121 Days · 110 Moments · July 2018

Frank & Marijn in "The Outback"

5 days ago

'Bicentennial Tree'. A 65m high tree one could climb.
'Lane Pool Falls' in all it's glory. The forest surrounding the "waterfall" has been burned down by a huge fire in 2015.
'Circular Pool'. When the river flows into the pool it creates a circular flow, hence the name.

6 days ago

'Monkey Rock'. Another weird name for a beautiful view.
'Elephant Rock'. A weird name for weird rocks...

7 days ago

Shelly beach', and 'Secret Bay'. We saw some hang gliders jumping off the cliffs at Shelly Beach. Another thing to add to the bucket list.
'Sharp Point'. Can someone identify these weird looking plants?
'Natural Bridge', and 'The Gap'. The latter is difficult to notice since it's just a cliff. But there's another cliff to the left of it (off picture), thus creating a gap.
We're home!
Beach overnight 09-11-2018.

8 days ago

Potholes, Dutch tourists, and amazing views from 'The Fitzgerald River' national park.
Sometimes... We visit some of the less interesting things as well, 10/10.
Lookout over 'Observatory Island'.
'Rotary Lookout'.
'Whistling Rock' in 'Cape Le Grand'.
'Frenchman Peak' from 3 different locations. This big rock is located in 'Cape Le Grand', a national park east of Esperance. We stayed here for a couple of days to catch up on some surfing.

10 days ago

Some more silo art, this time in Raventhorpe. We parked next to it just to show how massive these silos are.
The tractor museum in Lake King. And as requested... details attached.
A stuck truck, and a road train (with plenty wheels...) full of cows.
'The Chicken Ranch', our backyard from tuesday.

5 November 2018

The last stop for today "Mulka's Cave". I couldn't be bothered with the signs so whatever the story is, I don't know... 😊
"Wave Rock" and "Hippos Yawn", do I need to say more?
"Buckley's Breakaway"... Over millions of years the granite top layer of this area has corroded in certain areas and washed away. What is left now looks like a mini grand canyon
Some sculptures on the Tin Horse Highway.
We're finally on the road again 😊. So, expect some regular updates from now on... Starting with this... 'dog in a ute'.
The so mentioned 'upgrade'... A house.

31 October 2018

For the past 2 months we've been working with some amazing people. The first few weeks we stayed in some containers called 'Dongos'. After that, we got an upgrade...

16 September 2018

We got some firewood in the mule, this will keep us going for a little while

15 September 2018

Our work for the (hopefully) coming 2 months. It's on an Olive farm with a surface of about 800 hectares. We've been flushing and repairing the irrigation system for the past 2 weeks, and we'll probably finish it in a week or two. Other employees (a German, an Englishman and another Dutchman) are spraying the fields. In about 3 weeks we'll all be planting new saplings, around 250.000 of them. It's a job that requires 7 people in total. There is 1 tractor driver, 4 planters, and 2 people constantly supplying the tractor with new saplings. Every morning and evening, we are greeted by what we call "the great sheep migration". It's just a bunch of sheep wandering around really. The sheep belong to another farmer, and they roam around to keep the grass low, and raise the olive trees a bit. We've also came across a lot of kangaroos, a few deadly baby snakes, some hurtful spiders and bullet ants, and the occasional lizard.
We had some delicious lamb today, the company we work for does it every year after the harvest. I guess we were lucky to be here at the right time, even when we did not attended the harvest.

10 September 2018


6 September 2018

Sometimes you have a small leak when the hose comes out of the main pipe. It's got a fair amount of pressure for a hole this little to create a mess this big!

2 September 2018

Just to give you an idea on how big the farm is. These are the fields we have to work.
Historical machinery in Collie.

28 August 2018

Gnomesville. As the name implies, a big pile of Gnomes...
So... after practising some surfing (pictures will follow). And being lazy for a few weeks. We've been able to find some work, in the grape pruning industry. The work is simple, cut grape vines to control the growth. The payment however... $0,70 cents per plant you prune. We started the job last Monday, and made a whopping total of $108,- australian dollars together (minus taxes, this is less than €5.50 euro per hour). Hence the reason we stayed there for only one day. Wednesday we found another farming job closer to Perth. Stories will follow.

