Indonesia · 5 Days · 28 Moments · October 2016

24 October 2016

Last coffeetime before going home. 8/10
Sate babi bawah pohon!! At last we went here for breakfast. The satays taste awesome! Luckily, I got only 1 satay with pork fat. A little bit spicy, but still tolerable.. The spices meresap so well. Overall 8.5/10. Sate + lontong: 25k Akua: 5k

23 October 2016

Alron hotel. Great one with super cheap price :)
Gusto gelato! Tried rum raisin with banana. Worth every pennies! Cone with two scoop pf ice cream: 24k. Rum raisin: 9/10 Banana: 8/10
Smokie steak @ Seminyam food center. I order grilled chicken with bbq baby potatoes and mixed veggies. Taste great, very small portion. 7.5/10.
Revolver! At last! Cappucinno 8/10 Ice mocha 7.5/10, coz they dont blend it well before adding the chocolate powder, so it stucks in the ice blocks. Groa. Apple crumble 8/10, old version, very crumbly 😋 will be better with more apples..
Last photoshoot at Le Pirate.. Gonna miss this awesome placeeeeee 😢

22 October 2016

Dream beach.
Dinner at dungki bedenga (at last). The owner said that yesterday, they prepared the Ngaben ceremony, so they were closed. I ordered grilled chicken samdwich: 45k. Their pork ribs were totally worth. Sadly they only had 2 last portion.
Follow me to mangrove point!! 🌲🌲🌲 Boat: 20k per person
Devil's tear. One of must-sees in Lembongan 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Our red scooter! 🏍
Yellow bridge 😢
Lunch at Scooby doo. I ordered pizza called quizone? Or.. Quizale? Idk. Even the waiter can't pronounce it correctly. Pizza: 60k + ice tea 15k. Tax 10%
Path of forest and light. Mangrove point.
Bali Eco Deli, an unique restaurant with green concept. You must leave your sandals outside. Ps: put them under the shade to avoid burning sensation later. Bring your plastic bottle to be recycled and get 10% discount! I ordered Tropical Fruit with natural yogurt and granola. 7/10. Awesome restaurant with great ambience. Many foreigner ate there. Tropical fruit bowl: 40k
Breakfast at Le Pirate, Dragon bowl! Super refreshing after a light walk to blue lagoon.
Blue lagoon and secret point

21 October 2016

We decided to go back to Le Pirate and grab our dinner there. I order Pork Fried Noodles. 4/10. Too much tomato sauce. A little bit mushy. 55k + 10k mineral water
Trying to go to his place for dinner. After walking for about 15 minutes, we arrived there and found that....the place is closed 😂
Trans resort

20 October 2016

Warung Italia. 28k. A little bit pricey. I try their Imperiale Pizza. It tastes superb. 7.5/10. Their lasagna was great, but mbak Erika said that Pizza Hut's was better. 7/10. The meatballs is a little bit thick, but te tomato sauce was excellent. 7/10
I AM Art Gallery
Bathtub + lime bath bomb = heaven!
Trans Resort Bali! Can't wait to try their private jacuzzi!
Gedung something dan 3d art gallery I AM
Warung Cahaya. Babi goreng sambal matah. 32k + akua 6k