United Kingdom · 2 Days · 10 Moments · June 2017

Isabel & Frederick Go Wild at Chessington

30 June 2017

The Tomb Blaster competition continued today, with Frederick still very much in the lead throughout! Frederick beat his personal best, with a high score of 15600 today, and Isabel's top score today being 13350, so also beating yesterday, but only just!
We had lots of great animal encounters in the park today! We saw a meerkat, racoon and owl perform at the animal antics show, had a private tour walking through the tamarin enclosure (it was just us in the queue!), saw the sealion show and more meerkats up close (including through a periscope!) We were also lucky to see lots of activity in the lion enclosure, with some quite large cubs and lots of roars!
Today we ate lunch at Captain's Fish and Chips, although what we actually had were battered sausages! We ate next to the huge swing boat ride (Black Buccaneer), but we were very happy to be watching that rather than riding! Isabel was also very pleased to be surrounded by jackdaws in the trees around, and she thinks she got some good photos!
Our evening in the glamping tent was a little noisy with lots of excitable children running around it playing hide and seek! This was initially led by the site entertainer, but the game carried on long after he'd gone! It did look very pretty though, with the sun down and lights festooned around the site. This morning we enjoyed a great buffet breakfast in the same restaurant (Explorer's Outpost) that we ate in last night. The restaurant was quite a bit busier this time, and when The Gruffalo came in search of his adoring fans a number of children obliged! As the restaurant is in the part of the park called Wild Asia, we were able to see it deserted, just like it really had been abandoned by an ancient civilisation, the intention of its design! We got straight into the park when it opened, dropped off our bags at the hotel, and then headed straight to our first ride of the day - Tomb Blaster!

29 June 2017

We enjoyed some lovely food today! We had a great pizza and pasta buffet for lunch, sweet treats for dessert, and a lovely mixed buffet for tea. Our tea was served in a beautiful tent, and because we ate early we had the whole thing to ourselves!
We have just finished half an hour of non-stop dodgem-driving! Frederick is excellent at avoiding collisions! Certainly a highlight of our day was this opportunity for late night rides after dinner, and we had a lot of fun!
We have just checked in to our Explorer Glamping tent. The site is set out really nicely, and the tent is very posh inside too. We had an activity pack inside, so we have adopted a soft toy lion (Bob), joining our two little mouse key rings that we bought from the Gruffalo ride earlier on today!
The park has been really quiet today, which was great as we fitted in lots of rides, with just a few minutes queue time for each, and sometimes walking straight on! We went on Rattlesnake (a jerky mine cart ride with sudden turns), Scorpion Express (a runaway mine train), Tuk-tuk turmoil (traditional dodgem cars), Jungle Bus, The Gruffalo River Ride, Flying Jumbos, Toadie's Crazy Cars, Dragon Falls (log flume style), Zufari (a safari through real animal enclosures in a real truck), Seastorm, The Adventure Tree (a carousel - we rode a giraffe and a rhino!) We both braved rides we weren't so sure about, with our favourite discovery being Scorpion Express, which is actually a nice gentle roller coaster. Isabel was also really interested to see the new special effects in the Gruffalo ride, as this used to be her old favourite - Professor Burp's Bubbleworks!
To start the day we rushed to Tomb Blaster, Isabel's favourite ride in Chessington! Before she continues, it is probably worth Isabel pointing out that theme parks, ride design (especially narrative and music) are an interest of hers, so apologies that some ride descriptions might be a bit detailed! Tomb Blaster used to be a ghost train dark ride with a narrative about a man who had stolen a precious emerald from an Egyptian tomb. In 2002 the ride became interactive, with the installation of laser guns and targets you have to hit as you visit each scene of the ride. After many years of riding Isabel thought she was quite good, but it turns out that Frederick is a natural Tomb Blaster! Top scores today were 14975 for Frederick and 13325 for Isabel - a rematch tomorrow I think!
We are on the train on our way to Chessington World of Adventures! This was a favourite birthday treat of Isabel's childhood, but Frederick hasn't been before! We are looking forward to seeing some lovely animals as well as enjoying some fairly tame theme park rides!