25 August 2018

Stockton coal mine.

18 August 2018

Weekend off in the nature. We made our own campfire cooking tripod.

17 August 2018

Small part of Kings Park.

14 August 2018

Story time! We arrived in Perth a few days ago. The city is a bit more quite than Melbourne, with a little less tall buildings and much more charm. Now we're actilvey looking for jobs. I've found some interesting ads so far. One of them is as a coffee repair technician, where one of the requirements is that you need to be passionate about coffee...I mean... That's doable 😅. Yesterday was "test your wetsuit in the ocean" day, so we drove past a gazillion beaches in order to find a quiet one. Luckily, after driving around for 4 hours we found a calm snorkeling beach. The temperature outside was about 18 degrees, the water was probably below that... So, when your first foot enters the ocean it's like, nope not getting in... But when you further submerge yourself, you can't even feel the cold, which is amazing. Next up is some surfing lessons and then we're good to go.

12 August 2018

Made some fire by using a flint and steel. The next step will be a bow and stick.
Frost in the morning... No wonder we had a frozen cold night.

11 August 2018

"The 90 Mile Straight". A straight road over a length of 146km. No bends, no twists, not even a bump, that combined with the most breathtaking view of endless plains. The most boring 146km we've ever driven... 😶.

10 August 2018

The best museum we've ever bin too, 10/10.
Scenic lookout three.
Scenic lookout two.
Scenic lookout one.
Wigunda cave.
Camel, Kangaroo, and Wombat sign.
Windmill park in Penong, they claim to have at least one of each windmill you can find around Australia.

9 August 2018

Whistle rocks, and blow holes. If the water hits the rocks, they make a whistle sound. With strong winds and tides the water will spew out of said holes.
Sculptures near Elliston
"Lake Hamilton Eating House" a Historical building.
Leo Cummings lookout, the Memorial of a fisherman who died at sea.

8 August 2018

Street and Silo art in Tumby Bay.

7 August 2018

Last 2 night's camping view.
Curious little one.

6 August 2018

The abandoned copper town of Beltana. The oldest, still standing, house dates back to the 1850s.
Long unsealed roads and extreme drought... Not a drop of water to be found, hence the awful lot of dead animals in this area.
Aboriginal engravings.

5 August 2018

The biggest copper mine in the area. The water tanks are all that remains.
Flinders Rangers National Park, and "The Great Wall Of China".
Aboriginal engravings in a dried creek.
A tree with a backstory, which we've forgotten... Something about a painter.
A little hike.
Which animal could this skull belongs to...?

4 August 2018

The ruins of a once great sheep shaerers homestead. Started by a 24 year old boy in the 1850s. The homestead had over 40.000 sheep. Too bad it died out to drought and floods in the 1880s.
We traded the lush forests and great oceans for vast and never ending plains.
A little town named Quorn, looked deserted since there was literally nobody...
Another pink lake, this time a little better visible.
We have been taking it easy with the car and been driving around 80 to 90kmh maximum to save a bit of fuel. Even then we only average at using a litre of fuel on every 5.8km. 😋

3 August 2018

Detailed map of Australia.
Today we also came across the Rabobank. We thought they were only in the Netherlands...
It is hard to see but that is supposed to be a pink lake.
"Hells Hole". A giant sinkhole full of water.
Last night's camping place, near a river with some fishing cabins. Quite quiet.

2 August 2018

An extinct volcano, it's supposed to be a crater which you can't really tell... Also, this was our last stop on The Great Ocean Road. We'll be leaving the state Victoria shortly and head on further in Southern Australia. Onwards to Adelaide!
"The Grotto". The amount of force that is produced when the water collapses against the walls is astounding.
"The Arch".
"The London Bridge". According to the stories, there once was a connection between the two land masses. However, it collapsed in 1990. There were two men camping on the outer parts, after which they became stuck for several hours.
"Loch Ard Gorge".
"The Twelve Apostles".

