitely doesn't do cave walks without a bit of challenge.
Had to catch the bus so I ate this udon in less than 5 minutes
Decided to do the bus tour since our trip to Fuji-q was snowed in
Orchids at the hotel we're staying at close to Fuji
...this is seriously happening...Canadian weather followed us here!!!!!!! No rides probably at Fuji-Q >.<

25 March 2017

Night view of parts of Disney Tokyo
Journey to the center of the earth ride
Under the sea portion of Disney Tokyo
On our way to the Indiana Jones ride at Tokyo Disney. Single rider line for the win
Start of Tokyo Disney
You'll see Mario cart racers every so often in the streets of Tokyo.
We were only able to spend a short time at the Tokyo imperial palace so we didn't get far enough to see allot but what we did see was beautiful
Tokyo station on our way to Tokyo Palace
Below and above in the Government building Observatory
Hachiko and shibuya crossing

24 March 2017

Hamburger omurice 980 yen
Harajuku station and street
On the JR rail to shinjuku

23 March 2017

First sighting of land
Scallops and squid with rigatoni, noodles, raddish, sweet tamago, edemame, crab and chicken salad and an out of place bun on the side which I didn't eat...oh and haagen-dazs ice cream?! Oh, and when I asked for green tea (macha), the automatic response is without milk or sugar ;) just the way I like it.
In flight entertainment the Japanese way
Complimentary hand towel, rice snack and water with environmentally conscious packaging
Chicago airport fun