Canada, United Kingdom · 4 Days · 5 Moments · May 2017

Garry and Lynne's voyage: England & Scotland

1 June 2017

Chaotic and energy filled London greeted us this morning with a convertible bus ride through the main parts of the city. We "rubber necked" our way through this overwhelming complex of history and sites. Walked 18 km today, with beautiful 20' weather, lots of people, and too many sites to mention!
London - Day 1. Jet Lag ignored, we walked from Subway to hotel, checked in and avoided temptation to sleep by walking to Buckingham Palace. Watched 6000 of the queens best friends emerge from the palace in their best finery and hats, after having tea with the queen. An amazing promenade of aristocracy and invited guests, filled with security and pomp. Wonderful dinner at Ebury Wine and Bar restaurant, with just enough food and wine to guarantee instant sleep. Tomorrow - See all of London in one day...NOT! Good night!

31 May 2017

(Continuation from below) Somehow Don and Debbie heard this story...and made this wonderful and generous offer! Who does that? We have lived in anticipation and disbelief ever since...AND TONIGHT WE LEAVE! ANTICIPATION & LOSS: How our trip came about! We held the unexpected memorial for my father on November 5, 2015...his and my birthdate. We had planned to celebrate his 95th and my 70th with our family! Now two days later my wonderful siblings were celebrating my 70th at the Vault Restaurant in Cloverdale. As we left The Vault, brother Don, in typical non-descript fashion, handed Lynne a birthday card for me to open once we got home. "Don't lose it,"he said. Inside was a note that said, It is time to start your bucket list, so Debbie and I would like to take you to Iona Scotland! We have lived with that anticipation since! WHY IONA? When I was preparing for my ordination Archbishop John Privett chose St. Columbus ( St. Columba established The Iona community in 563) feast day for the ordination, then told me to take a 2-3 day silent retreat before the ordination. "Perhaps you should send me to Iona," I suggested! "Good luck!" he replied. (Cont.)

29 May 2017

All our bags are packed, we're ready to go...We're leaving on a jet plane! Two more days of tortuous anticipation. London here we come!