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2 days ago

Vienna! The last two days we spent at my great friend Constanze's house! We occupied her room, had some great biologist like conversations (Dr. Pirolacta xD) , had some delicious "Sachertorte" with my cousin Giulia and I had some time in bed to recover from my cold :). Today we hitched on towards Budapest with the idea of entering Serbia (500 km from Vienna). But we had to stop 150 km before the border, because it got dark and we were frozen and tired. So now we spend our first (and hopefully only) night in a motel on the highway. It's comfy and warm in here :) cheers!!

5 days ago

We are on the road again! Yesterday we separeted from Lukas' parents at a gas station on the A3 (it was very hard for everyone) and got pretty quickly to Nürnberg. There we were hosted by Julia and Uli, as last year :). This time we have a picture with Julia, since last time we did not manage to :P. Thanks a lot again you two! See you in Australia?!?!!! Next stop: Vienna! We are already on a car to get there ;). Continue following and supporting us on this crazy world tour! :)

9 March 2018

Dear friends, our journey will start again very soon! Here our plan so far: We will hitch back through eastern Europe and Turkey and stop for a bit in the south of Turkey - Lycian way :). Then we will enter Iran again in April, do some sightseeing in the south and come back to Tabriz in the north by bus/train. From there we will enter Armenia and meet with our friend Adam in Yerevan. The journey continues with Adam through Georgia and Azerbaijan. From Baku we will take the ferry to Aktau in Kazakhstan, cycle from west to east through Uzbekistan and reach Tajikistan. There we will climb up the great Pamir Highway, with a pass at 4600m. We are very excited about that road. It's a must for touring cyclists :) Once we managed that, we will enter Kyrgyzstan and cross to China, from there or from Kazakhstan. Pfiuuu, quite a big plan! We are so excited! And you? What do you think about our plan? Let us know and continue following us! Thanks!!

15 January 2018

Holiday from holiday xD great time with our friends in Austria :) but today not much skiing! Hopefully we can go back home tomorrow! :o 1 month left and we are on the road again! Stay connected ;)

24 December 2017

Dear friends! Since we both reached our homes now, this blog will be quite silent during the next months. We are really glad that we decided for this pause. Nevertheless we are already missing our bikes and looking forward to continue this journey in spring! We will most probably start again in early March. Of course we will let you know here, so stay tuned! :) Until then we wish you happy holidays and a merry time of lights!

22 December 2017

Home sweet home. Thank you Jac for helping me set this new hitchhiking record: Freiburg-Leverkusen in only 5 hours! :D On the last kilometers I got really excited and then it was pure happiness to finally hug my family again after nine months of travel! Seems like nothing changed.

19 December 2017

After some beautiful, relaxing days in Rome I had to say goodbye to Elis and started my way home alone. Alone for the first time since we started many months ago; what a strange feeling! Luckily hitchhiking north worked flawlessly and super fast. I enjoyed travelling through the winter wonderland of Switzerland and after two days I reached Freiburg, where I met my good old friends Inga and Maike. We spent two days happy together before I continued. Möööooouuuh!

11 December 2017

Once we were back home, our friend Paul contacted us saying he is also in Italy. With Paul and his travel buddy Julian we cycled together in Austria many months ago ( We were all in Iran during the past month but did not manage to meet there. So surprise! Paul visits us in Rome. We showed him the city and let him taste the great Italian food :). Have a good trip home! We will enjoy Rome a bit longer :).

8 December 2017

Back Home! :) After a night in the ferry from Durrës to Bari, we hitched very fast all way to Rome. Our drivers were all wonderful people and we had great chats! Next time we will stay in Puglia for a longer time and visit the Trullo Santangelo (Agriturismo) of our new friends ;) At home my dad awaited us and we where extremely happy to see each other after so long. We had a wonderful Italian Pizza! (although not the UNESCO Napoli Pizza xD ). Good to be home again!

7 December 2017

Four countries in one day! Yesterday we started thumbing in Istanbul and made it easily to the very silent Greek border. Two nice guys from Macedonia stopped and offered to take us all the way through Greece to their beautiful little country. Late at night we dropped out somewhere in the middle of the mountains at freezing -5 °C. Luckily only seconds later a nice man rescued us and after some hours of customs trouble at the Albanian border, he brought us to his bicycle shop. In there we spent a cold, but relaxing night after such a long day. At the next day we took the chance to see Albania's capital Tirana, where we found our first Christmas market for this year. It is the first city on this journey where we saw churches and mosques equally spread next to each other.

5 December 2017

Should we call it "hitchflying"? :P We were much faster than expected and crossed whole Turkey in only two days! Now we are in İstanbul and met our dear cycler buddy Adam again :) We started the day with a wonderful brunch prepared by our hosts Nadir and Fatma. Walking along the northern Bosphorus we enjoyed this very calm part of the metropole. On the way we got a lift by some super friendly Turkish truckdrivers, who smashed all our prejudices and even prepared us a decent dinner in their surprisingly advanced outdoor kitchen. We are already extremely looking forward to cycle together with Adam again, next year to China! :D

1 December 2017

We are in Turkey again! In only 4 days of hitching, we crossed all Iran and arrived at the Turkish border. In Doğubeyazit, the first city behind the border, we met Romain, another crazy world cyclist, who came all the way from France and wants to go to the Iranian mountains for the winter, to volunteer in the earthquake region. We spent our first and Romain's last night in Turkey at Zeze and Mehmed's house. Thank you for the hospitality, the delicious French food and the interesting discussion about Zoroastrian religion! :)
After a long day of hitchhiking to Tabriz, we stumbled directly into a birthday party. Although we were quite tired, we really enjoyed to get to know this part of Iranian culture. We ate, drank, took selfies, danced and sung into the late night. Now we know that Iranians definitely know how to party, even if it is forbidden and the birthday child was only 7 years old! :D Thank you very much Moni for inviting and hosting us!

30 November 2017

After our first hitchhiking experiences in Iran, we reached Rasht. There we finally met our old cycle buddies Lena and Silvio (aka again! We spent two nights together, laughed a lot and talked and talked and talked about all the wonderful things that happened to us during the last months. Thank you Mostafa for hosting all four of us at your not so typical Iranian place! :)

27 November 2017

Plans are made to change. Dear friends: Some of you already know it, but for the others this will be quite a big announcement: We are coming home for Christmas!! :D The new plan is to leave our bikes in Esfahan and hitchhike back to Germany. We will arrive before Christmas and stay until March. Then we will hitchhike back to Iran and continue cycling. The reason for this decision is mostly that we miss our friends and family at home. But it also fits nicely into our travel plan: When we come back to Iran in spring, it will be warm enough to cycle overland through the Stans to China. This way we avoid taking the plane to India. We are extremely looking forward to see you all again at home! :D Thank you so much Reza for feeding our bikes while we are not there!

