Australia · 13 Days · 24 Moments · July 2013

Full Immersion in The Australian Outback

23 July 2013

Walk along the Darwin Harbour We arrived to Darwin and stayed there a couple of days at a friend's home. Sep continued his way to Western Australia and I took my flight to Thailand.

22 July 2013

Amazing waterfalls to see in one day Alternatively to the Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park is not so far away from Darwin and doesn't require a 4x4 car!

21 July 2013

Twin Falls The Twin Falls are only reachable with a 4x4 vehicle. If you get a map of the Kakadu National Park all roads only accessible for four-wheel drive are precisely indicated.
Walk until the Jim Jim Waterfall and if you have enough time do the waterfall circuits. Good shoes for the slippery paths and enough bottles of water are necessary.

20 July 2013

Stop to have a closer look to the huge anthills. There are endless many ant colonies with different colours, shapes and sizes along the road direction Darwin.
Take a swim in Maguk Gorge! It takes weeks to see the whole National Park, it has the size of Slovenia!

19 July 2013

Walk to the top to have a nice view of the gorge and the valley. The gorge can also be explored by canoe, tours can be booked at the visitor centre.

18 July 2013

Don't miss the Bitter Springs, less people know about those thermal pools. Have a relaxing swim in the many thermal pools and clear streams. Walk along the many shady walking trails amongst the massive palm trees.
From the dry desert to the wetlands and native wildlife Leaving Central Australia we went on direction north along the Stuart Highway.

17 July 2013

Watch the sunrise and sunset, the coloures of the rocks change completely! This group of large domed rock formations, also known as "The Olgas" is located 25 km from the Uluru.

16 July 2013

Look for Aboriginal cave art while walking around the base of the rock. Some of the most ancient Aboriginal rock artworks have been found in the from the UNESCO listed Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park.
Walk around the base of the Uluru, a 10 km walk. You'll find a lot of spots where it is prohibited to take pictures. The mountain is still a sacred place for Aboriginal people.
It's worth it to experience the mountain for more than one day. There are sunrise and sunset viewpoints, overnight campsites, barbecue platforms, a cultural center and other things to explore.

15 July 2013

Drive along the MacDonnell Range, running to the east and west of Alice Springs. It is a 644 km long series of mountain ranges and it contains many spectacular gaps and gorges: Simpsons Gap, Ellery Creek Big Hole, Glen Helen Gorge.

14 July 2013

Walk to the look out of Alice Springs We met Sebastian, a funny guy from Munich, at the look out of the city. It's a small world.
Go to a museum or gallery to discover aboriginal culture and art. Mbantua Gallery has a large range of paintings and artworks and is situated in the Todd Mall in the centre of town. It represents over 200 Aboriginal artists from the Utopia region and north-east of Alice Springs.

13 July 2013

Remember to bring warm clothes for the cool nights. You won't meet any scary animals during the dry season even though it's better to choose camp spots that are far away from creeks to avoid mosquitoes.
Beautiful sunsets! Watch for shooting stars! You'll never see the starry sky and especially the milky way so clearly as in a desert.

12 July 2013

Self made petrol station It has some convenient advantages to carry its own fuel during the trip. With a hose pipe it's possible to let the fuel flow by gravitation into the tank.
New territory but the same endless long roads. It's a long drive through Queensland, every day we drove about 5 hours. We took several stops every hour and spoke with other travelers along the road.

11 July 2013

Cooking time The most important things not to forget: gas cooker, grill, water canister and enough food at least before you reach the next closest town.
Every place feels like being at home :) The more you get connected with nature the more you feel part of it. Waking up with sunrise and going to bed after sunset gives you a lot of energy, you'll feel the difference during the day.
Me and my friend Sep I met Sep during my travels all around Australia. His plans were to move from his home town, Home Hill, to the West Coast. My wish was to spend my last month in Australia in the outback, before taking my flight from Darwin. After saying goodbye to Sep's friends and relatives in Home Hill (a bit south of Townsville) we let our road trip begin and took the Flinders Highway direction west, to Charters Towers and Hughenden. All principal highways are easy to find with a basic map. If you are renting a car, have a good mechanical check before you leave and cover the car with a third party insurance.
More than 4000km to do, from Townsville, across Alice Springs and the Uluru to Darwin. 3 tanks of petrol, tools for the car, food, 2 water canister of 25 liters, a cooler, tents and sleeping bags and ready to take off! You can get all these things at a good price in shops for camping equipment and mechanical shops. We found good offers in commercial and shopping centres in Townsville.