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6weeks of finding ☀️: Thai, Malay & Indo

26 February 2017

back home...arrived safe and sound. Currently adjusting. It's weird being home but also it doesn't feel like I was gone for 6weeks. But then - what are 6weeks? Oh btw - no sun in Berlin.

23 February 2017

So regarding food! Yes I refused most of the time (only if I couldn't avoid it at all) to eat in restaurants. Especially in a city like Singapore where everything seems to be super fancy and slick. Especially here I tried to find the small booth with the real food. Singapore has a few food centers. They can be up to 3floor high and have little stalls next to each other. Each has a a width of 2-3m max. So I would say size in general should not have been bigger then 6m2. And girl do they prepare the finest food there. Btw-when it's about food, especially good food which reminds you of home there is no difference between fancy or normal clothes. They all gather at the same places. So here it goes. I ate me through Chinese and Vietnamese and Asian in general. And I really had those soft boiled eggs sprinkled with soya sauce and pepper served with toasted and sweetened bread to dip in for breakfast. And it was YUMMM!
Last day in Singapore. I spent it well. Also because the weather was kind of sunny today with no breeze which actually made my skin feel burning. But no complains. No no no. There is wind and rain and cold weather waiting for me in just about 16h. No I will not complain about burning sun on my skin one last time! I had Kaya Toast for breakfast. It's something really traditional in Singapore. But you'll get a food post in a second ☺ I walked around Chinatown again. It's so hipster their. Fancy restaurant and coffee shops and super styled people having lunch meetings. I felt a bit miss-placed with my lose travel pants and shirt. But I felt this most of the time Singapore. Everyone looks so well styled and rich. It's all about the look, baby. Right? I spent the afternoon in Garden by the Bay and in the trees. Was nice though. I too had my last meal of course in the food stall places around the area. I will miss the Asian food a lot!

22 February 2017

Oh yes. I did the touristic things today: St. Andrew's Cathedral, War Memorial, Fort Canning Park (loved it!), Tion Bahru (hipster area with good Banana Bread and coffee of course!), Hawks Center (Stall food), walked all the way down along the river to Clarke Quay and further to the Merlion (which was covered and I couldn't see at all). Next Marina Bay (again) and the Singapore Flyer (by night which was cool but I think nighty skyline view from Marina Bay might be better - no plastic window between you and the rest). So as you can see - not much left for tomorrow. Only getting Kaya Toast, Gradens by the Bay and what ever crosses my way. And then off to the airport....noooooo😢

21 February 2017

Arrived today in Singapore. Will spent my last couple of days here before saying goodbye to this amazing continent. My arrival didn't start as I wanted it to be. Unfortunately there was a problem with my hotel/Hostel booking so I wasn't existing for the next 2 night. And they also didn't have another affordable room. Sadly I had to chose another one around the corner. More expensive and totally not worth the money. But it's settled now. It's 2N and in Singapore everything is expensive anyways. So after reorganizing my stuff in the room I finally headed off and strolled for a while through the neighborhood. The old town where I'm staying is Architecture wise similar to the colonial style of Georgetown in Penang. Those little small or rather thin houses with cute windows. Will have another look around tomorrow. Afterwards I went down to Marina Bay to have a first glimpse. Was worth it but - what's going on with all does joggers around there? Is this such a thing in Singapore? 🤔

19 February 2017

Today I have been at Railay Beach. Luxury resorts along the beach but still enough space for everyone else. Also it's the rock climbing Mekka of Thailand. A lot of laid back people hang around and try to conquer the wall. I walked around to the Princess Cave and hung out at the Phra Nang Cave Beach. Also busy but it was so sunny today I didn't care. Besides - I got late in last night. Went to a bar with a fun Thai Rock Band. And hell did they like their metal music. Hahaha. Oh and of course I had Streetfood last night in Krabi Town.

