North America · 4 Days · 10 Moments · April 2017

Funcrazy's journi to canada

15 April 2017

Lahore paan- dinner with married couple for the first time.

13 April 2017

The day started at 6am and then breakfast with many coffee sugar runs. And then we started going everywhere. And then when we returned we had the surprise of ashuri who helped a lot. Yay. We packed everything but had fun with being funny. Neelam was with us until we went to the mall.
Today we went to Oceans, Square One mall and walmart.

12 April 2017

The view from the hotel.
Made it to Hilton Inn in Mississuaga, ON. Have to share room for the night because of over booking. We are 9 people in one room with 2 being kids. Poor farhan and Irfan are staying over night near the airport for asif to fight the next flight home to dallas, which will b next morning. Very crazy nite. We are not going to the mendhi as planned. Since we had wasted sooo much time today. First we landed around 12pm and then 2pm got the car and then 4pm got out from lunch and then got stuck in immigration until 6pm. And then 1 hr and 15 min for hotel drive and finally got the hotel room for us. And then while waiting for mendhi for going or not for dinner, we ate dinner that we brought like boti roll and puris and many other things. Farhan sas was being a drama queen saying either come to us now or home later or else they wont be able to send dinner. Our self respect held firm and we didnt go since the clothes of half the people are in farhan's car which is with him. They sent dinner 😂
Waiting to be cleared on the border of canada becuz of the groom. In the car with asif, farhan, irfan and his son. And me, ofcourse!
Best last pics of the resturant with everyone!
Last we would see him in canada. Asif was not given permission on the border to enter because of record confusion and farhan overreaction. Very sad moment
With mansoor mamu, mami, mom, neelam chachi, zaibun, irfan anis, his wife and 2 kids, farhan's best man asif and farhan and I ofcourse.
Spices of India - first place to eat after the plane.