Indonesia · 3 Days · 8 Moments · July 2015

Francisca's adventure in Indonesia

18 July 2015

Then, later that night we chatted with mountain view's (our homestay) owner called mikel yaki. He speaks indonesia fluently, because he used to live in papua for 15 years. And he's a truly adventurer and explorer (been writing 2 books about papua and north sulawesi). He's been to cartenz 3 times! How crazy was that? Haha. And then he offered us to smoke from bamboo pipe carved by the korowai people. He used a local manadonese tobacco which is quiet strong after couple of blow haha. And mikel told us to say manop everytime we blow. It means Friend in korowai native language. After a while, 3 people came from mouse hunting at the jungle, its so gross to be honest. And the guy is cutting the mouse inside out, and i was like "iuhhhh" all the time 😵 a night to remember though, met a couple of friends from singapore and uk also :)
Manado day 3. We check out from the hotel and went straight to the restaurant for lunch, which took another hour or so for the food to served. Very very bad. And we finally heading to rafting starting point at nimanga river, timbukar. Before we start the guy teach us a view rules about holding a pedal, how to listen the captain's instruction, etc. its fun, jimmy was thrown out of the boat couple times, when cathy, yoso, and hengky are also fell out of the boat. Thank God they were all okay, but jimmy injured his right knee, so the guide, pak jotje give him a massage using minyak kelapa 👍👍 after rafting, we enjoying fried banana + chilli, a unique way to enjoy fried banana. Only in manado lol. After our energy washed out for rafting, we went to ragey von von where we can get the best pork satay in town haha.

17 July 2015

Dive day 2! For that day we went to siladen, timur 1, sachiko and the last one was house reef for night dive. Oh well, it was a good day indeed! And my skin was instantly tanned like usual hehehe. I would say The night dive is the best dive! Because we get to see Spanish dancer, blu ringed octopus and many other interesting sea creatures :) and The stars are greeted us at the end of the dive ❤️❤️ Thanks to our dive masters, daniel, fendi, biyandi, aldi for the great dive experience :) For dinner, jib, ricky, cathy, inneke and jimmy are getting us food from restaurant called city extra, and they said the service is not bad, it "only" took 30 mins which is great compared to other restaurant haha. And its very delicious too! City extra approved 😁😁

16 July 2015

We went for two dives that day, to lekuan 1 and lekuan 2 dive site. Its a drift dive along the beautiful wall. The visibility was great, and the water is pretty warm. But unfortunately the dive comp I borrowed from Jody cannot connected to the regulator so my first day of dive was pretty risky because i cant see the amount of air of my oxygen tank. Surprisingly, my air still 140 bar left out of 220 bar on my first dive. Haha. And then we had a meal at surface interval which was delicious! And of course i get back to the water after i finish eating haha. Did some front roll and swam awayyy. I love the sea :) and we get back to the resort while enjoying the beautiful sunset along the way back 😍😍😍 what a Beautiful first day 😁
And here we go, ready to enjoy the ocean. We, 5 scuba divers and 5 snorkeler, went to bunaken island by boat for approximately 45 minutes. Its been too long since my last dive trip. So i was all happy and excited 😁
These are the list of the dive site around bunaken island. We dive with minanga dive center at manado tateli beach resort. The room was ok, the food not that good, and as usual the service was terrible haha. But the owner of the dive center was great, his name is pak reinhart. 👌
We go straight to waikeke area, dego dego manado restaurant for lunch. We ordered bubur manado, nasi kuning and the best one is nasi goreng roa! But the service was horrible, the drinks wasnt even out after we finished our meal. Just terrible! Disappointed 😞
On lion air JT 0776 from jakarta to manado. I was sleeping the whole flight haha. 😴