United States of America · 1 Days · 5 Moments · June 2018

Following the Fireflies

23 June 2018

We assembled a three room tent in 25 minutes.. not too shabby! And we got the rain fly on in a nick of time 🙃
Ruth snapped a picture of me efficiently using resources to catch some z’s. What I really need instead of that sleeping bag is an ostrich pillow 😍 I wanted to get one as a gag gift for Jordyn for Australia but they’re actually a little pricey. Oh well, I’m putting it on my own wish list!
Breakfast dessert is only acceptable on days that end in ‘y,’ like today! I just really needed a jump start on my daily dose of sugar.

22 June 2018

We never pass up an opportunity to eat Skyline, especially near Cincinnati! The three-way was scrumptious, as usual.
Well, the visit to Enterprise didn’t go as planned. We reserved an SUV two weeks ago but arrived to find that the biggest vehicle on the lot was a Charger. Very funny, Enterprise. We ended up playing Tetris with Amanda’s Equinox in the parking lot and managed to squeeze in all the camping gear and passengers. On a positive note, the sleeping bags in the back seat make a cushy armrest.