United States of America · 3 Days · 5 Moments · December 2015

Foot Locker West Regionals

6 December 2015

Couple other pictures from Peter
Petra and I slept in while the guys went for a run. We got all packed and ready to go, and then we went to the grocery store to pick up some donuts. Came back to the hotel, and lounged by the pool until the guys got back. Petra and I went in and finished watching Zoolander while we waited for the guys to get ready to leave. We checked out Cal State Channel Islands University en route to the beach. Picked up lunch at Neptune's Net (where I saw my first biker gang!). I got some very delicious fish and chips, and we ate on County Line Beach. Went back up to the car and changed into my swim suit, and went in the ocean. It was way warmer than the pool yesterday, and the water was great, and the waves were breaking nicely too! Got smoothies from John's Garden and went to LAX to head home. It was stormy over B'ham with 60mph gusts, so the landing was terrifying, but the pilot managed to land safely! I so so wish we had one more day in California; this has been such a fun trip!!!

5 December 2015

Petra, Peter, Brien, and Gunnar left early to go to their races, and I slept in a little later. Brien came back and took me to Mt Sac once they were done racing. I warmed up w Kristen. During the race, my legs just felt really sore and tired... So the race didn't go so well for me this time around, but Kristen got 5th which was pretty exciting!!! After the awards, we drove back to the hotel, got our stuff, and went to In 'n' Out Burger for lunch. Drove to Agora, and Peter showed us around, and we looked at Christmas lights for a bit. Went to El Pollo Loco for dinner (gotta keep the tradition going 😂) and got froyo at Sweet X. While in the shop connected to the froyo place, I spotted some lace pants which made for some pretty hysterical jokes! We went back to the hotel, and I jumped in the pool (which was FREEZING), and then Petra and I watched the opening scene to Super Troopers, and the first half of Zoolander since we couldn't find the rest if Super Troopers online. (Saturday).
Yesterday, after we got off the plane, we went to a little Italian Deli for lunch. Then we drove to the hotel, changed, and went to Mt Sac to run the course. I felt good, but I took it really easy since I do not want to be sore tomorrow. After that, we went back to the hotel. I was trying on my Foot Locker shirt, and it was HUGE! I had the not so brilliant idea to stand on a chair so I could see it better, and of course I fell off! Just bruised though, nothing serious 😅. Showered, and then we (Peter, Brien, Gunnar, Petra, and I) all went out to dinner at Marie Calender. I ordered steak, but the servers who brought out the food kept trying to give me a different meal. I guess they didn't think I could've ordered a steak! We went to the grocery store to pick up stuff for pre-race breakfast. Another team from Spokane there too, and this lady coach for the team came over to me and Petra and kept bragging about how good her team. Ugh. Anyway, went back to the hotel, and got to bed early.

4 December 2015

Arrived in Palm Springs!