Malaysia · 10 Days · 79 Moments · February 2016

Frolicking in Malaysia

11 February 2016

This morning we made a failed attempt to visit the post office, huge queues. Never mind. Having sacked that off we made our way to KLIA2. This time we had booked a taxi as we discovered it was actually a lot cheaper than public transport, which is ridiculous. It saved us hauling our luggage too, which is a relief as my bag is currently 18kg due to me carrying around 1 litre of vodka and 6 cans of carlsberg. You never want to get caught short I always say 😉. Our taxi driver was a chatty chap and referred to Jon as his "my friend" the whole way. He moaned about the government and kept mentioning how cheap it must be for us to visit Malaysia. A hint for a tip me thinks. Still, he was amusing to chat to. We checked in, grabbed lunch and made our way to the gate. Bizarrely we had been seated ten rows apart on the plane. I was having none of it and insisted we move. Saying things like "I must be seated next to my husband" does the trick on your way to a Muslim country. Supervise me!

10 February 2016

We had been recommended, by the voice over on the tourist bus, to check out KL's "hip and trendy" area for dinner and drinks. Walking around it became apparent the establishments wanted to sell us drinks rather than food. I decided we should go to the authentic looking Thai restaurant. However on sitting down it again appeared they just wanted to serve alcohol. I chose a cheeky Singapore sling. I then noticed there was a surprisingly large number of single ladies dressed up to the nines. Then... One by one they prayed to the Buddhist temple in the bar. It then became quite obvious these ladies were working women! One sat behind JB trying to pick up business from the chap behind him. We decided to eat somewhere else 😂
After a quick shower at our hotel we popped out for a bite to eat. We went via the towers to catch a glimpse of them at night and JB snapped the KL night skyline. Selfies sticks are actively encouraged in these parts so I whipped mine out for a photo session!
Here's the bus we got on and off all day. Highly recommended.
A building named after one of our cheer teams. Worth a snap 🤓
This afternoon we checked out the old colonial buildings of KL. There was also this interactive model of KL that we thought was free but turned out we just walked in without paying, oooops. The grass was formerly a cricket pitch for the English colonialists. Jon had coincidently come dress appropriately so went for a faux bowl. I posed like an Asian (seriously, every other female is doing this pose.). Annnd we were amused by the English church in the old gothic style.
The bus was a good way to see some sights we didn't have time for!
Next stop we went up KL tower to take in the views of the sprawling city. Quite epic. We could see our hotel from here,the tune hotel. The glass ceiling was by the lift and randomly donated by the Iranians.
This morning we hopped on the KL hop on hop off bus. We decided this was the best way to cover the city in only a day. First stop was the patronus towers. I fondly remember this was where my sister's knickname "catronus" came from. In the grounds there was a worrying number of young men posing in a photo shoot style with friends. They love their photos here!

9 February 2016

We got the KLIA express train into central KL and then found the monorail to our hotel. Quite fun with big backpacks on public transport! Once we were checked in we went to this random street food area next door for some chicken. It was epically cheap and we were serenaded by loads of Malaysian blokes singing karaoke 👌. Only slightly worrying moment was when a rat scuttled underneath Jons fun times. Before bed we had a packet of nips. Ha.
We arrived in KL and had a while waiting for baggage. I went for a wee, when I returned I asked JB if anything had happened . He replied "no. Just an empty tray, a bag wrapped in cling film and a pair of loose knickers". I looked confused and he said "just watch". Turns out he was right. Someone's lost their knickers.
We chilled in Cenang mall whilst killing time ahead of this evening's flight. This is the main "strip" in Cenang, it's full of restaurants, tourist shops and hotels. It has been very busy over the Chinese New Year weekend and often took us a good while to find somewhere to park. We enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Cenang just as much as the peaceful parts of Langkawi. We got the airport nice and early. Camilla has a short connection to Brunei at KL so was a little bit panicked when our flight was delayed by 15mins. We're spending two nights in KL and then visiting Camilla in Brunei for the weekend before spending the week on Borneo island. Very exciting and it'll be an experience to visit Brunei - a very unusual country!
Delicious last lunch on the beach and I was impressed by the size of my prawns!
We couldn't leave Langkawi without visiting eagle square. The sea eagle is the symbol of Langkawi (Lang means eagle). I came here in 2002 with the Deans. Looks like they've painted the eagle since. Mum sent me this old picture of Cat and I for comparison!
Down by the jetty we chased this cheeky monitor lizard for a photo. We've seen three of these huge ones, longest almost a metre long just crossing the road!