26 November 2017

Our last day in Isfahan was pretty impressive again: After I shrunk a bit on a huge bicycle, Reza took us out in the evening for a "little" walk on the city mountain. It turned out to be a quite big hike up to the peak! We were very exhausted, but the view paid more than back for the effort! A sea of lights with little island mountains. Thank you so much for this great adventure, for your hospitality, your relaxedness and all the great food!!

24 November 2017

Esfahan, "half of the world"! We made it in time to this beautiful city, to extent our visas and visit all its beauty. At the house of our host Reza, we also got to know Tom, a Swedish cyclist traveling to India. We spent a sunny day together around the city: We saw the huge Naqsh-e Jahan Square, the grand Bazar, the Chehel Sotoun Palace and the Si-o-Seh Bridge, which is beautiful, but pointless now, because the river is dry for 10 years. The second day it took us 4 h in the police station to get our visa extension, but after that we went to the grand Bazaar and did some shopping for the families! We walked at least 10 km per day, but got delicious free felafel!

22 November 2017

The past days we cycled on a very calm road between wonderful mountains and the pampa. We camped and enjoyed the quiet time together! We also found an abandoned caravanserai!

19 November 2017

Two days ago we met a nice guy on the road, who invited us to his home in Arak. We wanted to go to this city anyway, so we were very happy about the offer! When we reached the house of Amir and his family, we were overwhelmed by their hospitality! They cooked fine vegetarian meals for us and we had a late but relaxed night. At the next morning Amir showed us the old Bazaar and his father's fabric shop. Thank you so much for the great time, for the cake and all the food! ..and for the carpets :P You are always welcome to our house in Germany!

16 November 2017

After many dry days in this dry country we were suddenly surprised by a naughty little river that decided to flood our road. Pushing through the ugly, dirty and knee deep water our parasitology lessons came to our minds. Luckily no underskin worm drilled into our legs! In the last days we experienced the coldest nights since last April with nice ice cubes in the bottles for breakfast. So we were happy when the guys at the fuel station allowed us to sleep in the heated prayer room :) The villages in this part of Iran look really nice with their clay houses. Some of them are empty and in various stages of decay. We stayed in one of them for one night. In there we discovered the most prickly seeds in the world, a huge, bottomless hole of an old well and yet another breathtaking sunset!

14 November 2017

After yet another flat tire we reached the famous Alisadr Water Cave. It is the largest accessible cave of Iran and one of the biggest water caves in the world. It is really a magical place: An 11 km long underground lake with an island in the middle. Complete with an underground harbour and a pedalo boat shuttle. The ceiling of the cave is covered with stalactites and other amazing rock formations. We spent one relaxed night in the park in front of the cave entrance. There we first met a really nice and far-travelled girl from South Africa and later a group of German tourists appeared and we had a good chat. Who would have guessed that so far from home. ;)

12 November 2017

The past two days where very intense. We cycled over 2000 m altitude in 160 km. Pretty exhausting, but the landscape paid back for our effort! After reaching the first peak (2350 m) it was already getting dark, and we were without water or food. So we stopped at a small village to ask for water and these great people invited us to stay for the night. The entire family was there and we sat there for hours talking, eating and drinking çay. The interesting thing was that I was the only woman between men and only the next day we noticed how many women actually live in that house, but eat and stay in a different room when there are guests! The second day we reached Bijar after our new record of 104 km. Just arrived, a man invites us to stay at his (beautiful) house and after many çays, food and an earthquake (Iraq-Iran border: 7.2 M) we celebrated his daughter's birthday. Again a very long night and just a few hours of sleep. But we are very thankful to you all! Good luck Farnoosh!

9 November 2017

Sometimes it's good to take a ride! The forecast showed rain for the entire day and we planned to do over 100 km, so why not accept a ride when one offers you one? Sahid took us all way to Miandoab, even 50 km off his way! Thank you so much :). On the way to Miandoab we surpassed the wet and freezing Benedikt, who started very early in the morning (not as lazy as us!). So we met in Miandoab and searched for a place to stay for the night. We found a wonderful park! But a group of guys came, telling us it's not safe there and it is cold! So they started to organize a place for us to stay. And they found one! A friendly man hosted us and the guys gave us food :) It was a bit of a overwhelming situation so late in the night but we enjoyed the warm and interesting night. Thank you guys!! :) The next day we reached our first real river in Iran and went to bed in our tents very early! The next day we parted from Benedikt, who managed to go back to his >100 km rhythm ;) Gute Weiterreise!

8 November 2017

For the way out of the big city we protected our lungs with some really chic dust masks this time. We heard of a place called "Kandovan", which is similar to Kappadokya in Turkey and decided to give it a look. What we didn't know is that the place is a real mountain village at 2300 m altitude! So we climbed much higher than expected and spent a night at the slope. When we finally reached the top, we found a really beautiful village with it's houses carved into the stone. And all the rock houses were still inhabited. Definitely worth a visit, but maybe not by bicycle :P

7 November 2017

We spent 3 nights at Tabriz Free Camping and had some interesting days of sightseeing and shopping. Walking through Tabriz was very funny, with all the people staring at us and welcoming us to Iran. The Bazaar was the highlight for us: very old, with many little streets and everything you could need (new outfit for me -Elis-). If it wasn't for a local, who showed us around, we would probably still be wandering around there :) The bicycle shop was also very cool: 25 $ for Lukas' parts, so cheap! The only uncomfortable thing was the way back by Bus. We where pushed inside the Bus by the ticket man. Once we clarified with the driver where we had to go, we looked around us and noticed that I was the only woman! Then we realised that the women sit in the back -.- Very strange moment! But as a tourist it was ok. Back at the campsite we found Benedikt there with two other Germans with their 4x4 truck (Ute & Holger). They are also heading to Oman, so we will meet them again soon!

