Australia · 23 Days · 53 Moments · September 2017

Fran&Richard's Adventures in Perth & beyond.

22 October 2017

20 October 2017

Saw a huge amount of goats between Broken Hill and Cobar. Also a few more emu, at last. A long drive today between BH and Cobar, about 450 ks. Went thru Wilcannia, didn't stop. Spent 2 nignts at Cobar CP. Nice place but not a great deal there. Now at Gilgandra for the night. Have bad cold, sore throat etc so we are in a comfy motel. Drove thru some huge expanses of wheat crops. Looking glorious. Just as an addendum. I am tucked up sick in bed while Dad is busily opening up the kitchen on the camper trailer and proceeding to organise a meal. Was surprised the motel people didn't come out and ask him what was going on. After all, it was parked in the front of our unit. 😲
thing will grow there ever again. Dad went for a drive early this am to a lookout. Saw an interesting old wreck with a tree growing out of the boot so it had been there a while. He poked his head in the open/broken window only to have a great shaggy head pop up. Not sure who got the biggest shock. Dad or the aboriginal whose house it was. 😨😨
Broken Hill. Walked the heritage walk. Lovely old buildings. V warm. Went into the Palace hotel where a lot of Priscella was filmed. Some good murals. Went for a drive to Silverton about 30 ks out of BH. Was expecting a quaint little town. It was more like it had been set up for a John Wayne film. No sealed roads just wide expanses of red dirt with all manner of buildings, derelict stone houses and of course a pub. I remember the school group of littlies I saw in the Tower Hamlets cemetary when visiting Liz, well the only difference was that the setting here was the pub. Only in Australia. Visited the Mad Max museum. Good. Lots of art galleries outback town style.Met a v friendly donkey and friends on way and just about got cleaned up by an emu. Think it left a few feathers on the bull bar as it shot past, followed by its mate. Talk about run the pants of a kangaroo. Back to civilization, well BH ie. Went to the lookout at the coal mine a huge sore on the edge of BH. Doubt whether a

19 October 2017

Headed for Broken Hill across the Barrier Highway. Much like the Nullabor tho saw more animals, emus, goats and birds. A good drive.
Left Peterborough with shorter hair. A lovely young woman gave me a good cut, so much easier. So much to see in this unassuming small town. The three panel quilt of the area hanging in the foyer of the town hall is wonderful. Whilst looking at it you can listen to a description of each panel that in turn encourages you to look more carefully at each section. Took 7/8 women 2 years to complete in time for the 100 yr celebration. The old Capitol Theatre is also a must to see.

18 October 2017

16 October 2017

Left Pt Augusta. Stopped for lunch at Quorn. Drove thru a couple of small towns. Lots of crops along the way. Look v healthy and cover a huge area. Beautiful landscapes. Settled into motel at Peterborough for a little bit of luxury. Dads done a reccy. It's a train town 😂 so he will visit the train display and I will walk the heritage trail.
My one and only Sturt Desert Pea at Pt Augusta.
Quorn town. Lovely.
Pichi Richi steam train ride.
1 of a few grave sites along the train track.
Our tour guide on the steam ride. Matthew Reed, only 16 but was excellent.
Took a ride on the steam train out of Pichi Richi to Woodlands Flat. Just lovely. Fantastic views along the way, great travelling companions and the best tour guide. A 16 yr old young man who really added to the enjoyment of the ride. Stopped for a delicious lunch of sausage roll/pie, Lamington/fruit cake and tea. Delicious. Strolled around Quorn. Quaint old town with the most amazing cafes, a great art gallery by a local artist who, by the way, rides a mobility scooter. She zoomed up on to the footpath across our bow, opens her shop and in she goes. In I went to have a look around. Carina, her name, is a wonderful portrait artist. Very bohemian gallery. Must check out her fb page. Bought a small print. Had a long chat with her. A very interesting woman. Next went to the Arid Lands Botanical Gardens overlooking the ? River and out to the Remarkables. Saw a Stuart's Desert Pea. Very Arid, as the name suggests.

15 October 2017

Overlooking the Spencer Gulf Pt Augusta towards the Remarkables.

14 October 2017

Travelled from Ceduna to Port Augusta SA. Lovely country butbuts pretty barren. Nice steak sandwich at Poochero. Noah towns worth stopping for so drove the 467? KS to Pt Augusta. Staying 2 days at Big 4. In tent but with ensure facilities. Ah, such luxury. Will take a ride on the Pichi Pichi steam train while here. Drove past this huge mine just out of PA. Not sure what type of mine.
Dirt even redder than Nullabor or Redlands.

