Italy, Malta · 7 Days · 9 Moments · September 2016

Gozo 7-14sept

14 September 2016

The last view of Malta was the pitoresque street of the ATM... After some last aerial view where we recognised all the places we had been, back home. The return on Schiphol celebrated with a genuine Starbucks PSL!

13 September 2016

Today was our last day on Gozo, so it meant some goodbyes. Not in the least to our beautiful new catfriend Lulu. We were packed and ready to go, but waited at the house for her to show up. Thank goodness she did! We took some pictures, cuddled en fed her and left for Malta. We ate our last night at Blue Grotto and wished we had arrived sooner. It is a gorgeous cliff bay with calm and clear waters. As always, dinner was a lot and amazing. One good night sleep and we're off again...

12 September 2016

A rather lazy day, we walked to Crafts Village taking the big camera's, photographing along the way. Also, apparently I have a sun allergy... Good lunch, nice dinner in Victoria and a nice, dull evening.

11 September 2016

Having no clue what to do today, we packed our camera's and snorkelling gear and drove to the north. After shooting the salt pans, we came to a fjord-like cove. I could not resist snorkelling and saw giant underwater caterpillars and starfish! We were starving by the time I got out of the water and went to Xwejni for lunch. The view from the restaurant showed a stretch of land going into the sea, perfect for snorkelling. On the way back from that, we were surprised by a tiny tsunami and got soaked. Very exciting, and it called for a quiet evening with our "adoptive" cat.

10 September 2016

With the swelling in the foot a little down, we took the ferry to say Malta's main island. We walked the streets of Valetta, had an amazing late lunch and drove around the rest of the island a little before returning to Gozo. There, we drove straight to the opposite end of the island for an Azure Window sunset.

9 September 2016

So, last nights mosquito bite turned into an enormous right ankle, making it painful to walk. But, after a lazy morning by the pool, we decided to go snorkelling. IT WAS AMAZING!!

8 September 2016

Off course the day started with our new girlfriend! And then it took us to the main city of Gozo, Rabat. We shopped and visited the Citadel. After that, we went for a drive, taking crappy roads along the north coast. The views were all worth it though.

7 September 2016

The first day is coming to an end with an amazing thunder-show. We saw a little bit of the island (Azure Window) and apparently have a vacation-pet. She has been with us the entire evening now and is just the sweetest thing!
Leaving Amsterdam with clear skies, flying over Utrecht and Arnhem into Germany. Crossing the Alps into Italy and cloud covered skies. After passing Sicily skies cleared and Gozo, Comino and Malta became chrystal clear!