Spain · 5 Days · 24 Moments · June 2017

Gem and Jim in Caleta de Fuste, Spain

26 June 2017

Jim looking out at the sea!
Loads of fish swimming about in the man made river.
Looking at the fish pond in the daytime, was loads of fish in there. Didn't see any more crabs or catfish.
More pics and got the BJ shack in there!
Taking pics in front of the sea along the promenade!
Went looking for some ATM's on our way out to McDonald's. Had trouble with the ATMs. Walked along the promenade, the tide was really high today!
Super sleepy morning. Went down for breakfast and then got back into bed watching some China documentaries about Mazu, goddess of the sea.

25 June 2017

Dinner in the room! Fiddled around with the laptop, watched some KI/Guiltygear and did some codeword puzzles.
Made friends with a Eurasian collared dove. Other notable animal finds today, a long eared hedgehog, a giant ant, many silver fish in the man made river/surf, a black crab and a few cats!
Jim takes butt pics and we find fish in the rock pools.
Lunchtime! Pork and Cesar salad.
Jim makes a beautiful sand angel pit. We find a little buddy! Jim goes collecting rocks and is stung by something!
Went down to the beach, didn't have towels so we played in the sand for a little while!
Spending the morning on the beach. It's cloudy and much cooler today. Jim is frolicking around in the water and tried to build a pit. Mine was better :P

24 June 2017

Went to wok n zen resturant after a two hour nap! It was okay, food was fairly tasty but made out of non Asian ingredients. 5/10
This afternoon we relaxed at the pool. It was boiling hot so I kept having to jump into the pool, no complaints here! Jim had a nap on the sunbed and then we had Oreo ice creams which were scrummy!
Breakfast time at the buffet again. Jim manages to build a plate up higher than Kilimanjaro and after all his hard eating work makes the fan in the room switch on. I will one day know his secret!

23 June 2017

We eventually decided to eat in the food place that smelled delicious on the way past originally. Turns out it was a fish only restaurant where the server brought out a menu which was just a platter of fish. Jim ended up trying the octopus which came as a whole creature as well as the sea bass and I went for the mussels with the parrot fish. It was all really delicious!
Wandered along the promenade hoping to make our way to some of the restaurants in caleta town. We walked the whole way all along the prom and found only a few restaurants and a bunch of hotels. Special mention here for the saintly cat who was sitting on some kind of a religious stack. After getting back we checked the map and found that we needed to walk left of the beach restaurant to get into the town properly.
Watching the guild raid on Friday evening, first go in Tomb of Sargeras!
We took a trip to the beach. Avoided being pooped on by seagulls and discussed being disabled by sharks. There are barracuda in Fuertaventura!
Lunchtime at the pool bar after a swim and a tan! Sat next to some Dutch people and read some book. Chill times! Jim had tasty calamari and I had a triple sandwich. Was delish!
Silly times taking pictures in the room after first breakfast!

22 June 2017

We travelled to fuertaventura on the 22nd June. Flew from Liverpool airport to the main airport on fuertaventura near caleta. Our journey was simple, it took us hardly any time to get to the airport and we had left really really early. We got through security and passport control in about 20 mins which left us about three hours to spare! As is customary on holiday occasions Jim opted to get his Burger King meal. The airport was being renovated by the look of things so there was a maze leading up to the fast food outlet. The rest of the time at the airport we spent buying magazines, Jim's chocolate and tea!