Norway, Denmark, Poland · 5 Days · 15 Moments · July 2018

Gdansk with Aurora!

24 July 2018

It really has been a faboulos "just the right amount of days" in Gdansk with Aurora! I am really looking forward taking on a new Journey with her really soon ✨
We decided to spend the waiting time doing absolutely nothing! Just eating when hungry, drinking when thirst :) We also discovered that the reason behind all the salesstands that was popping up around us was because of a Shakespeare festival!

23 July 2018

Last day in Gdansk! We had to return the key within 11 - and with the plain taking off 18.15 we had some free time on our hands 😎😂
During the early hours this morning some stands has been erected right outside our appartement. And yes, they woke us up - but what to do about that 😇✨😇

22 July 2018

After some pink prosecco we wandered off again and suddenly discovered the ferrieswheel "AmberSky". Of course we had to try it out, and of course the fear of hights appeard. Oh yey, what a glorious feeling 🙈😋 My first thought was to put My legs between the seatings, as if that could hjelp one bit if the thing went down 🤣 After the thing went up (and abouuuut) four (!!) times, we finally could walk away from the site, on a hunt for a prize- since we had survived 🙈
Daytrip to Sopot! After a long wait to buy tickets, we had some difficulties locating the right track, since the people we asked either couldn't speak English or they thought they could, but well.... we almost missed the train because of that mistake 💕 Sopot seemed a lot more busy than Gdansk, but when we first arrived we got caught up by the flow of people going to the molo/beach. But later, when we were going back to the train we found our own path and discovered some beautyful places and lots of space. We walked the pier/molo of Sopot, and after I was rewarded with some time at the beach 💕

21 July 2018

We had to visit the Museum for the second world war, where we spent some hours. It's really powerful, but of course not as much as Auschwitz or Sachsenhausen.
Sightseeing og lunsj i byen. På restaurantbåten var det et skilt hvor det tydelig fremgikk at det ikke var lov til å mate fuglene. Men når svanene kom svømmende, så strømmet betjeningen til for å kaste mat til dem. Beauty Beats all? 😋
While we were waiting for SAS delivering our luggage, I used the time taking photo of our neighbourhood in Swietego Ducha. Our closest neighbour is the Mariachi Church, she is kind of loud in the morning 😂

20 July 2018

Finally a place to rest at Hard Rock Café Gdansk. One more of our traditiones; drink, food, collectible glassets (this time Mason jars), and of course a t-shirt 💕 Tomorrow we curiously awayts our luggage 🤞
Take-off moments in a small airplane.... #cityjet
Turen over til Danmark, bemerkelsesverdig fin landing 😂
Starbucks holder meg med selskap på gulvet da....
Vel, istedenfor å fly oss direkte fra Bergen til København og derifra til Gdansk bestemte SAS seg i morges for å sende oss via Oslo. Så da er vi her... Akkurat nå... Men vi håper at selv med forsinkelse på flyet fra Oslo (i skrivende stund utsatt til kl 14.00) at vi rekker flyet til Gdansk videre fra København