New Zealand · 6 Days · 4 Moments · November 2017

NZ December 2017

3 December 2017

Went hiking in Taupo, saw the not so impressing huka falls. Waited for 40 min for Janis and his car, thought he’d left me with all my stuff. Panicked 😂😂😂

2 December 2017

Drove to Taupo by bus. Almost missed it cause I couldn’t find the bus stop in Auckland 😅 hang out by the lake and had a very nice evening in the hostel with Janis, marcel, Lisa, julius, kat

1 December 2017

Went to waiheke island, walked like 25 km with Martin. Went swimming. (Went their by ferry)

28 November 2017

Frankfurt:28.11.17, Auckland 30.11.17. Jess holt mich ab, wir waren frühstücken. Hostel ist nicht besonders schön, ebenso Auckland.