Italy · 2 Days · 3 Moments · June 2017

Freeya's adventure in Italy

23 June 2017

Darians first road trip!! Tagging along with daddy to Florence. Both kids did amazing with the long car ride, late check ins and super hot days... Ava was so sweet and enjoyed being with mummy, daddy, Darian and Manu fui! Asking if she can come to Florence too when we were already on the way together Saying she loves Florence and Italy.. Talking the entire 7 hour drive and not going to sleep until 1 am. Enjoying her pink gelato Darian just chilling and going with the flow. He's not a fan of the car seat but my trooper still slept for most of the drive, unlike his chatterbox sister. Ava going down the slide at the playground in barbarino, proudly telling me "I went all by myself! ". So many I love you's. Kisses, cuddles, kisses on the hand 😍and so much affection for Darian too.. (along with a few crazy cheek pinches and extra enthusiastic leg pulls).

22 June 2017