Australia · 14 Days · 11 Moments · January 2017

G'day from the land down under!

25 January 2017

The Gabba!!! Turn up the heat! Brisbane semi finals for the cricket BBL and what an atmosphere! The game was amazing and the stadium was bouncing throughout! Nail biting semi final, just a shame about the result.

24 January 2017

Our new apartment! We have managed to get a casual lease on an apartment along Brisbane Southbank. We cannot wait to have our own space and settle into normal life for a while 💗

22 January 2017

Parklife Jack and I explored the local area today, we walked along Southbank and watched the sunset in the city park. A nice chilled day.

21 January 2017

Date night traveller style! Few beers, bottle of wine and our little games night! Jack introduced me to the wii, I was awful but still enjoyed mario cart even if I did come in last 😂

20 January 2017

YHA Hostel Brisbane We have caught the train up the coast to Brisbane City and booked ourselves into the YHA Hostel. We preferred having our own space but we can't really complain here, this place has a great pool with amazing views and is centrally located. Although we must admit paying $90 a night for a hostel room hurts after getting rooms in Asia for as little as £3! On arrival Jack and I made the most of the free BBQ sausages and headed out for a heavy night! This was followed by a few too many unexpected drinks the next night chatting away with travellers until late! After this a much quieter night was in order! We spent the night in the games room, alongside a couple of drinks of course. I discovered mario cart is still fun an adult, even though I was terrible!

18 January 2017

Early rise I woke up at 5am this morning to watch the sunrise which was definitely worth getting up for! I then enjoyed catching up with a few people from back home whilst enjoying my fruit toast and smoothie, watching the day break ☀️

17 January 2017

Fajita Fun! Making the most of cooking what we like, no rice or noodles in sight 😂👌

16 January 2017

Exploring We are taking our time here, a mix of relaxing by the pool and exploring by foot! Alongside organising the day to day must haves; tax numbers, bank accounts and Aussie phone numbers etc.

14 January 2017

Stinger Alert! Welcome to Australia, the country where everything wants to hurt or kill you 😂 We have found so many 'stingers' washed up on the beach, but this one was definitely picture worthy 😳

13 January 2017

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Being in Australia feels like getting back to "normality" as we know it. The place feels very relaxed compared to the hustle and bustle that you contend with throughout South East Asia. We have our own little place and started by cooking a bit of home comfort food! Haven't cooked in nearly 5 months so the thought of eating what we choose was so exciting, simple things eh?!

11 January 2017

We've been backpacking for over 5 months but we eventually made it to our original planned destination! A seed was planted not long after we got together when we shared the dream to experience life in another country. This seed quickly grew into "let's do it" and Australia was pinpointed as the destination. So that was it, decision made, we would venture to oz and see what the country had to offer! On talking about the move the idea branched out. "Well, it would be a shame not to stop off for a month and see some of Asia since it's on the way, wouldn't it?" Low and behold our trip to Australia turned into us backpacking through Amsterdam, Kenya, Zanzibar, South Africa, Northern Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Southern Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia! We've had the most amazing adventure and did things we never dreamed possible, but the adventure isn't over just yet! Time to start a new chapter in Australia and see where our lives take us 💞