Croatia · 4 Days · 35 Moments · September 2017

Dubrovnik, Croatia

12 September 2017

Guesthouse garden
Home for the day
Ston market
City wall of Ston
Lunch stop
Vineyard no.3
Second vineyard visit 😋
Breakfast decisions at our local bakery 🤔
Vineyard in the wine tour
Breakfast in bed he wine tour
Oyster farm

11 September 2017

Fort Imperial
King of the castle
Views from the city walls.... so high!!! 😬
Views from the city walls
Local Market for breakfast

10 September 2017

Drinks at The Cave
Car Park specials
Fine dining with the hubby ❤️
Technology at the dinner table 🙈
Long awaited pool day 😍
Our home for the next four nights - Bokun Guesthouse

9 September 2017

He has the moves
Old Town
Old Town Harbour
60p to have a parrot on your head 😂
A traditional Bosnian feast at Taj Mahal 😋
A walk to the old town
Old Town