United States of America · 17 Days · 20 Moments · July 2016

Gabby's odyssey through Alaska

27 July 2016

Well the past few days have been rainy but good. The boys caught and smoked some salmon. It tasted okay. I've been walking along the docks a lot lately and I love it down there! I see the fishermen bring in there catch and it's just like its own little world. Since it's been rainy and cold the past week I've spent a lot of time in the library which has great views! Some friends had a party last night and our boss showed up with his wife and seemed to have a good time. It was funny because we didn't think he'd show up. Overall it's been a good past few days.

26 July 2016

Well I was finally allowed on scaffolding today!! I pulled my cut open again and have bled through 2 bandages but it's okay and not infected. Went to the pub for dinner again and has Salmon and Clam Chowder! It was delicious!! And the best part is it was free. They said they were 2 different soups and it wasn't so I got it for free... And I really need to figure out how to get this cider back home! It's soooo good!!!!

25 July 2016

Well it was an eventful day today. I got my stitches out first thing this morning :) it hurts but the doctor said they were clean and healing good. But stupid me kneeled and split my knee back open a little. But I have single handedly patched all the panels under the windows with "plastic wood" and have started caulking the casings around the windows. Today was also Christmas in July! It was a lot of fun with the HRT. I got a book on carpentry! It couldn't have been better!! Now I'm sitting at the local Bayview Pub enjoying a Spire Mountain Cider and getting a good warm dinner on this cold rainy day :)

23 July 2016

Well it has been a very relaxing day up here in Sitka. It was raining this morning and it is cold so it was a perfect day to hole up in the library and binge watch Gilmore Girls. The view from the library is beautiful. Tonight I'm going to see Guys and Dolls being performed by the Musical Theater kids at SFAC. They had 2 weeks to put the production together but I have heard they have done a wonderful job! I can't wait to see a show again. It's been so long!

22 July 2016

Well, I went on my first hike today since getting stitches. It was an easy, mostly flat hike on 3 trails that did not take very long to complete, although I had to turn back on one because my knee was sore and I was by myself in Brown Bear country. Hiking is a little unnerving when you're by yourself and you know a bear is around somewhere. It's beautiful county up here! The muskeg is unique and the forests are teeming with life, even in the rain. Even the grocery store has great views! And if you ever get the chance to taste wild Huckleberries take it! They are better than blueberries!! We went picking for a bit but did stay long after we saw a fish skeleton 😳 Another thing to try is Spire Mountain Cider! It is the best hard apple cider I have ever had and am currently trying to figure out how I can get it back east since it is a regional cider. 😔 The rest of the day was spent at the library watching Gilmore Girls and relaxing and having dinner at the Bayview Pub. A great day!

21 July 2016

WARNING: RANTING BLOG POST! Well it's been a sucky week at work. I'm still not allowed up the scaffolding and all the work to be done is on the top floors. I did do some line drawings and measurements but I need help with the last few and no one is helping me. Today I was in the shop and was doing great but now they want someone else with "more muscle" to come and work in there instead. So now I have been replaced from the only place where I am allowed to do anything. I hate not being productive and just standing around because no one will let me do anything! I can't wait to go home. Don't get me wrong I love Alaska, I just hate that I'm not allowed to do anything during this internship, which is not what I expected it to be, and it's not really teaching me all that much.

20 July 2016

Here's some pictures of what I've been working on up here in Alaska. The building is located on the Sheldon Jackson College Campus and was built in 1910. We are working on Whitmore Hall. The campus was abandoned for a few years and was bought and became the Sitka Fine Arts Camp. The Historic Restoration Team has been around for a few years and started as a Yale program. They have worked on many buildings around campus. We have been demolishing, re-shingling, fabricating panels and molding, among other things on this historic building. The sketches I did are of another building's porch that we are going to use to fix our porch since repairs must be made.