13 October 2017

More Ceduna photos. Ate tea in car, it was so cold.
Denial Bay SA. Beautiful acqua and green of this beautiful bay. The birds, albatross?, were so lovely and totally at ease with us. Walked out to the end of the jetty. Windy and freezing but oh so worth it. Old ruins are of McKenzie homestead, the original settler here.
2 nights at Ceduna SA. Best CP we've stayed at. Right on the foreshore, close to shops, amenities spotless and only $$33pn no matter what you are in or the spot you occupy. Ceduna v small town. Visited the museum and aboriginal art gallery. Both good. Went to Pinky Point. Beautiful foreshore. Loading sand/silicone for places unknown. V interesting.

12 October 2017

11 October 2017

Drove 4kms to look at the old Telegraph Station. Didn't quite get to the beach but very interesting.
Phew, warm at last. Relaxing in the surprising resturant with a oasis type garden switch fishpond behind. Also had jars of deadlies on the bar, photos to follow. Lovely colourful sunset as only the west can put on and nice view of the Bight from our room

10 October 2017

Great crossing of the Nullabor. Fran did most of the straightest stretch of Aussie road. Really enjoyed it. No camels. So disappointed. Hope to see some on the SA leg. Also no roos, cows. Is it a tourist con? Spent the previous night in the tent at Balladonia. Very Aussie. Not a blade of grass but lots of lovely trees. Good food, talking to fellow travellers and pretty quiet. In motel overlooking the Bight. Hope have a closers look tomorrow.

9 October 2017

Left Kal 9 Oct 15. Headed for Norseman via Woogimaltha. Great burger/coffee at this quaint roadhouse. Great service by young UK backpacker. Kept on to Norseman. Not impressed so headed for Balladonia. Passed some lovely flowering gums, wild flowers, 2 emu with 3 chick's each, so cute, lots of kangaroos, deceased, salt lakes. Here for night. Flies in abundance. Great chat to a maximum from Sydney whose been on road for 3 months. Also heading back across Nullabor. Very interesting man.
Leaving Kalgoorlie today after 2 days. Interesting city. Richard saw the blast at the super pit in Boulder. Also felt it. Heading for Norseman via Widgiemmultha. Just have to see a place with that name.

8 October 2017

Dad went back to the super pit today and was there when they blasted. He said it was great, the lead up to the blast and then the jolt. I missed it.😥

6 October 2017

Creating dust between Wave Rock and Southern Cross. The best dirt road we've been on. Barely a rut or bump the whole way.
Spent the night at the Hyden Motel. Cosy and warm. Explored Wave Rock Fri 6 Oct. What a great way to spend the morning. Wonderful views, wildflowers, easy parking, not too many tourists. Headed for Southern Cross, stopped for lunch at Shell just as the town suffered a blackout but they managed to make us a delicious hamburger. Continued on to Coolgardie, spending a night in motel again. Too cold to camp.

5 October 2017

The Hyden Hotel was built in 1964 after farmers in the area decided that they would like a hotel in preference to drinking in the streets, as Hyden was known as the town with streets paved with bottle tops.
Left Brissie 26 Sept 17. Spent 6 lovely days with Mary. Ogdens, Carousel, Avril, Mattie, Jackie, Samantha came over to Mary's for tea - a great get together. Monday, 2 Oct visited Karrakatta to see Mum and Dad, Grattan, Carol and Barrie. Beautiful day. Caught up with Erin and Gavin at Boucla for lunch. Tues Richard supposed to arrive 4.30pm but Missed Plane so Mary and I drove up to Araluen. Gorgeous day. Richard arrived about 10.15pm and we left Mary's round lunchtime. Stopped overnight at York at Spookies Motel. Very nice but expensive at 130pn. Arrived Hyden 2ish 5 Oct. Quick drive to Wave Rock then back to Hyden to motel for night. Also expensive at $150pn. Will explore WR tomorrow.
Salt lakes near Wave Rock and Farmer Jones.
Farmer Jones.

4 October 2017

3 October 2017

Mary's garden. Hope my kalanchoe soon looks that good.
Trailer ready to go just waiting for Richard.
Araluen Parklands. Beautiful spot up in the hills behind Gosnells. Just loving getting around in Denise. Thx Mattie.
Very comfy chair in Cottesloe?. Lovely get together with Mary, Erin and Gavin.
Spring garland in Perth mall and a visit to Karrakatta to see passed family. Lovely days out with Mary.

2 October 2017

Visiting loved ones.

30 September 2017

Great place to begin our epic trip across the Nullabor ie Mary's in Gosnells.