Germany · 4 Days · 9 Moments · November 2018

GA Capacity Building NGOs + sfw Forum, Berlin

1 December 2018

Rogues Gallery. Gurmanghal and Anshal (YFC Rurka Kalan); Kimberley (Fundlife); Mohamed (ANERA) & Ziad (RTP Lebanon); Revanna (Dream A Dream); Javier (FairPlay For All) & Rabindra (Mercy Corps); Sajid (Slum Soccer) & Santosh (Magic Bus); Miriam (sfw) & Bilal (RTP Jordan); Hamad, Mike & Deniz (GA); Vladimir (sfw); and Rosa (GA) & Hala (sfw).

30 November 2018

Football United Founder Anne Bunde-Birouste hosting a sustainable finance workshop which was useful following our social enterprise work this week. We also met some Yemen asylum seekers who recently arrived in Berlin seeking registration.
Mikes workshop delivered to the GA NGOs and introduced the United Generation international module followed by Hamad delivering to sfw guests on concept of F4D from the Manual also.
Qatar Ambassador for Berlin attended the GA practical sessions at Tempelhof-Schöneberg. Hosted by Hamad and Hala (sfw), Shiekh Saoud Al Thani was impressed with the F4D concept and keen to see how German, particularly Berlin, can benefit. Bein Sport interviews along with group shots taken, plus ex German Ambassador for Qatar Ms Ann Ruth also dropped in to say hello - a keen advocate of GA from her Qatar days.

29 November 2018

Communications and Marketing workshop hosted by Matthias and Elvira (sfw) was well received with open conversations around practicalities of sharing stories and assets, in order to amplify all the good work in the field by the NGOs.

28 November 2018

Day 3 and via a short walk and photo op of everyone in a typical graffiti alley, we were down to some serious business planning. An intense morning of putting together a pitch for the ‘Dragons Den ‘ panel later, the NGO guys did a lot of reflecting on the next phase of their GA pitch, their community ‘products’, employability opportunities for local people, and what can they as an NGO offer as services to sustain a social enterprise idea. After a lot of feedback from the panel on all the ideas, the session ended with a presentation slide of beneficiary impacts to date. All the presentation assets along with the social enterprise feedback from the panel will be shared with all the participants as part of the follow up with the GA NGOs.

27 November 2018

Miriam (sfw) then took us on a night crawl of the remnants of the Berlin Wall - a nighttime rooftop view of the skylon from the roof of the Berlin East & West Museum museum. Check out the trap that greeted evacuees attempting to jump the wall to escape to the west - known as “Stalins’ Carpet”.
The venue promoted the well known Bruce Lee philosophy - “You must be shapeless, formless, like water. Running water never goes stale. Water can drip or it can crash. Become like water my friend”. Very appropriate for our workshop. The first exercise was on what is the value proposition and this session got the NGOs creative and thinking about how their GA pitch space can be a game changing moment for their community, if they chose to go down a social enterprise path.
Set up complete. Great venue with ample room, fabulous interior design and good breakout spaces. After GA intro, Hannah from Kick 4 Life delivered the first day of the Social Enterprise workshop starting with the Kick 4 Life journey and case study. This generated lots of questions from the NGOs.