18 July 2016

Well the past few days have been pretty slow. I've gone to the library a few times and figured out some loan stuff and apartment stuff. The past few days at work I've been able to help a bit more than normal which is nice. But I'm still not allowed on scaffolding. The moon the other night was HUGE! It was so beautiful. Today will be another relaxing day probably just hanging out in my dorm since my knee is hurting. But that's okay since it's a cold cloudy day :)

16 July 2016

Well having a three day weekend is really nice! Yesterday I walked around town and went shopping and got a few presents. I spent the afternoon reading since my knee was really swollen. At night a few of us went to Bayview Pub and had a few drinks and played games. It was a fun night. Today we went to the local farmers market and I saw a bear! I got a picture of it and it was huge! It takes great pictures with everyone ;) we also talked to this old fisherman and he explained what it was like on the boat and how fishing works on the big boats and it was a really interesting conversation.

15 July 2016

If anyone visits Sitka, Alaska and you just want a simple meal like pizza you need to try Agave. It's a little hole-in-the-wall place but the food is good and service is great!

14 July 2016

Well today was another productive day for the HRT despite my limitations. In the morning I was not allowed to move more than 10' away from my chair and I was not allowed to pick up or carry anything overly heavy. By mid morning I was allowed to use the chop saw and the other limits remained. By afternoon I was allowed to carry wood and pick up stuff off the ground. I think the leaders finally realized how much it was driving me crazy not being allowed to do anything and let me work a bit as long as I sat down every once in a while. It felt good to be useful today. Sadly I still can't walk very far and everyone went hiking this afternoon so I'm just reading my book but my knee feels better propped up than trying to keep up with everyone. I have to miss the hike tomorrow too. The team leader Larry won't let me go, but I know it's for my well being. So I will be spending most of the weekend by myself just hanging out and not pushing my stitches to ripping. 😕

13 July 2016

Well yesterday I got 6 stitches in my knee from my fall on Gavin Hill Trail. I wasn't allowed to do anything at work but I meet a cute, loving dog who quickly became my friend. We set up scaffolding all day in the drizzle rain. After work we sat around and some people had a few drinks. I ended up going to bed before the party ended because my knee was hurting. But overall a productive day for the HRT!

12 July 2016

A picture of the mountain I climbed and of my resulting injury. It is about the size of my thumb and It looks worse than it is, but I'm not gonna lie, it will hurt a lot later.
The last picture is of the mountain I climbed, or I climbed part of :)
Went for a hike on Gavin Hill Trail up to the view point which is about a total of 6 miles today, most of it uphill and very steep. It was hard going up and it was a challenge for me but I made it with the help of some great people! Without them I never would have made it to the viewpoint. And if I thought the way up was bad the way down was worse! I slipped and fell and my knee has a huge gouge out of it and I thought I sprained my ankle but right now I am so sore I can't feel it to tell. My knee is numb, I'm not sure why but feeling is slowly coming back in the form of pain. So I have learned a lesson from all of this! I SHOULD NEVER GO HIKING!! And yes I am just fine and will just have a nasty scar and a good story to tell down the road :)

11 July 2016

Well yesterday I landed in Sitka, Alaska. The flight In was beautiful. It looked like Peter Pan's Neverland with all the islands. I settled into my dorm room and met my roommate Avery. After wandering around the small town of Sitka and finding some food which was pretty good I went for a walk along Sitka Sound. It was beautiful! I saw tons of Bald Eagles everywhere and Pink Salmon and a Sea Lion. I found a beach to collect sea glass and to relax on. Some local kids showed my red crab shells and were amazed that Maryland has blue crabs. My fellow HRT people are very nice and we went on a few walks together. After our dinner we went to the pier and met this grandfather and grandson visiting from Australia. The boy gave us a fish he caught. But sadly we had no way to clean it cook it. The sunset was amazing but it was weird going to bed at 11pm and it still being light out. All in all it was an amazing first day
Not the best pictures but there were some awesome views from the plane to Seattle! The one of clouds is actually a mountain sticking out of the clouds! It was so cool! And I though NH mountains were tall! Now for the next flight to Sitka, Alaska!!!
My view from the first flight to Sitka. I really don't like sitting over the wing. It kinda freaks me out. But I think I am somewhere over South Dakota currently. Stopping in Seattle and then on to the last plane of today.