Philippines · 4 Days · 14 Moments · December 2018

GA in the Philippines-Cebu & Tacloban

10 December 2018

After school F4D session delivered by FundLife in the blighted Anibong pitch which is literally in the sea. Now formally part of the coastal exclusion zone which forbids development of any structures within 40 metres of the sea, this precious space is still used, with balls flying into the sea as the fencing no longer exists. 4 hours across two sessions are taught here to about 20-30 kids every week,and this week was Crossbar Soap Challenge, a hand washing drill from the Generation Amazing manual delivered by Coach Rhobs.

9 December 2018

Sisters of Mary school In Girlstown with 3000 girls attending. There is a boys equivalent school in Boystown in Cebu. Selected from very poor families, only one sibling per family is allowed to attend (unless you are a twin) and you are allowed one visit home for two weeks a year plus one visit from the family per year. The girls major in megatronucs, electronics, computer skills or sewing. Cebu has a lot of call centres and they all have OTJ training when they reach 18. This is a 9 week On The Job placement which usually results in a permanent job. These lucky students end up being the family breadwinner. Up until the age of fourteen, the girls all have shoulder length bobbed hair as it is easier to maintain. Older ones are more freestyle. The girls were either playing, spectating, sweeping/tending to plants or being journalists who were interviewing us to find out why we were at Sisters of Mary. The nuns were playing volleyball and teaching dancing to Despacito -sister style
Don Bosco community centre in Pasil was host to the first women’s league game in Cebu between Sisters of Mary and Giuseppe FC. Welcomed by traditional Christmas songs and dance, the girls football level was good considering that the first time many of them had played was in June this year.

8 December 2018

A two day ‘Be Amazing’ workshop was delivered to 24 ‘change leaders’ from the regions regions of Philippines - Davao, Cebu and Manila as part of the National Festival.The mountain retreat was a perfect secluded getaway for them to learn leadership skills, with workshop designed and delivered by Youth Ambassadors Jhean and JP. Both of these GAYAs were with us in Russia and I, and others, have notice a fundamental positive change in their attitude and behaviour. Particularly Jhean who is more self confident and less shy. She talked often previously of ‘being ashamed’ but carries herself well these days. Her peers have all remarked the same and it was evident in the workshops.
Change Leaders at the ‘Be Amazing’ workshop in Cebu mountain resort.
Pasil is a large slum area in Cebu. This inlet is their drainage, sewer, washing place and swimming pool. If you have paseo you can buy filtered water in a bag from a vending machine in the street. The last picture is the local drug baron’s gated and secured house (mansion)
Father Jun of Don Bosco hosted us for lunch, then led a neighbourhood parade with the festival drummers through the Parsil slums to showcase the festival. This community centre is a sanctuary for poor youth. We visited his well appointed church, another local sanctuary space. Everyone know FatherJun in Pasil and clearly popular and respected. Don Bosco is a cherished saint from Sicily.

7 December 2018

Press conference hosted by Marko Kasic of FundLife at Marco Polo hotel in Cebu announcing the 7th edition of the Sama Sama Games Generation Amazing National Festival, and the launch of a women’s league with a call out for teams to get involved by Rachel Genco, founder of Giuseppe Football Club, a key stakeholder partner of FundLife in Cebu. Over 30 broadcast and print press in attendance.