18 February 2017

The last two days I actually did the exact same thing than 3days ago...absofuckinglutly nothing. Just laying at the beach and stuffing myself with Streetfood at night on the Nightmarket in Krabi Town. Yesterday I relaxed on Hong Island - it's a nice island but it occurred to me being pretty busy especially at noon as well as being tricky to get there. The longtail boats only leaving if there 6 people going. I tried my luck. We were 3, then 5 but no 6. what can you do then? Right - hire a private boat. Divided by 5 is the same amount than going on your own with 6people (500THB + 300THB National park fee). It was ok but not so worth it. You get dropped off and it doesn't matter which time it was they anyway pick you up at 2pm and after a quick stop to the lagoon around the corner they drive you back. The ride takes by the way nearly an hour.

17 February 2017

Oh I'm btw in Krabi if I haven't mentioned it before. I chose Krabi because it was the cheapest Flight in the south of ❤-land and I wanted to avoid to travel back to Koh Mook. I would have done it. Flights weren't actually that expensive. But it took me longer AND most importantly I had such an amazing time on Koh Mook 3weeks ago. I didn't want to spoil that. Maybe next year when all the emotions have shifted into more settled one. But for now I could have ruined everything. Also I'm not staying in Krabi town. I'm in Ao Nang. It's directly on the west coast. Tbh - not really a bummer. But it's enough to take day trips to the smaller islands. Ao Nang is pretty ugly and has a lot of tourism going on. In the bad way. But hey - I found a nice place for decent price. Just 2min walk to the pier where all the longtails take off. First day: Koh Poda. Nice sweet island. Not much more to do than soaking sun and dipping in the water

16 February 2017

By the way - I'm currently trying to kill some time at Singapore airport... Yea right. I'm not In Bali anymore. Also not on my way to Gilis as I was always bragging about. Nope. Not happening. You wanna guess why? Ha! Riiiight. Weather. Damn rain. Sooooo what's next then? For sure some sun & sea on my last days... Next stop.....drum roll....ok so dramatic again....but yea drum roll anyways....iiiiiiits THAILAND!!!! Who thought that...?! Ok probably anyone of you guys but hey - look at the picture. It was damn sunny and nice. So back to soaking sun aaaaaaaall day long. Hahaha.
Ok. After a a couple of rough days mainly triggered by pouring rain 87,6% of the day and some immobility problems (might be a bit dramatic) I actually took everything in consideration and decided for myself - you can either take the glass as half empty or as half full. I took the second thought and from this moment on I liked Bali a lot. Well more likely Ubud. I saw some temples around the island but in general everything out of the car window. But not Ubud. I enjoyed my daily yoga sessions which I will truly miss even I can feel every muscle in my body. Those standing forward bends...girl! My back thigh muscles... Also - if you are a food, smoothie and especially healthy life lover Ubud is all about it. Traveling around I saw actually quite some nice places: temples, rice terraces, waterfalls, more rice fields. Even I wouldn't have believed it in first place I will say that but: I can see myself being back for some (yoga) holidays. But rather in May/June. Less rainy days 😉

12 February 2017

So things I already did in Bali besides Yoga? Hiking up Mt. Batur in the middle of the night (pickup time at 2am) to catch the sunrise. Sounds nice, right? Well if there wouldn't be the cloudy sky and the constant rain and the lack of no sunrise for me. Instead we got a unprepared track, a guide which is not trained to be a guide (but that's non of them), and some torches to walk through drizzling rain and clouds with the information that there will be for sure no sunrise. As you can read it - i wasn't amused at all. It's just not the time to go up the mountain. Too rainy, too bad weather. But I did it anyways and therefore I had a great morning exercise followed by a warm banana toast and some banana fritters. So yea. Nice day 😉 o btw the last picture is the one which shows how it's supposed to be up looking up there with sunrise
Alright. It's time for an update from Bali. Already here since 5days. I love Ubud for my yoga place (Ubud Yoga House - 1. IMG). I love Ubud for my Homestay and it's best Pancakes (IMG 2). I love Bali for its cultural diversity (the IMG mix) and friendliness (last IMG) But then there are also downsides...