4 November 2017

The way to Tabriz is a smoggy one. We rolled down the silent hills of northern Iran and suddenly found ourselves on a very busy highway full of old, smoking trucks. Literally a "breathtaking" experience! When we finally reached the city centre, we were surprised to find some nice cycling lanes. A guy taught us the correct way to buy bread in Iran: You have to use the broom in front of the shop to swipe off the flour and stones. In the middle of the city we found a big park with real, green grass, where tourists can camp for free. There are even showers and a kitchen! When we arrived, the park was empty except for one mysterious tent. At the next morning we got to know our neighbours: Bruno e Federico dall'Italia! They are hitchhiking around the world. Elis was very happy to have an opportunity to talk Italian again! :)
Some great photos of our first days in Iran, by our friend and cycling buddy Benedikt! Thanks a lot for these cool photos of us together xD it happens so rarely :)

2 November 2017

After a rainy night on the top of a plateau we woke up with the sun and a spectacular view! Ararat mountain to the west and Azerbaijan's exclave with its mountains to the north! With the sun in front of us we cycled alongside the Azerbaijan-Iranian border and reached the St. Stephanos Monastery, after an extremely hard climb with the bikes. We thought: "This road is for sure not made for cyclists, we are probably the only ones so crazy to climb up here", puff in that moment three other bicycles appeared behind us! A French couple with their guide! We all thought, we could stay there for the night, since on 'openstreetmap' it was marked as a camping place. We relaxed, had lunch together and then we asked....No camping here. Since it is border street it is forbidden to camp, and the street closes at 7 pm. So we hurried into the monastery and then parted from the others, since they where heading West. It was a short meeting, but a great one! See you in France soon!

31 October 2017

In a flyer, we got at the border, we found a hot spring close to our planned route and decided to give it a try. The "Showt Medical Spa Complex" came out as three small concrete ponds under construction. Still the water was relatively warm and the view was fantastic! Elis had to bath completely dressed, but at least we could enter the water together. Coming out was freezing cold and windy! Luckily the boss of the construction engineers invited us to warm up and rest at his place. He and his two friends (Joseph, Mahmud and Behruz) provided us with çay, food and nice talks and it soon got so comfortable, that we decided to stay there for the night. At the next morning they escorted us out of the village with the car. We felt really important :D Thank you very much for explaining the Quraan and teaching us some Farsi; for your hospitality and all the effort!!

30 October 2017

After a good first and last beer 2 km before the Iranian border, we entered Iran. We bet, who and if we would have to unpack all our stuff and show it the Iranian police officers, and we were all sure about it. But No! They have an extra tourist room, where a kind lady asked us again where we will travel in Iran (more for our security) and answered all our questions. Out of the room, the officers made us a way through the crowd and so we entered Iran. First many people came to us with lots of Rials to change money, but we managed to get to the official change office. 100 $ = 4.400.000 IRR! First time Millionaires. We spent the night alongside a canyon river.
Our very last night in Turkey we spent in a small, traditional Kurdish shepherd village directly at the foot of Mount Ararat. This is the mountain, where according to the legend, Noah's Ark landed after the great flood. With 5137 m it is the highest peak of Turkey and a very impressive sight. Sadly it is right now strictly forbidden for foreigners to climb it because of PKK and military conflict. Once we got through the military control and reached the little house of Burhan's family, we found a very comfortable place to stay: Every room is covered with carpets and selfmade wool pillows. After we had a hot çay in front of the sheep shit powered oven, another cyclist appeared: Benedikt from Innsbruck. We will cycle together for the next days. Burhan's sister and mother served us a delicious dinner on the floor and afterwards they unrolled heavy, warm wool mattresses and blankets for the night. Thank you so much for your hospitality and for the little insight into real Kurdish culture!

27 October 2017

After a nice day off in Erzurum, we started climbing up the long way to the Iranian border. The landscape is so dramatic, that we almost forgot, how exhausting it was: Through deep canyons up to the highest pass so far. One morning we woke up, because some annoying kids threw sticks at our tent. Very funny... Fortunately, the rest of the day was much better! We finally had the opportunity to invite two shepherds for a çay; normally it's the other way round ;) We even met two other German travellers: Anja & Peter. But they have a little bit bigger vehicle than we ride: A huge 4x4 overlander truck! They are heading the same direction as we do, so hopefully we will meet again someday. We observed several very large, whitish raptors, we were not able to specify (see photo). If anyone of you has an idea what they are, let us know!

24 October 2017

If you want to laugh, here a video made by a Turkish TV about us: Cheers ;)

23 October 2017

Today we finally got our Iranian Visa! Yuppi! So now up to Iran! Here a overview of our planed Tour through Iran. From Teheran onwards we will cycle again with Silvio and Lena (, hopefully! We are really excited about this new country and meeting with these great friends again! :*
This great artwork is made by Giulia Pratillo! Thank you so much for this wonderful present! <3 We already set it as our title picture on our website (! ;) Thanks!!

21 October 2017

Bye bye Kapadokya! Thank you again Heval for the hospitality! And take care of your three young beauties (Birba and the other puppies)! After a last night in our favourite cave we packed our stuff and started late in direction Kayseri. Adam came with us the first km, but then we finally had to say goodbye for now. :( He will continue South towards the coast, while we are heading East to Iran now. It has been an extremely wonderful month cycling together with you and we are really looking forward to meet you again somewhere along the way!! (Follow Adam's future adventures on or instagram: ridetheworld24) At the next day a friendly truckdriver picked us up and transported us and our bikes the last 40 km to Kayseri. There we are now waiting for the night bus to Erzurum, hoping to outrun the winter by skipping these 600 km.

18 October 2017

What an amazing birthday! Balloons woke us up very early and gave us another amazing show at sunrise. Then we hitchhiked/ took a bus to Derinkuyu underground city. 8 floors underground, connected by stairs and tunnels, with a perfect water and air circulation system and even a big church 50 m under the surface. It was discovered by chance in 1963, although the aboveground town Derinkuyu was already unconsciously using the old underground city wells. In the evening we looked again for a place to sleep and have a relaxing time. So we found THE PERFECT CAVE. Two warm rooms, a lot of shelves to put stuff, a great view and simply a perfect place to rest. End of the day: cooking bulgur with beans and tomatoes, a pudding cake as birthday cake and Lukas making a "Kalter Hund"/ "salame al cioccolato" for me for breakfast. Perfect birthday! Thank you Adam for the two jars of palmoil-free Torku Chocolate :) and thank you Lukas for the cake and for having this great adventure with me!