8 February 2016

To celebrate Chinese New Year we thought we'd have a bath in our bungalow's traditional bath. We drank a bottle of rubbish sparkling wine for effect too. Another great evening out, our last evening in Langkawi, chilling on beanbags on the beach with a few cocktails. Ahhh hard life 😉👍🏽
Last stop was some bat caves (too dark for pictures). Interesting but irritating fellow tourists making noises to try and make them move. Idiots!
Our lunch stop was on a floating fish restaurant. Jon held this bizarre creepy crab and a 12 year old boy showed us all sorts of weird fish!
This morning we embarked on a mangrove tour through beautiful Langkawi.
Stunning sea eagles - the symbol of Langkawi. Here they are soaring above us. Nailed the photography 👍🏽

7 February 2016

After dinner we hit Cenang beach night life. First stop was Debbie's Irish bar. Turns out Debbie wasn't present or was Irish. She's Malay..! Camilla's request for some Irish tunes didn't really work either. We finished off the night on the beach with a guy lighting the sand with fire using some sort of chemical. Not sure it was safe but made the atmosphere great!
Here's another example of Malaysian randomness. I mean... Has it ever crossed your mind to do this?! Lol.
We made a bit more of an effort tonight as we decided to go for dinner at a resort restaurant. We also bought far too much booze so made an attempt to use it up on our veranda before dining. Dinner was delicious and washed down with a bottle of wine and an espresso martini. The waitress told us off for using wifi but we needed to find out about comp!!
This afternoon we got some more beach time in. Our amazing cheer team in the UK are competing today so we thought we'd write a message for them in the sand. And we took a few failed stunt selfies, it was pretty bright! Camilla chilled and read her kindle whilst we played like children 😂
Last ones!! 😂👌
...and more...
More 3D hilarity...
Today we went to the 3D art museum which was hilarious. Much posing required and many photos to post... Ha!! Such a random place and very cheesy Asian.
Here's some pics of our epic bungalow we are staying in!

6 February 2016

Back to the beach we enjoyed sundowners at the recommended beach bar "Sugar".
As we were near another waterfall we thought we'd check it out. As we were walking this fella appeared and posed for a photo. So beautiful! In Africa we didn't manage to snap Zazu but now we've got his Malaysian cousin 👍🏽
Another leisurely start to the day and we decided to test out the beach on the other side of the island - Tanjung Rhu. On the way in security stopped us to enquire as to where we were going. I said "the beach" which seemed to be fine as he then waved us on through. Ahh it's paradise here. I had a lovely dip and we checked out the local cuisine, cheap and SOOO tasty!

5 February 2016

Dinner was at Bon Ton, the local resort a short stroll away. We made good use of their free wifi. The resorts bungalows are virtually identically to ours but four times the cost because they've been made into a "posh" resort. So we're winning on the budget front woo! Dinner was traditional and yummy, a bit more pricey than we've been used too but delicious.
Cheeky chill before dinner.
After our adventures at the cable car we thought we'd investigate the local falls. A long walk up a steep hill was so worth it for a dip in these warm beautiful waters.
Fun times.
Because Camilla and I are hilarious we went on this 6D ride. We were on a rickety train that kept going wrong and as stuff flew at us our chairs whipped us. Thankfully nobody else was on the ride because we were laughing hysterically like nutcases the entire time. Lols.
Our ticket included entrance to a dinosaur ride. A cheesy 3D comical Asian ride which wasn't at all scary. I laughter the whole way.
Cheeky lunch and jb had chicken water soup, yum.
Time to come down ...
Once up the top we were able to walk across the sky bridge. Again, momma Dean would not be so keen!
Selfie stick up top!
On our way to the top.
This morning we decided we would go up the famous Langkawi cable car! It seems most of Malaysia had the same idea so we queued for quite some time. Halfway through was a cheeky virtual reality dome. Weird and Asian in good measure. Finally on the cable car and woaaah what views! The cable car claims to be the steepest in the world with a 45 degree angle up the cliff. I was a bit scared.
Morning morning from the veranda!

4 February 2016

After dinner we finished the evening off with drinks in town before getting some to take away to have on the veranda!
After settling into our new home we decided to pop into Cenang and have a few bevies on the beach before dinner. Ahhh this is the life!
So when we returned a chap was waiting for us to let us in... Low and behold this beautiful bungalow is ours! Epic.
So I booked our hotel on Expedia and got an insane deal. Prices for nice places here are massively inflated due to Chinese New Year so it was near impossible finding somewhere. So I was quite pleased when I found the one I've booked at the price offered. However, we rocked up and found lots of builders who didn't speak English. I asked where reception was but they kept gesturing it was closed. I mean, that's not really an option! A random couple who spoke some English came out and said "here's the landlords number". I was confused... Landlord?! At this point Camilla and Jon are both looking to me, who booked it, in a "what have you done" type way. I then remembered I had been emailed to ask what our eta would be. I had over estimated how long it would take to leave the airport so it wasn't actually the time I had said yet. So I suggested we went for a drive and come back in half an hour! How beautiful is the beach? The sky often looks like this but it's incredibly warm.
We landed and walked casually across the Tarmac to the wooden terminal building, don't think this has changed much since I was here 14 years ago. What also hasn't changed is they still have a horrendous crocodile park and offer this crocodile show! We have a semi famous home video of this show with this exact stunt, oh Malaysia!
Excitement mounts as we approached beautiful Langkawi island.
Yay! Camilla arrived and we boarded the plane to Langkawi. 5 days of being hilarious to occur.
We were early (again) so chilled in KLIA2. We entered a Chinese New Year competition whilst we waited for our dear pal Camilla to join us for a trip to Langkawi!
I'm not really asleep, it's a selfie. Just a shout out to Grandma Stott for buying me this epic travel pillow.
Here's a tired jb sleeping, none the wiser I've turned his chair onto vibrate mode. He's that tired. Mainly nose from this angle.
As our coach rocked up I joked at the English "first class massage coach". Silly Malaysians, you can't use the word "massage" as comfortable! Jokes on me as our chairs have vibration buttons for your back. 😂 hilarious. Jon doesn't like it. More cracking upholstery too.
Up early this morning as we are catching a coach to KL airport for our holiday to Langkawi island! Woo! Our coach is at 8am but our hotel advised we ought to leave the hotel at 645 in case there was traffic. At 635 they called our room to say the taxi was ready and waiting. So we checked out. The taxi driver proudly belched most of the way to the bus terminal and we arrived over an hour before our departure time. No traffic. Oh well, better to be early I guess! Because we're uncultured heathens we had a McDonald's breakfast and made use of the wifi because we're filthy millennials. Sorry not sorry.