7 February 2017

At the beginning of my trip I decided I'll just skip Kuala Lumpur even I was fascinated for many years by its name. Sounds sweet and childish. But I needed to travel to it at least to catch a flight to Bali where I really intended to go. Since I couldn't make my mind up when I arrived in KL I just booked another night hoping the city has at least a few cool things to offer. I experienced more then I ever expected of this place. I think it's also because of my stay at Mìnglé Hostel. It's such a great place especially because of the owner. Liong is so helpful and really loves his job. He is Hostel owner during the day and a Product Manager for a big company by night. First afternoon I spend some time in the Batu Caves where all the Hindu culture takes place. Impressive! On my full day I went on a tour with the hostel to the Nature reservation FRIM. It was so great to auch a different side of the city and later we went to the Heli Bar to get an amazing view on the twin towers and KL.

4 February 2017

After Penang I travelled to Cameron Highlands. It's like the Malaysian recreational area. And hosts the biggest tea and strawberry plantations in Malaysia. All year long! It's really nice and great for hiking even I didn't experienced it. I only spend 1,5d there and was already pretty exhausted from some hiking trips around Penang. The Highlands are really beautiful with its mossy forest and green tea surroundings. The air is cool but a bit wet too. It rains at least once per day. The Asians travel there to escape the humidity in the cities which I could understand after traveling further to KL. Regarding C H - i was a bit sad about seeing how they treat this amazing place. Everywhere they start to build up those ugly hotels to get more and more people into the Highlands. But that means - less nature more tourists and no landscape to enjoy. But I also got the feeling they don't know how to work with nature in general as we do in the EU. But then it's also just an assumption.

3 February 2017

Damn. I really wanted to fit Malaysia into one post. Can't make it 😉leaving Koh Lipe behind me wasn't really hard. But leaving Thailand behind me was. I think I'm in love ❤️ big times! But sometimes you need to leave right then to follow your dreams which is right now traveling through 3 countries in 6w. It took me time wise 1,5d and two ferries to arrive in Penang, Malaysia. I stayed in Georgetown, an old part of Penang with lots of colonial buildings but pretty famose for its street art too! I was pretty lucky with my guest house just in the center of the town. Malaysia is characterized by its Japanese occupation which also brought the British building style into the country. But also the Indians and their culture. So it's a wild mix of religions: Chinese, Indian (Hindu) & Arabic (Moslems) combined in British architecture. You can see it all in one place. Pretty divers but interesting at the same time.

31 January 2017

In the last 6 days I gave myself a cultural break and ordered sun and sea all day long. After I left Chiang Mai I flew down to Trang in the south of Thailand to get a Longtailboat ride to Koh Mook on the next day. I got my own little bungalow on the sea side. The island was that small I could just cross it within 25min walk. It has some resorts and places run by the locals and two bars. One at the beach and one a bit further into the island. If you ever go to Koh Mook and you should - have a beer watching sunset at the Mong Bar and later join the locals in the TingTong Bar (incl a fire show you don't want to miss out on). It was hard to say goodbye to an island which gave me a lot but I headed further down to Koh Lipe also because I will cross boarder to Malaysia today over water way. Lipe has an amazing sunset on the Sunset Beach (can't miss the spot 😉). Also did some snorkeling and following Dorie. I also found Nemo. But he was a bit shy. Now off to Malaysia for some more culture

24 January 2017

Another experience which made Chiang Mai to one of my travel experiences which will stick with me: the kindness of the Asien people. Yesterday Natalia and I decided to check out the Doi Suthep National Park a bit outside of Chiang Mai. We decided to try it on our own to have a different experience as well as saving some money. And it was unbelievable how much kindness we experienced through our trip. We started with a pickup taxi to the Chiang Mai Zoo and then hiked through the backcountry to some view points. The nature surrounding was beautiful. Since the way up to the top is quite far and also pretty steep we tried to catch a cab and we met a English guy and two Asien women who actually paid our ride to the Temple. We were spoiled. After the temple we walked further up the road until an Asien couple picked us up. Also after our longer walk to a village we got another two pick up rides without asking for it. The last one took us all the way down. And just asked for a 📸. ❤️
Last day in Chiang Mai. I wanted to share two amazing trips with you I probably will not forget. Starting with the first one: when I prepared for my trip I read about the Elephant Sanctuaries in Chiang Mai. Different Camps look after them some with a more touristic approach I didn't like at all (you can ride them but even they are massive animals it's not good for them) and some camps which treat them like a retirement stay. Especially the ones rescued from camps like the one I mentioned before. My travel buddy Natalia and me booked one tour with the locals. No riding but supporting the community. We had a full day of feeding, walking, watching and bathing them. And I can't tell you how amazing this feeling was! I had some respect at the beginning but over the day I could not stop touching and talking to them. It made me smile for the whole day and the day after. It was only me and Natalia and the local guys. We had so much fun. Best experience!

