Vietnam · 8 Days · 16 Moments · May 2016

gab's odyssey through Vietnam

21 May 2016

Saigon District 1, Vietnam

20 May 2016

Last morning in Ba Ria! Saigon for cocktails on the rooftop

19 May 2016

Vung Tau by the seaside

17 May 2016

Viet coffee and Pho!

16 May 2016

First day at Long Tan Pre Primary! 500 kids in two days, no worries!

15 May 2016

First day in Long Tan!
Markets in Saigon
breakfast with John at Norfolk Hotel

14 May 2016

Lovely Vietnamese dinner with great company!
Outdoor barber in Saigon
I have arrived at the lovely Norfolk Hotel in Saigon and will be heading out for lunch and shopping at the local markets very soon!
Just arrived in HCMC. Taking a cab with a lovely gentleman that doesnt know a word of English!
Flight from singapore to HCMC
travelling from Perth en route to Vietnam via Singapore! eta HCMC 10:55 local time
on the way to Vietnam!