3 February 2016

We arrived at this cafe for dinner and had an absolutely delicious meal with a cheeky Tiger beer. What a tough day.
A very well spoken man convinced us into a rickshaw ride. Somehow he had the plainest rickshaw in Melaka but we liked him so asked him to take us to a restaurant. Not before jb asked to have a go in the car park and we posed for a photo. He was very knowledgable about Melaka and it was fascinating listening to him.
We popped up this circular rotating tower thing, they have a similar one in Poole. I turned briefly into my mother and gripped the seat, it was quite high up... Cracking views of Melaka.
Jon insisted on posing in this. What a joker.
We popped into the mall to get some toothpaste. I remembered seeing this stuff years ago and it's funny seeing it again. Nivea in the U.K. Stock the gradual tan but here it is whitening!! Seems insane but they all want to be pale. I'm darker than most of the Malaysian ladies I've seen. My sister would be much more popular here 😂😉
We went to the old Governors house and I pretended to be all Colonial. Turns they've made it into a museum on how wonderful their Government is. It was absolutely riveting.
We couldn't be by the river without a boat trip. It was a brilliant ride seeing all the buildings lining the river. We had the standard cheesy voiceover on the boat 😄 The last photo is our hotel.
Right. I've seen this everywhere in Malaysia so far. Can someone explain why this is even an option ?! If you've invented the normal sit down toilet, who's going "ooh I'd much rather opt for the hole in the ground option and risk weeing on my sandals. I like living on the edge" ?? Incase you're wondering I chose the left hand cubicle.
Coffee made for me. About 30pence from the vending machine. Ps note the new "rayban" got them for less than two quid.
I take museums very seriously. Comedy entrance sign on the way in.
We sat above the roundabout for a rest
Whilst wandering around looking at buildings, a group of about ten Malay kids approached us looking shy. The brave one asked Jon if he had time to talk. After establishing he wasn't selling anything, we discovered they were conducting interviews with English speaking tourists for a school assignment. Jon obliged with an interview, all on film, and we walked on. Only for a few minutes. Apparently we appeared too nice, I was then asked and Jon asked again. Cute. We walked on, it became clear the group were struggling to find anymore English tourists (or we were the easy option!) as they kept appearing asking for more interviews. In the end Jon did 6 and I did 3! So lots of videos of us to be played in their next English lesson!! 😂😂😂
We hit the museum quarter and learnt lots (google if you're interested..) At times the English translation was kinda tiring to read. I also enjoy how much the current government are bigged up at every opportunity. Everywhere we go there are ridiculously decorated rickshaws trying to take you places! Very amusing!
Blissfully we slept about ten hours last night. We woke up at 9am and Jon panicked we were missing the best part of the day. In Africa wake up time was usually 5-6am so this was an incredible lie in. Breakfast was interesting, we could have noodles and spring rolls. I also ate this colourful jelly thing. Was quite nice actually.

2 February 2016

Before a cheeky siesta it was time for a watermelon juice and a chicken satay! Yum! After our siesta, which FYI was very difficult to wake up from, we went for a wander in Melaka and for some grub.
It's the year of the monkey! Melaka was first a Portuguese out post, then Dutch and then British. You can see a lot of the building have a European style about them.
We went straight out to wander the streets of Melaka (or Malacca) which is very pretty and historical.
We arrived at the Quayside Hotel in Melaka and were given the key to our suite... Ooooo yes we know how to live. We have amazing views of the river from our room and stacks of space.
As soon as we were through Malaysian customs it wasn't long until we were fast asleep! We arrived at Melaka bus station late morning. A quick toilet stop in the hole in the ground and then we were pointed in the right direction for the bus to our hotel. It cost us 32p each.