17 October 2017

Back to Çavuşin through the White Valley. It is very interesting, how in a pretty small area the structures around us change colour and shape. In this valley we found a lot of delicious apples and grapes and slept in a tunnel where we had a great evening around the fire. :)

16 October 2017

Walking around the Red and Rose Valleys towards Göreme, and from there through the Pigeon Valley to Uchisar. Just an amazing view from everywhere! We found some of the old churches, that where built by a christian minority during the 4th century, many caves of different eras and walked through these two very beautiful towns. (Wikipedia has a very accurate article about the history of this area! Very interesting.)

15 October 2017

Dear Friends, sorry for not uploading any new moments during the past days, but we were very busy in exploring Cappadocia! We arrived at Heval's café in Çavuşin and had a relaxing morning at his house :) He is a really great guy; thank you for hosting us and letting us leave our stuff at your Market for so long! We then went to the Info point to get a map of the area and in the afternoon started our hiking tour. We started late, so we could only visit the old Çavuşin cave town with its church and then looked for a place to sleep. A tourist guide suggested us to just sleep there in one of the old town caves, but it was too crowded for us, so we hiked up the mountain and found the perfect cave by sundown. The next morning we woke up because of some strange noise coming from all around us, we looked out and we where surrounded by hot air balloons. Some of them so near that we could have jumped in xD. What a crazy first experience!

13 October 2017

We really enjoyed our last days of cycling together with Adam and finally reached the famous Cappadocia! On the way we were only slowed down by a veery muddy lake and my constantly flattening tire. We already caught a little glimpse of the stunning landscape around us, while the sun set. So now we are sitting in our host's comfortable, warm café near Göreme and looking forward to the next cycle-less hiking days.

10 October 2017

After some days of nonstop cycling, we found a quite beautiful lake and decided to have a day off there. We spent two nights and a very relaxed day, which we used to fix my tire (again), work on our website and talk to the local shepherds, who supplied us with a lot of fresh food! :) We also finally had a campfire again after a long time. It was necessary, because the nights are already very cold.

7 October 2017

From the beautiful landscapes to the craziness of a capital city (Ankara) and from there out again. The past days were very productive, but a bit unlucky. First we went to a gas station to fill Lukas' tires, since one lost some air and there my back tire flattened :/ so fixing time. In Ankara we woke up very early in the morning to go to the embassy of Iran, but for nothing! You need a Reference Number before ahead which you only get from a travel agency (we applied online now, cross fingers that it works!! - On the way out of the city it's Lukas' turn with the flat tire. And a really good one! (check photo) But still we survived the past days especially thanks to our great hosts in Ankara (Emrah and Kubra). Thank you very much for the spontaneous great hospitality! We also survived thanks to a wonderful time at the Hamam (which I recommend to everyone if you come to Turkey) and to the shopping we managed to do ;). Next stop Cappadocia!!

2 October 2017

Many people are saying that the central Anatolian highlands are boring. I don't know if they really have been here?!? The landscapes are AMAZING! A rainbow of colours covers the mountains. From yellow, to brown, red, green and blue! So beautiful, that we stopped every km to take a picture. Here a selection ;)

30 September 2017

We cycled up and down through beautiful little villages and followed a nice and calm road. In the evening we reached a petrol station, where we (as so often) got invited for a çay. One of the guys at the station called his friend, Ferid, who came on his motorcycle and guided us to his little farm, where we spent an unexpected, relaxed night. We also introduced him to the delicious world of Langoš and Gogoşi :D When we left in the morning, he surprised us with a spectacular firework!! Thank you very much for the spontaneous hospitality! :)

28 September 2017

Güle güle Europe! Here we come Asia!! We left Europe for good now by taking a ferry to Yalova. Thus we skipped the crazy roads of Istanbul :) With our new travel companion, Adam we are slowly riding towards Ankara. We already experienced a relaxing thermal bath, beautiful landscapes with olive and fruit trees and of course the great hospitality of the Turkish people!

25 September 2017

In a big city like Istanbul you have to be a tourist, at least for one day. And that's what we did! We visited the most famous mosques, the palace and the bazaars. For me (Elis) it was sometimes quite awkward, because it felt like people were looking at me in a strange way... so I covered myself completely (see photo in mosque) xD We liked Istanbul a lot, as it felt familiarly European on the one hand, but also Oriental on the other hand and somehow different to every city we saw before. Still there is a lot more to discover, which we leave for the next time! ;)

23 September 2017

With one of the cyclists, Adam, we met at the bicycle shop, we decided to visit the Prince Islands to relax a bit after the stressful ride into the city. We took the very cheep ferry and went to the biggest of the Islands. There we walked all around the island until we found the perfect spot to stay. We went for a swim in the crystal clear water and spent a calm night there :). The Islands are very touristic and full of bicycles and horses; no cars are permitted! So we were very lucky to find this little peace of heaven! ;)

22 September 2017

Bisiklet Gezgini - THE institution for every bicycle traveller in and around Istanbul. We came to this famous bike shop around noon and thought we would maybe stay an hour to replace some worn out parts of Elis' bike. But it is such a nice place to hang around, that we stayed a bit longer... :D We met three other touring cyclists and the owner of the shop also cycled around the world already. So we had a lot of stories to tell, a lot of plans to make and a lot of çayi to drink. We even ate lunch there all together :) Of course we could also borrow all the tools to fix Elis' bike. So we left happily and inspired after many hours, when it was already dark and the shop closed.

21 September 2017

We made it to Istanbul!! :D Even the worst rush hour traffic could not stop us (although we're happy to not do this again). Thank you Kaya for showing us a bikeable way and of course for the tea! :) The city is impressively huge and we had to cycle many km between skyscrapers before we reached the center. There we took the ferry over the Bosporus to the Asian side of Istanbul. The very first time for me (Lukas) to be out of Europe!! It was already dark when we finally reached our goal: The cozy flat of our fantastic host Coşkun!!