1 August 2018

Trying to fix the AC at night... In the cold... (Frank's orders) 😅
Today we had burgers for dinner, we thought we had enough to make 2 burgers each but forgot that after frying they shrink quite a bit. 😋
We visited a lighthouse on what we think is the furthest point south in Australia (excluding Tasmania this is).
B- e- a- utifel scenery.
This is the second waterfall we visited on The Great Ocean Road called "Sheok Falls".
Just a few pictures of the beaches we saw during our drive on The Great Ocean Road.
The first waterfall we visited today, it looked quite impressive compared to what you can see on some pictures.

31 July 2018

Our stay for tonight, nice and flat concrete floor :). Hope we won't turn mad from the crickets though, they're at least over 9000 decibels loud...
Some pictures we took today during our travels over the great ocean road.
Here we are... Stuck in the mud... Worst part? It's not even 100 meters from where we slept for the night. Took us about an hour and a half to get out... Some helpful chap came by and helped us though, thanks lad.
Some pictures of last night's stay.

30 July 2018

Today we got some steering parts fixed on the car and finally started our trip towards the great ocean road. We arrived in darkness and couldn't really be bothered to cook so we decided to have spaghetti from a tin. Just a piece of advice for everyone, you're better off starving then eating tinned spaghetti. That was a once in a lifetime experience for us...
Street, and parking art in the streets of Melbourne.

27 July 2018

After our dinner we had a quick shower in the buckets below, we're not really sure what the temperatures are because we have no devices to measure it but it is cold enough to create clouds when breathing. It's a little bit chilly as well with clothes on, never mind trying to shower in little buckets like that but we managed. We're in bed just now writing our journeys. At the moment we have no signal but I'm sure we'll find one tomorrow. We are going to watch some TV on the phone and make an attempt at sleeping. This is going to be rather interesting as there are plenty of little creepers crawling around us.
After visiting the Melbourne F1 circuit and having the AC partially repaired we arrived at our camping spot in the middle of nowhere. It is classed as a free camping with no electricity, water supplies and shower. We did however drive past a toilet which was in the middle of the bush, it had 4 walls, a small roof and a toilet placed over a big hole in the ground. We arrived around 5pm at the camping place. After about half an hour it is complete dark, in the darkness everything takes twice as long to do as we only have a couple of flashlights. We made our dinner in the dark and did the dishes which all together took the better part of 2 hours.
We had to fuel up as you can see (Jeroen is this similar to what you require normally :p?). We also drove through this Forrest, at first we thought all the tall trees lost there leaves due to it being winter at the moment but later on we noticed that all trees are black at the bottom. They must have died during a massive bush fire a while ago...
While waiting for the car to get fixed, we walked about 10km towards and on the Melbourne F1 Circuit. The weather was nice today, hope we can say the same tonight in the middle of nowhere.
It took us a couple of days to get parts for the car, our camping gear and to get the car cleaned out but we're nearly there. Today we dropped the car off at the garage to get the AC fixed (apparently it's advisable to fix it as it can be slightly warm (read 50 degrees) and a little bit humid (100% humidity) in the outback!). Tonight will also be our first night camping, it will be a little bit colder then expected (night temperatures lie around 5 - 10 degrees in Melbourne, up in the mountains where we're going we are uncertain just now but will find out soon enough!).

25 July 2018

Bought her yesterday, and done some cleaning today. You'll be seeing a whole lot more of this young lady.

22 July 2018

Today we went looking for a car in Tottenham. Then we saw this amazing clock in 'China Town'. Every hour the birds and men come out the bottom and play a song. We took another skyline picture, and walked through some parks and the botanical garden on our way home. We also walked past some guys playing sports in the park, upon looking closer we noticed they were all chasing a ball on a broomstick...

20 July 2018

Picture time! Part of the city skyline.

19 July 2018

Woke up at 14:00, say 'Hi jetlag' and 'goodbye productive day'. Went to the shopping area by tram, and wow... It's huge! Got our banks and mobiles set up. Tomorrow we'll be looking for a car. Till then, goodnight. Ps. The picture is from the tram station.

18 July 2018

They have "De Ruijter" here aswell, all is going well.
Now leaving for Melbourne via Dubai.

13 July 2018

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