Hungary · 3 Days · 13 Moments · June 2017

Gavin's journi on Honeymoon

19 June 2017

The Ape Regina is a fantastic Italian restaurant re defining what all you can eat is.
In the Jewish Quarter on Sip Utca a long arcade of bars and cafes.
A trip through the Jewish Quarter, the great synagogue is the biggest outside of New York. The weeping willow holocaust memorial and various sites through the Jewish Quarter.
Found a lovely Israeli cafe in the middle of the Jewish Quarter. 'Tel Aviv' Cafe.
Fascinating architecture near the Pest shopping area. The university Egyptian library looks stunning.
Trip around the old shopping area of 'fashion street'. Found Jimmy in the middle of the street. The Budapest Eye is smaller than London's but actually goes around at a fair rate!

18 June 2017

Budapest is full of bars and clubs with the inevitable seedy stag do's and gentleman's clubs. However, ruin bars are a signature in the city of old crumbling buildings converted into drink halls with decorative hanging lights.
The area around Liszt's Square contains many of the best restaurants in Budapest and is a nice place to spend an evening. The Pesti Pizno, near the Bliss Hotel is a good restaurant for burgers and beers.
The ornate and stunning St Stephen's basilica complete with a box containing his mummified hand. Huge place with ornate paintings throughout.
The city is full of statues and monuments to Hungary's past. This one represents the German occupation - the nazi eagle swoops in to steal the sceptre of state from the Hungarian Angel.
Guided tour, in English, of the Hungarian Parliament.
6 October Street, near to Parliament, has many cafes with Street side seating - perfect for a spot of lunch on the move.

17 June 2017

The main train station is easy to find and the staff all speak English. Tickets bought to get us to Bratislava next week, definitely the cheapest option to travel across Central Europe.