20 September 2017

First impressions of this beautiful country: Fresh fruits and veggies on the way... We got invited to drink çayi with the locals as soon as we entered the first village :)... And we got also food from the locals :)... And a man gave me a rose, but not directly; he gave it to Lukas and told him that it is for me (respect for the husband)... In every little village a Mosque and five time a day the muezzin call to pray... And funny little neighbours :)

18 September 2017

After this short glimpse of 10 days in Bulgaria, we already cycled uphill to the next border crossing in the Strandscha mountains between Bulgaria and Turkey. We had less trouble than we expected these days and the border police didn't even want to see our luggage. Now we are looking forward to what Turkey will be like: our first non-christian country with minarets pointing to the sky in every little village :)

16 September 2017

While cycling through Burgas we occasionally met Mitko, another cyclist. He invited us to come with him to his little village Fakiya, because there was going to be a festival on the next day. We decided to take the detour to not miss the chance of experiencing a bit of real Bulgarian culture! Mitko and his father were amazing hosts and we enjoyed the loads of fresh fruits and vegetables from their large garden :) In the evening we all strolled over to the nearby village center, where a live band was playing traditional, very Balkanish music. After some dancing lessons by Mitko we were able to join the party and hop along with the local people in front of the stage :D Thank you so much for this great experience!!

13 September 2017

After nearly 3 months in Romania, we finally reached our 8th country: Bulgaria! Some beautiful, peaceful cliffs and beaches expected us here, but also some very touristic spots. Goldstrand, a known party beach where we felt like being on "Malle" (Mallorca), so full of Germans and German bars (the fantastic Bierkönig)! Now we found a beautiful beach where we took one day off from cycling to relax! Let's see what Bulgaria will offer us more!? Ah and the sign saying that it is forbidden to cycle on the highway, it's not a real rule here, it's more like a suggestion ;) everyone is cycling on these streets, also because most of the time there is no alternative!

9 September 2017

We just wanted to spend a calm night on a cliff above the black sea, but early in the morning we woke up because of some men shouting and running around our tent! It was the border police, following a very crowded, Turkish refugee boat that floated along the coastline. Quickly other police boats arrived and after a while they started towing the refugee boat back towards Bulgaria. The people on the boat started to scream and shout and in the end the policeboat turned around and brought them to the closest harbour in Romania. The refugees cheered and seemed very happy in that moment! It is strange to directly experience these things, that we used to see in the news so often.. We hope all those people find a good, peaceful new home!!

8 September 2017

One beautiful relaxing day in Constanța with Iacob and his splendid family! Delicious breakfast, a super comfortable hanging bed and a new invention for shadow on the beach!

7 September 2017

After we gave away all the 200 business cards we printed before we started our journey, it was time to print new ones. As you can see with an all new, colourful design by our old friend Jurek Thorenz! Thank you very very much!! :)

6 September 2017

On our way to Constanța we saw many signs of archeological sites, so we stopped by to see one of them: The ruins of Histria. Since the 7th century BC it was first a Greek and later a Roman settlement. It was abandoned around 700 AD. We were impressed by the Romanian style of excavation: They looked just like a family working in the field.

5 September 2017

The Delta's vast swamps, lakes, channels and gravel roads finally came to an end after one amazing week. We cycled for three days along the coast towards Constanța. In between we met Iacob while searching for a place to sleep. He offered us to pitch our tent in his garden and in the morning he served a delicious breakfast! Mulțumesc mult! :)

2 September 2017

In the northeastern corner of the Danube Delta there is an old, strictly protected forest called "Pădurea Letea". Paradoxically this is the driest place in Romania, although it is surrounded by all this water. Usually tourists go there by boat and 4x4 vehicle, but we thought: "It can't be too hard to cycle up there!" In the end it was too hard and after 20 km of very bad gravel road and pushing through uncyclable sand roads, we decided to leave the bikes behind and walk the last 5 km. That was also not the best idea because there was no shadow at all and we quickly ran out of water. We felt like in the desert. A bit dehydrated we reached one of the entrances into the forest and saw that it is full of spectacular sand dunes! Luckily we managed to hitchhike back to our bikes with a tourist transporter. Then (after buying some very necessary water and ice cream) we cycled around the forest to another entrance, where we saw some ancient trees with real lianas.

1 September 2017

The Black Sea!! After around 4000 km we reached this big milestone of our journey. It is the end of the Danube cycle highway and the beginning of less beaten paths for cyclists: Along the coastline towards Istanbul!

31 August 2017

During our stay at the Delta we observed a lot of different and rare birds (mainly from the canoe). First of all hundreds of pelicans, but also rollers, orioles, bee-eaters, hoopoes, king fishers, night herons, a black stork, an osprey and a white tailed eagle. And we saw a raccoon dog, an interesting mammal, which looks like (as the name suggests) a mix between raccoon and dog.
In Crișan we rented a canoe for two days and started paddling directly into the sunset :) You MUST visit the Danube delta by canoe to have the possibility to experience all its beauty and richness of fauna and flora!! We paddled for 44.4 km trough channels, jungle, and floating-plants-lakes (consistence similar to a soup filled with vegetables xD). If we'll ever come here again (what I hope) I would rent the canoe for an entire week, although it is very exhausting, it is worth it!!!

30 August 2017

Sorin took us out on a boat trip to get some fish for lunch. It was a beautiful experience, the first time in the channels of the Danube delta, the first time fishing (for me -Elis-) and with a wonderful local person!! Worth the vegetarian exception ;)

29 August 2017

The Danube Delta is definitely not made for cycling! Here we found the worst roads of our tour so far with holes larger than our bikes. The locals transported us over a channel with a veery small and wobbly boat. It was all fun to ride, until the road we wanted to take just disappeared 13 km before our goal :P We missed the daily ferry by 5 minutes, so we'll stay here until tomorrow. Sorin invited us into his guestroom for the night and is now cooking something for us that smells very deliciously :) We also met yet another cute little dog today, who ran for several km alongside our bikes. We called her "Klette" because of all the nasty sticky seeds in her fur. We dissected out some of the worst ones.

27 August 2017

Yesterday we found a very beautiful wild camp site directly at the Danube shore. There we crashed the campfire of Tina and Flo, two other travellers who speak German by coincidence. :P Sadly our speeds were too different (bike vs. car/speedboat), so we did not manage to meet again in the Delta for another night.

26 August 2017

After three days of a very busy road with too many trucks and no side stripe, under August's burning sun, we finally made it back to our good old Danube river. And we enjoyed a bath in relatively clean water. :)

24 August 2017

The mud volcanoes of Berca are a very impressive natural phenomenon. They appeared because gas bubbles rise from 3000 m depth and carry water and mud to the surface. The colour depends on the minerals they contain. Although they look perfect for a mud bath, you should not touch the liquid, because it contains radioactive radon! So no barefoot walking here. :( Anyway it was worth the 10 km uphill to see this lunar landscape (and also because of the puppies.. We hope they are fine! <3).

