Asia, Europe, North America · 14 Days · 21 Moments · April 2018

Forrest's journi to Russia

9 May 2018

The last day of our vacation was a busy one. We took a taxi to the Ferry Terminal in Talinn and caught a lovely cruise ship to Helsinki which took about two hours. We then took a trip to our old friend the railway station in downtown Helsinki. We grabbed some dinner there and then caught a train to the airport where we knew our Scandinavia Hotel was situated. We actually then caught s courtesy bus from the airport to our lovely 4 -Star accommodation for our last night. It provided transport to the airport in the morning and so we were homeward bound.
After a lovely couple of days In Riga our next stop was Talinn, Estonia which is the third gem in the Baltic Diadem. Talinn was also exceedingly beautiful. Our hotel again was strategically situated right at the edge of Old Town. On our first full day we took the cheesy Hop on Hop off bus tour which provided a nice summary of the town’s highlights. As for me, the highlight was the Old Town. After a busy day we picked up a pizza and ate in our room.

7 May 2018

From Vilnius we took a nice three and a half hour bus ride on Lux Express to our next destination—Riga, Latvia, which we found to be a definite upgrade from Vilnius. It is a jewel of the Baltics. Our hotel was right at the edge of Old Town which I always think is the best location for lodging. We only had one full day in Riga which was about right. We took a bus tour in the morning and then a boat ride in the afternoon and then a walk in the evening.

5 May 2018

After Riga we took another four hour bus trip north to Talinn, Estonia which we found to be another beautiful town. Palace Hotel was situated right at the edge of Old Town and we could see the Nevsky Cathedral, Toombea Tower and other landmarks of the city. We took another city tour by bus in Talinn and found ourselves to be running a little low on energy. We had an early dinner and then relaxed in the room watching You Tube our nightly entertainment.

3 May 2018

We took a short flight from Moscow to Vilnius, Lithuania. Our hotel was situated right next to Old Town which really contained all of the sights we wanted to see.

2 May 2018

1 May 2018

I love Moscow. It is a beautiful city. We stayed in President Hotel and it was perfect-a four or five star gem on the bank of the Moscow River. There was a nice lane that gave us immediate access to the promenade along the river which made for a beautiful walk. On the first full day we were there I walked to Red Square and saw all of the iconic sights plus some sights that were not iconic but still enchanting.

30 April 2018

29 April 2018

28 April 2018

On my last night in St. Petersburg I could cram too much in so I just took another long walk and took in the sights. I came across a neat old church that looked so cool but i am not sure if it is famous or just has great architectural design. I also finally found the Bronzed Horseman statue which is the subject of a famous Pushkin poem.
Today we went to the Hermitage which is the world’s largest museum, surpassing even the Louvre. It was a feast for the eyes and mind.

27 April 2018

Our first full day in St.Petersburg. It was windy and cold but the city is very attractive with the Winter Palace, near our hotel room, the cynosure of the urban layout conceived by Peter The Great circa 1700. I took a stroll along the Nevsky River and across the Trotsky Bridge to visit the Peter and Paul Fortress. The jewel of that locale is the Peter and Paul Cathedral, a gilded and rococo structure which serves as the final resting place of each monarch of the Romanov Dynasty. I did have time to goof off and sneak a selfie with Peter the Great—a bit of humor in what can sometimes seem a humorless land.

26 April 2018