United Arab Emirates · 1 Days · 12 Moments · April 2016

Franz's adventure in Dubai - United Arab Emirates

7 April 2016

Last impressions.

6 April 2016

My parting thoughts on Dubai, drinking a 10 € pint: it is a truly international city, where many cultures, religions, ethnicities and backgrounds come together and get along for the pursuit of happiness. This blend makes it rich beyond the malls and skyscrapers. It's Globalisation in a nutshell, the Asians doing the jobs that need doing while the Arabs and Europeans take away the big bucks. It is what it is and I was positively surprised.
The 1980s future is now.
Now you know why I am here: the season in Austria is just too short. I bet the contribution of this place alone to climate change is measurable. At Emirates Mall by the way.
Maybe one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen at Jumeirah beach. Can't wait to upload proper photos.
Lunch 2: After searching for it for half an hour in the harsh midday heat, found myself Tipanan and sat down for an order of Philippino Mami. Just figured out to turn the camera when taking photos for this.
Lunch 1: Chicken Chili in some random Pakistani joint at Al Satwa. It was packed with locals and that's always a good sign - held true this time.
Leaving Dubai Mall for a bite to eat at Al Satwa.
Enjoying Dubai's cultural offerings.
Donald Drumpf has small towers, and you know what they say about men with small towers..... you can't trust them.
Didn't sleep on the plane? Arab coffee will save you.
The sun welcomes me to Dubai. 18 hours to go here.