United Kingdom · 5 Days · 11 Moments · August 2017

Frederick and Isabel's Bristol Trip

27 August 2017

After seeing the SS Great Britain we took the little cross harbour ferry to the opposite side of the harbour and popped into Brandon Hill Park. We then made our way to the station and headed home on the train after our action-packed holiday!
Today's outing was to the SS Great Britain, the world's first ocean liner that sailed the Victorians from the dock in Bristol to far flung destinations such as Australia. It was designed by Brunel, and unusual as it was constructed from iron rather than wood. It also had steam driving a propeller rather than driving paddles. Considering it is over 170 years old and was sunken for 30 years when it was no longer wanted, it was amazing how much of the hull was still in tact, although it has of course been extensively renovated. As well as going up on deck you could also walk throughout the ship, viewing waxworks and other models that gave a real feel for life on board at the time. It was great that you could get so close up to everything, and we were also treated to a live circus show about the initiation for sailors about to cross the equatorial line!
On our way through the city we got a chance to see some of the landmarks for the final time!
This morning we checked out of our hotel in Clifton. The rooms were very nice, and most of the staff friendly, so we had a good stay. As this is a listed building they cannot install a lift, so it is not really suitable for those unable to cope with stairs. Luckily, Frederick is very strong, so he could get the cases where they needed to be! It should be noted that the couple pictured are family members Hazel and Ant, who actually left yesterday morning!

26 August 2017

On Thursday evening the family ate in a new Brewers Fayre restaurant associated with the Premier Inn hotel. As we had such a good meal and the staff were so lovely, we decided today to have a change from one of the several Wetherspoons and dine again at the Lewins Mead Brewers Fayre!
After returning quite late after the wedding last night, we decided to have a late breakfast in Wetherspoons this morning, and then went to Bristol Aquarium. This is an independent aquarium, and although perhaps a little 'lower tech' than a chain like SeaLife, we were impressed by all the exhibits, written information and talks. Isabel especially liked that the animals had names and stories of how they had come to the aquarium. For example, the electric eel had been rescued after being confiscated at Heathrow Airport and one of the lobsters was donated by a fisherman as it was too old to eat (about 60 years old!)

25 August 2017

Today was the reason we came to Bristol in the first place - the wedding of Isabel's cousin Adrian to a lovely Greek lady called Aliki! It was a lovely ceremony and grounds (Ashton Court Mansion). We also had a lovely sunny day and the food was good too, especially the evening buffet!

24 August 2017

Today we had a lovely day spent in the Bristol Science Centre, called @Bristol . We went in the UK's only 3D Planetarium, explored water power, made and tested paper flying machines, ground wheat into flour and met some robots! It was an action-packed day and we learnt lots too! There were exhibits showing deconstructed Furbies, an ice sheet freezing and thermal imagery!

23 August 2017

We explored the waterside and dock area, visiting the 'm shed' museum to learn about Bristol life. We saw the historic cranes, in this once very industrial dock which is now used for leisure. We then had dinner in Pizza Express before heading back to our hotel.
When we arrived in Bristol we had lunch in Subway and checked in at our hotel. We then headed into the centre of Bristol, walking through the square and around the docks. It was very pretty, with water everywhere, but luckily no rain!
We are on our way to Bristol for Isabel's cousin's wedding and a holiday too! We are travelling by train from London Paddington to Clifton Down station, which is near our hotel.