23 August 2017

Some impressions of our way to the mud volcanoes.
Dear friends, today we saw a lot of stray dogs on the street and we were thinking: people in Germany, Italy or wherever else should stop buying dogs, but come to Romania and take one from the street. There are so many, and a lot of them are still puppies and need a warm place and much love! So please, our dearest friends, if you are thinking of getting a dog: Don't buy it, go to Romania and save one from the street!! And tell all your friends too! This two beauties we found today a few km from where we are sleeping now, and tomorrow we have to go back the same way. I hope someone took them until then, because I am sure that I will not be able to leave them there!! Does anyone of you want to have this beautiful two girls? Hope to see them in good hands. I do not know if a bicycle would be a good home to them...

20 August 2017

Peștera Liliecilor - Fledermaushöle - Bat Cave We waited until all the people where gone, to be alone in the cave. We entered the cave and turned on our torches. In the first room it was hard to see a bat, probably because of the many people entering there. But when we climbed further in we found a beautiful big hole where many bats are living. This was the first time for me to see resting bats in their natural habitat. Very interesting!

19 August 2017

We left our bikes in Brașov and hitchhiked together with Zahra and Lutz to the Piatra Craiului National Park. There we spent two days of hiking all the way up and along the crest. It was much more exhausting than we all expected but actually a very beautiful experience. Down in the valley we had to say goodbye to Zahra and Lutz, who went back to Germany after these 5 days. Thank you so much for your visit, we really enjoyed this little breeze of home you brought. ;)

17 August 2017

After a long and very busy road we finally arrived in Brașov city. There we welcomed my brother Lutz and Zahra who came from Germany to visit us. We had a relaxed day strolling through the old town and searching for gogoși. :) Thank you Oana for your cozy little house!

15 August 2017

While cycling through Transylvania, we saw a lot of German cars and learned that there was the first "Siebenbürgener Sachsentreffen". 800 years ago, German settlers came to Transylvania. They lived and farmed there for a long time and built a lot of completely German villages. In the 80s and 90s they were discriminated by the Ceaușescu regime and most of them moved away from Romania. Now they met again and celebrated many parties in their former home-villages. We dropped into one of these by chance in Holzmengen (Hosman) and met a lot of very nice people with interesting stories. On our further way we passed by some beautiful medieval fortified churches and also saw one of them from inside. In a little village we bumped into a big herd of cows and buffalos. The animals spread out into the streets and found their individual homes by themselves. Very clever!

14 August 2017

Taking Langoš to the next level: Yesterday when we pushed our bikes through Sibiu city, we saw many people with interesting, deliciously smelling things in their hands. We tracked them down to the source and found a Romanian speciality: "Gogoși" are very similar to Langoš, but stuffed with cheese or sweet things! Of course we had to try to make them ourselves. So we fired up our deep-fryer again and oh yess, it works xD

13 August 2017

Today we saved a little cat on the street! We were cycling calmly through a thunderstorm when suddenly we heard "miau miau" from behind us and saw this little kitty running after us! So, as fast as possible we turned back and took the kitten from the street, shortly before a car came. Then I put her under my jacket and held her to warm her. Luckily there was a house near by and the owner had a lot of dogs and another cat, so we could leave our new friend with him! I hope she is good now! Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture. We were so into saving her that we didn't take the time to take a pic. But we'll remember her! :D Go Bobby xD

10 August 2017

I hope you all remember, what Langoš is: These typical Hungarian, super delicious, super fatty deep-fried breads with sour cream, cheese and a whole lot of garlic; The perfect meal for cyclists! A few days ago we had the idea to try to make them ourselves, so we bought the ingredients and set up our improvised Camping-Deep-Fryer. It worked much better than we hoped and the result was even more delicious than the langoš you can buy. This was definitely not the last time we made this and so arose the idea to become Langoš-Embassadors and build up a little street food shop along the road during our journey. :D

9 August 2017

RETEZAT NATIONAL PARK! What a beautiful place for hiking! We cycled up the mountain in the late afternoon and reached this beautiful Cabana where we finally met Gesa and Bente from Vienna again! We spent a great time with them, climbing up the mountain for 20 km, drinking Radler Beer and talking about the past months' experiences :) We are very happy that it worked out to meet in Romania! We do not have a future meeting place by now, but for sure we will see Bente and Gesa again somewhere on our journey ;) It was a great time you two! See you soon :* And for everyone else reading this, if you are looking for a nice place to hike, go to Retezat National Park. It is very well organized, quite clean and the landscape is amazing!

7 August 2017

On the street up into the National Park we met some great people from Switzerland and France! We spent the evening together at the Lacul Prisaca with music, good food and laughs! The next morning a fireman-helicopter woke us up! He filled its water just in front of us! What a terrible noise in the silence of the nature! We had a great breakfast with Thomas and Hannah in front of their beautiful LT and cycled on! We went up the road with 41 °C and 40 km to go up the mountain. And then down for other 40 km and out of the beautiful Domoglet National Park. The last night before reaching the Retezat National Park we slept near a cool cave where a river flows through. Again very beautiful :)

4 August 2017

Today was time to say goodbye to all our dear friends in Feneș. Mulțumesc mult for this amazing time, for all the shared stories and laughs, for all the things we learned and for the delicious food!! We leave with one laughing and one crying eye, because we really fell in love with this place and all the people who became like family for us; but we are at the same time super excited to hit the road again and see more of this vast planet. We used the train for the 43 km to Baile Herculane, to skip the exhausting highway that we already cycled once. Romanian trains are an adventure themselves, especially with our bulky bikes, for which they are definitely not designed. We got nearly overran by the train in the other direction while we tried heaving the bikes up the steep stairs into the wagon. But the other passengers were very helpful. From Baile we started rolling uphill into the beautiful Domogled National Park.

3 August 2017

It is hard to believe, but this was already our last day at the Bison Hillock. We went up to the bison enclosure together with Ele and the (Power)rangers to say goodbye to the three bisons we saw. In the evening we had a glorious goodbye-party with nearly all the beautiful people we got to know during our time in Feneș. We had delicious food, barbecue, music and a lot of creative drinks. Ai yukayuuu! :P

31 July 2017

29 July 2017

Part2: On our third day of hiking we reached the top of the mountain Țarcu! While going up, the view was beautiful. but when we reached the top, it was hard to see one meter away from us xD so we had to be very careful to not be surprised by the shepherds' dogs. Luckily the dogs up there are very friendly and the shepherds have only one or two dogs, not like on the mountain we are usually, where they have up to 8 dogs!!! So after a quick photo from the peak and a small snack at the weather station we walked down and found a beautiful spot to rest. On the last day, the sun came back again and we walked the 24 km back to Feneș. Now our legs are hurting but its ok! We had a beautiful time on the silent mountains!

