Estonia, Germany, Italy · 6 Days · 8 Moments · July 2017

Fred's adventure in Turin, Metropolitan City

21 July 2017

I did it! I caught the 7:50 train to Rome

20 July 2017

19 July 2017

The pizza here is delish! The metro system is great and the old town is very similar to Tallinn.
Today I had a quick hike following the river Po. Saw some garden bananas.

18 July 2017

Cigarettes in Italy are sold from such self service walls. The streets are lovely in the 28 degree weather. We're having a quick mentoring session and later in the evening I plan on hiking to Cavoretto

16 July 2017

Had A nice walk in Torino. I got here on a mystery bus that I didn't know where it would take me from the airport. It's weird here today since nobody is outside. the whole city is a ghost town - all the stores are closed, no people on the street, even no bugs or birds. Finally managed to find my hotel after walking for an hour and a half in these littered streets. Thankfully the weather is amazing at around 34 degrees. Already got my first tan on B). Coolest find yet: 3 baskets of peaches for 5 euros. So ripe and juicy.
This time it's a bigger plane. You know you are getting close to Italy when they start serving cheese and crackers.
As always, I'm starting my trip with a this-is-my-"fine"-face picture. First stop is going to be Munich and then I'm off to Turin.