22 January 2017

What can I say - I just love love love Chiang Mai. The vibe is incredible. Lots of friendly locals and backpackers. The mixture creates the atmosphere. I had the need to already write something about this place. Also because I'm so so so happy here. I went by train from Bangkok. What an experience!! I had a small bunk bed in the upper part. Everything was packed with backpacks and their owners. Due to Thai mentality we departure 2h later. Therefore arrived 2h later. Every good thing takes its time. Right? But as you can see safely arrived. Walking is my thing here. I saw many areas and streets. Already visited little "Kreuzberg" called Nimman - Fancy hipster Cafés for higher prices. I like the Old Town where I stay more. Beautiful shops, streets and good massage places for decent prices. Went for my first Thai Massage and OmG I never heard so many bones crack in my body. Felt like a newborn afterwards. It's run by ex-prisoners. I highly recommend it! And the street food❤

16 January 2017

Time already passes by sooooo quick. Time in Bangkok is already over and I'm currently waiting for my pickup to the train station. Will be off to Chiang Mai with the local train. Upper bunk bed incl. A/C. Let's see how this will end up 😉 Bangkok was amazing. Beautiful and divers city. We experienced most of it by walking through small streets and eating us through street food booths. Also we figured water taxi is not just the cheaper way it's also the more local one. And we saw so much from the water ways. Regarding sights: there are soooooo many temples around here. We enjoyed it but after around 10000 of them I need a Buddha break. We did also the roof top view which was incredible and even the pictures cannot show the real view. But the most incredible moment was our talk to a monk. He was so nice to us and answered all our questions. And gave some nuggets of wisdom. 🙏

15 January 2017

Arrived save and sound in Bangkok. Thank god there is a good entertainment Programm on LH. Made it through the 11h flight. Took me another 2h to get to my hostel. Emigration processes, luggage pick up and local train ride took some time. Anyways. Hostel is amazing. Staying at The Bed Station. It's a nice and really contemporary hostel. Clean and chic. And what to say about Bangkok? Whaaaa - what a crazy crowded place. Strolled around for a while and had my first street foot. Currently tummy says still yumm... also got lost. Of course. Already checked the darker streets out. Still alive. I guess it's a good sign.
Waiting for boarding. Had a great start into the day spending breakfast with my beloved Jani. She also dropped me off by the airport. Of course not without popping the bottle 🍾 My first stop: Frankfurt. Due to a longer transition time of 8h hours I had the chance to visit a good friend of mine. Emma you're the best. She just dropped me off at the airport. I hate goodbyes especially if it's with good friends. But finally I made it. I'm off to exciting adventures.

8 January 2017

Got my injections for the trip on Friday. It was not as simple as I thought. Needed more than just typhus. And I need another 2 Shots to get the complete vaccine protection 😑 Besides that I'm not sure if I just couldn't stand all the stuff they pumped into me or if I'm just that lucky and caught the flue as well. Feeling pretty exhausted but having a pretty packed week ahead of me. So keep the medicine coming. 🌡💉💊

5 January 2017

Damn travel preparation. Currently trying to sort my stuff out and what's actual needed for 6 weeks (hopefully) in the ☀️ Just placed an order on medicine over 30€. Ain't no battle of Moskito bites without NoBite and Fenistil. Most prominent question right now: where the hell is the Virchow-Clinic (need to get my typhus injection!)?