Norway · 13 Days · 43 Moments · February 2018

Norway February 2018

5 March 2018

Dinner Monday Hotel restaurant Jacque - North Sea prawns Gary - fish & chips
Radisson Blu

4 March 2018

Northern lights
Lunch Sunday Egon Restaurant Jacque - cheeseburger Gary - bacon cheeseburger

3 March 2018

Northern Lights
Northern Lights
Lunch Saturday Pastafabrikken Bruschetta aglio Jacque - pasta with shrimp, mussels and king crab in a red sauce. Gary - spaghetti carbonara
Perspektivet Museum Lapp culture

2 March 2018

Dinner Friday Casa Inferno Jacque - insalata della casa Gary - antipasto formaggio Shared pizza with Parma, arugula, tomato and mozzarella
Lunch Friday Smørtorget Kaffe & Mat Shared sandwich mozzarella and salami
Polar Museum
Nord Norsk Kunst Museu

1 March 2018

Dinner Thursday Fiskekompaniet King crab appetizer Jacque - baked halibut with shrimp mousseline Gary - pan-fried Salmon with mushrooms and beurre blanc A very good meal.
Lunch Thursday Smørtorget Kaffe & Matt Smoked salmon on a bagel
Northern I

28 February 2018

Dinner Wednesday Charley’s Restaurant and Bar - in the hotel Jacque - hamburger Gary - fish & chips
Radisson Blu 5 nights.

27 February 2018

Dinner Tuesday Paleo Restaurant (in the hotel) Michelin Guide Restaurant Cured meats appetizer shared Jacque- duck confît Gary - veal entrecôte
Lunch Tuesday Eataly Roasted nuts and bruschetta with Parmesan, eggplant and zucchini
National architecture museum VR demonstration
Oslo harbor from Aker Brygge
Astrup Fearnly Museum of modern art

26 February 2018

Dinner Monday Elias Mat & Sånt Jacque - season cod with potatoes Gary - reindeer stew with Norwegian brown cheese sauce Caramel pudding
Telthusbakken street

25 February 2018

Dinner Sunday Dinner - Chinese restaurant (Michelin Guide) Buns with wagau beef, chicken gongbao, crispy vegetables Very good meal
Lunch Sunday Eger Spiseri & Vinbar Jacque: focaccia with shrimp and Soave Gary: focaccia with Parma and mozzarella with Chablis
Natural History Museum
Munch Museum Munch and Gaugin - special show

24 February 2018

Dinner Saturday Fjord Restaurant (Michelin Guide) All cod menu Pan-fried bread Jacque - three course. Tartar, baked fillet with chorizo and Brussels sprouts, and cheese plate. Gary - three course. Miso & honey cheek, baked fillet with chorizo and Brussels sprouts, apple and ice cream Wine pairings An outstanding meal.
Lunch Saturday Den Glad Grus Fish & chips shared Norwegian wheat beer.
Historical Museum
National Gallery

23 February 2018

Dinner Friday Light dinner in the hotel
Lunch Friday Amundsen Bryggeri & Spiseri Jacque - tuna fish sandwich Gary - burger and fries
Hotel Thon Rosenkrantz Five nights

22 February 2018

Dinner Wednesday & Thursday. Olav & Sissel’s House.
The Tea Spoon Both - carbonnade with bacon, egg and salad
Drøbak harbor and Oslo fjord

21 February 2018

Torpedo battery
Oscarsborg Fortress

20 February 2018

Catherine Bjerke’s house. Three nights