27 July 2017

Part 1: 4 days of hiking in the wonderful area around Fenes. Starting near Fenes we walked all way up to Țarcu mountain :) It was arduous but the weather was perfect. We found some bear feces, very fresh ones, that we thought a bear could appear out of the bushes at any time xD and we saw some roe deer and red deer. One of the roe deer came quite near because he could not identify what we were ;). Very beautiful experience.

22 July 2017

Dear friends, the past weeks has been very colourful :) we have been tracking animals, watching films like in a cinema and celebrating Simona's birthday (our great cook!) :) we experienced some beautiful sunsets and found some great animals like this snake: coronella austriaca (smooth snake). Time flies so fast!! We are very thankful to all our great friends here for this wonderful experience! ;)

17 July 2017

8 July 2017

A wonderful time with our teem at the Gărâna Jazz Festival! Jazz and Food, what else do you need! Thanks a lot Waldo, Astarte, Georg, Matei, Oana and Ciubi! :D

6 July 2017

The things surrounding us here at the Bison Hillock: wild strawberries, foxes, sheep and dogs, people (new friends ;) ), insects and bisons :)

2 July 2017

A new Bison was born!! And We named it ROBIN! It fits both for male and female (you can only find out when it's young from how it pees xD) We wish him a healthy and beautiful life in the Bison Hillock-Feneș :)

30 June 2017

Kids playing soccer together! Age does not meter! This is also part of our project here: interact with the locals, learn the language and learn to play properly soccer ;)

25 June 2017

Bison tracking! Check!

21 June 2017

A nice time with wonderful people. My brother and my dad are here for one entire week and I am very happy about it :) With them and Duncan we took the car and went to Baile Herculane, a famous place for climbing and for it's thermal water! And who did we meet there? Paul and Julian!! Yuhuuu! After a month apart we had the great pleasure to spend another wonderful day together. This time not riding our bicycles but hiking up a mountain :) Lukas and I also hitchhiked again after so long, but only for 15 km :) It was funny because we were taken by the same people in both directions. Of course Langos couldn't miss! See you soon Julian and Paul (here their blog: Today we went looking for bisons. We found some tracks from 2 days ago but couldn't find the real bisons. Still we had a wonderful sunny day and I am happy to show my dad and brother what we are doing here! :)

17 June 2017

Dear friends and followers, as some of you already know, we started a little fundraising for our project. So should anyone of you want to chip in a few monetas to support our journey or our engagement in voluntary work like the one we just joined, follow the link underneath. You will also find some information about us and our motivation on this page. Thank you so much for your donations! They will keep us rolling a little longer.

16 June 2017

Dear Friends, we reached our first longer stop at the Bison Hillock in Feneș. We are participating as volunteers at the Rewinding Europe/ WWF project here. They have the purpose to protect the largest wilderness stronghold in the Romanian Carpathians and establish ecotourism around the rewilding areas. Yesterday we already got our first lesson on animal tracking by Georg and Duncan. We now recognize fox, deer, red deer, wolf, wild boar, hedgehog, badger, hare, bison, bear, wildcat, shrew, sheep and chainsaw (xD) based on their footprints and/or feces. We spent the night in the mountains under tarps and alternating nightwatch. It was exciting! During the next weeks, this blog will likely be a little bit more quiet, because we stay in this place. But don't worry, we'll let you know when we continue! ;)

14 June 2017

What an amazing coincidence! Yesterday at lunchtime we rolled through a village searching for a food store. The first one we saw had a little terrace with a fully packed travel bike in front of it. At one of the tables sat Alberto, who came from Spain and wants to cycle (roughly) to Tibet. We shared our selfmade jam and our stories for about an hour. Then suddenly another bike traveler came around the corner: Markus, who sold everything he had in Germany and is now on his way to somewhere, maybe Iran, maybe further. Shortly later two other cyclers joined our sit in: Emilie and Noën from France who follow the Danube to the Black Sea and who are also Biologists. We talked a lot and continued together for the next 5 km to Orsova, where Elis and me sadly had to say goodbye and turned away from the river and up into the mountains. But who knows, maybe we will see some of you again at the coast of the Black Sea!? We wish you all safe and sweet travels!

13 June 2017

We had a great time cycling through the Iron Gates National Park. The landscape is just breathtaking with the steep mountains, deep canyons and the Danube river squeezing in between. We spent one night directly on the riverbank and watched a beautiful sunset. The small Romanian villages were a little bit spooky with a lot of empty buildings and crumbling towers. But the people are very nice and helpful, only their dogs are really annoying, when they run after us, loudly barking. Elvira's whistle does a good job scaring them away. After a very steep passage up the mountain, we spent the second night in a beautiful little valley with a bubbling creek, many frogs and some cows. We cooked jam from berries that we collected during the day. Yummy!

11 June 2017

After a delicious dinner and breakfast at our hosts house with self made cake and fried bread :P and a nice rest et a beautiful lake in Bela Crkva we finally reached our 7th country: Romania! We decided there to take a shortcut over the mountain and found on the other side of it a beautiful place at a small river to spend the night! Thanks a lot Biljana for letting us stay at your summerhouse and for the delicious meals! :)

9 June 2017

We reached Belgrade after climbing up the muddy way caused by the storm. We also found some Marijuana plants (male ones) on the edge of some fields and made tea out of it :P. Then we reached Miro's house! He and Ana where great hosts to us! We went to the city center where Ana had a concert with her German big band and then to one of Belgrade's cultural, artistic streets where we had a fantastic dinner! The next day Miro showed us around Belgrade and explained everything perfectly :) We had a fantastic time! Thanks a lot! Through the traffic we tried to escape from the city and managed it after crossing the Pancevo bridge! The quiet landscape delighted us a lot and we cycled 60 km in the nature and reached a great spot at the Danube :)

7 June 2017

After a peaceful night in Sasha's house, we went to Sonja (cheese girl :P), drank Turkish coffee and got to know her, Milos and Milanka better :). We unfortunately didn't meet Mirco (the Italian guy) again, but we are very thankful to him for the pleasing evening and the translating :). That day we just cycled 25 km further to a wonderful place with view over Novi Sad. There we experienced a magnificent thunderstorm over Pannonia's flatland! The next day was quite cold and so we cycled back down to the Danube river. We reached a wonderful place where we were hosted by Lazar in his little, selfmade brick hut. The second storm arrived, but we were safe ;).

