North America · 3 Days · 10 Moments · June 2017

International Affairs of the Fats

8 June 2017

Tuxtla Gutierrez...tarde, pero llegamos XD
Morning view from the hotel 🌄

7 June 2017

Elevator selfies ⬆️
Y'guys!! This is a picture of my childhood 🥐

6 June 2017

We logged a 12 hour drive today and the first day is complete!
Things to do while traveling: learn a new language! Today I learned the Italian alphabet 🤓🇮🇹 -Alicia
We also stumbled upon this super cute place!!!
Playing Bop It! to make it a smoother ride XD
Alicia: Why don't you pass the rope through the holes in the bins? Dad: It's too thick it doesn't fit. *Seconds later *Dad - sees that the rope fits *Dad - passes the rope through the rest of the holes in the bins. And this is how loading up usually goes. 😅