New Zealand, Australia · 8 Days · 36 Moments · April 2018

#theirvinestory Chapter: Roadie AU

25 April 2018

Rainbow tunnel on the way to the airport!
Good ol Groupon helping us out with 2 x steak, chips, salad and drink for $29!
Penguins we didn’t know we would see at the St Kilda Pier
Exploring Melbourne
Dropped the van off, we are now officially backpackers! We are going to check out St Kilda Beach for the evening, our flight drafts at 11.45PM so we’ve got a little time to kill!

24 April 2018

We finally had Gavin’s birthday dinner night out. We got a Groupon voucher - $20 to spend $45 on dinner at a Thai restaurant in Adelaide CBD. We parked in the same car park building as earlier in the day - it has pretty dancing lights on the outside and free parking for up to one hour. Buuuut we learnt the hard way that after 6pm its $8 flat fee 😞
We made it to Mt Baker last night, deciding to pull up and sleep before driving into Adelaide the following morning. We woke to a cute little park and ride on LAWN MOWERS. I swear the lawnmowerer was purposefully mowing by the van to annoy us 🙄 we arrived in Adelaide and parked up in Glenelg (how do you say that) we cooked brekkie and wandered around the little town. We went to Harbourtown outlets and AU Trekkers and Gavin did some shopping 😉 In Adelaide CBD (VERY busy!) we found some tourist license plates for Gavin’s collection

23 April 2018

Magic at the Twelve Apostles today. Got there just in time for sunset 👌
Woke up in a nice little park in Lilydale this morning with some shopping first up on our agenda 😉 second on the agenda is The Twelve Apostles. Navigating through Melbourne to get there - successful and slightly stressful! Also, why does no one talk about their bridge? We think it was more of a highlight than the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

22 April 2018

We got a little distracted watching the sunset and had to double back to Tarcutta for gas when the empty light turned on! We watched the stars come out and had to stop just before Albury to take some photos of the milkyway. We grabbed a hot chicken from the brand new Coles at Wodonga and cooked a quick dinner with our leftover veggies and scrubbed up with some hot water in the new facilities at Wodonga before continuing into Melbourne to park up fo the night.
We decided to head in to the freeway at Nowra as time wasn’t on our side. We spotted a wombat sign and looped back for a photo only to discover some wild kangaroos in a paddock - double photo opp! We came upon Braidwood, a quaint little town with horses walking on along Main Street. We brought a memory decoration from this quirky couple running a Christmas Shop and carried on. We had a stretch, snickers ice cream and a driver swap at Murrumbateman.
Today was a lot of driving, it has taken us a long time to get to Melbourne! We woke up to a sunrise at Port Kembla and then drove the to peninsula to Shellharbour where we stopped to eat breakfast. We started our route to Melbourne following the coast, finding some amazing views at Gerroa.

21 April 2018

Pretty sunset from the Seacliff Bridge. We drove over it and walked it too. One day we imagine we will see this around the coast at home maybe around the Firth of Thames hopefully not till we’re much older ;)
So much to see along the walk today. We really enjoyed it. Lots of spots to take dozens of photos and we didn’t have to jump the fence and wait in line for a photo on a rock. Very annoying - it was hard to get a good shot cos people wouldn’t stay behind the fence! Found the biggest ants we have ever seen and they cane running at you!!! The little trees along the way reminded me of something out of Dr Seuss. Little fuzzy creatures nestled in the crooks of the trees. Even found one with a face!
Exploring some more cliffs today. This trail was in the Royal National Park. On the way to Bundeena, driving through the park we noticed the fire damaged forest from a bush fire earlier in the week that had burned through 40,000 ha of the park. You could still smell the burnt wood.
Found some wild cockatoo’s to play with - turns out they like peanut butter sammie’s! They were so friendly and gentle taking the bread from our hands, sitting on our lap and almost sitting on our shoulders!
We parked overnight at Echo Point and before breakfast this morning went down to see The Three Sisters. The cloud was thick and made for some neat shots.

20 April 2018

Sun still shining and not ready to go back so found more trails to follow and lookouts to climb over 😉
It’s worth the climb up when this is the treasure at the bottom! So many layers of colour and so many layers of falls on the way down.
So much fun walking down to Wentworth Falls. You know it’s a steep one when they give you a rope assist! How’s the trip back up going to be... twice as long as it took to go down?
Hunting the mountains for waterfalls
Arrived in Sydney! Did the tourist thing in the city... Harbour Bridge and Opera House. It was busy everywhere and intense driving the roads so we headed for the Blue Mountains ⛰
It’s always fun waking up in the morning and looking out the window to see where we actually ended up. Thank goodness the storm had gone completely by the time we pulled up to cook dinner - meatballs and spaghetti! It was great having a hot shower and feeling a little fresher we had to drive back there this morning to see what the Ocean Baths looked like in daylight, last night they were getting pounded by the waves from the storm.

19 April 2018

Still time for birthday cake 🎂 Happy Birthday!!!
We drove through a massive thunder and lightening storm coming through to Newcastle. Made for some very dramatic driving!
Driving to Newcastle to stop in for some hot showers!! Keeping an eye out for some wild koalas and kangaroos 🐨
Lunch stop after a haul of lunch groceries at woolies for a bargain. Even saw some pelicans 🐦
Bats. So many bats. They actually look kinda cute. #firsttimeexperience #roadieau #theirvinestory
We saw a lighthouse, on! at night time! So of course we drove further into Byron Bay to see and up a steep hill, parked the car then ran the rest of the way up. Although we didn’t get to see the views the must have been on offer we could hear and see the waves crashing on the cape and we got to see a working lighthouse without paying $8 🤗 Getting the hang of some nights shots too
Good morning day two! We pulled up to this little bay last night at about 12AM (23 hours spent!) after spotting the toilet and a place to park. When we got out we heard splashing and the distinct noise of a blowhole. We took off with our headlamps running to the waters edge to see what made the noise. It was close to shore but the noises moved further before we got a chance to see... found out this morning that it most definitely was a dolphin! Will be keeping an eye out over brekkie this morning... #midnightdolphins #roadieau #theirvinestory

18 April 2018

Dinner Night One: we cheated and brought ready cooked meals from Woolworths and heated them on the gas 🙈😳😴 Nice little spot to chill but couldn’t see the view. We could hear the waves crashing but the water next to us was calm, must be a breaker out there we couldn’t see..... After dinner we set off to Port Macquarie!
A peaceful moment this evening watching the sunset and surf roll in, a sweet little spot 👌#greenmountbeach #roadieau #theirvinestory
Found the golden sands again. Last time we were here we were fiancé’s. Now we are husband and wife ❤️We liked coming through here and reminiscing about our trip, same time two years ago!! #timeflies #goldensands #broadbeach #goldcoast #memorylane
We’re here! That was quick. Feels like we are at home though wetness, clouds and rain. The mugginess is a change to the cold we’ve had though... but bring on the sun! Waiting to use Uber for the first time and go get our Britz campervan 🤗
Windows are wasted on people who sleep 😴
4AM. Packed. Ready. Let’s go! ✈️🚍🇦🇺