5 June 2017

In Backa Palanka we were hosted by Zoran in his great house, with his beautiful garden and chickens :). We had a wonderful evening together, had dinner with him and his mom, went to the Danube to chill a little and talk a lot :) The next morning we went to have the typical Serbian breakfast: Burek! It is soooo yummy!! After this great meal we packed our stuff, listened to some great Serbian music and cycled towards Fruska Gora National Park. Fruska Gora is the only mountain in this area and millions of years ago it was an island! We first stopped in a picnic area and then went some meters back to ask for water. We didn't receive only water, bread, soup, home made goat milk and cheese, and a lot of Rakija!! They also gave us a little hunter's house to stay in for the night. We met so many wonderful and great people in these last few days! Thanks a lot for everything we'll remember you for ever! Zoran thanks for the delicious home made food and see you in Novi Sad for the Exit Festival!

3 June 2017

We left Sombor and headed back to the Danube, where we found a beautiful nature reserve of riparian forests and swamps. We saw dozens of wild boars, and frogs, a white tailed eagle, a black stork, a swamp turtle crossing the road and first of all myriads of mosquitoes! In the evening we went to a house on the edge of the woods to ask for water. Bella, a very sympathetic, energetic lady invited us into the comfy backyard. It was the house of the forest elf Dragan, one of the rangers of the reserve. They provided us with selfmade cake, bread, salad, eggs and a place to pitch our tent. We had an amazing evening with fire, barbecue, music and talks about everything. A friend of them, who is a powerful guru, blessed our rings to protect us on our further journey. On the next day we had to say goodbye to Dragan and his dog Freud and they gave us a lot of food, including even more eggs and a bottle of elderberry syrup, homemade by Michele, the other ranger. Thank you so much for everything!!!

2 June 2017

Another relaxing day :) After a wonderful evening with our host Alexandra she convinced us to stay a day longer. It was not difficult to convince us, since she is such an amazing, sunny, intelligent girl ;) her home is very comfortable too :P. We went to a nice Cafe (Café de Sol) at the channel and talked about all the shared interests (diving, photography, cycling, history...). Then Alex and I exchanged bicycles. I took her super light Releigh racing bike and she took my heavy Trek mountain bike. We enjoyed it both soooo much for those short 30 minutes xD. We then accompanied her to her language school, met her colleagues and then went home :). In the evening we had again a wonderful time with her, Ben and wine :P. Ben is from Argentina and a Hitchhiker, who is on the road for 6 years now and who already saw a lot of places :) check out his Blog (ps: it's in Spanish): Thanks a lot for the beautiful time! We see you soon, very very soon ;)

31 May 2017

Between Batina and Sombor. Between Croatia and Serbia. After many many days of flat landscapes, we had to cycle up a hill to reach Batina. More than 30 °C under the hot hot sun, but the view from the top of the hill: breathtaking :). Under the memorial "Battle of Batina" (which reminds of the battle of 1944 between Red army, the People's Liberation Army, the Wehrmacht and its allies - Wikipedia) we took a long break :) there we met Wolfgang. He retired in February and immediately started his first longer bicycle journey towards the black see. Follow him on his Blog: Have fun Wolfgang the next years along the EuroVelos :) Entering Serbia we first stopped at a place called Ecological school Baracka, which was suggested us by Alexandra, our wonderful host in Sombor :). A magical place to relax, drink something refreshing and listen to the sounds of nature :). Then we cycled the last 30 km under the hot sun and finally reached the beautiful Sombor.

30 May 2017

Last day in Croatia! Tomorrow we reach the Danube and with it the boarder to Serbia. The last days we enjoined the good hot weather, the nice beach at the Drava and its could water to cool down :) Now we are excited to get to know this new country and to overcome all prejudices about it, which we got from people on our way. ;) Serbia, here we come! Ps: full of Miskitos here :/ I love Summer, but the Miskitos make it sometimes terrible!!

27 May 2017

The Drava river and its surrounding are so incredibly beautiful! The little quiet villages, the perfect bicycle roads, the great landscapes with fields of poppy and chamomile, the dangerous bridges and the funny people. We finally managed to make "Stockbrot" (1 kg of flour for 2 people) which we actually planned to do with Silvio and Lena; second try in Turkey! Tonight we sleep under a beautiful starry sky with the river's sounds as background music :). Goodnight!

24 May 2017

2000 km away from home! On this day we crossed the Hungarian-Croatian boarder and reached a breathtaking area at the Drava river. We passed through beautiful landscapes and managed to stay dry. Although we had this wonderful day, we are very sad that we separated from Lena and Silvio. They are continuing their journey towards Croatian coastline. But we promised each other to meet in Turkey again :) So see you in autumn alligator!! The past days where wonderful with you two :) Follow their future adventures on

23 May 2017

After another windy day we found one of the most beautiful campsites so far :) the lake near where we camped is the world's largest thermal lake (Heviz). And since the lake was completely surrounded by a fence, we and many other people bathed in the river that arises from the lake. :) The water was nicely warm, the boys did beauty treatment with mud masks and we enjoyed the sun. We suggest all of you to visit this place and to drive south through the Balaton-Oberland national park, which is a very beautiful area.

20 May 2017

The Balaton coast is very touristic and it is hard to find free spaces between the restaurants and private beaches. Three days ago we found a nice free spot where we first wanted to stay only for lunch, but we liked it so much, that we stayed for two days. :D We used the relaxed time for music, arts and fire. And there were many interesting frogs, snakes, lizards and turtles. :) Yesterday we continued along the coast, ate lángos again and finished the day with our selfmade hobo-candle and a thunderstorm during the night.

18 May 2017

So we reached the Balaton yesterday night, after two wonderful days cycling with Lena and Silvio :) We had some perfect campsites and very hot days, but we always reached a lake in which we took a bath :) I think we'll also stay here tomorrow and then continue south-east while the others will continue towards croatian coast! We are enjoying our time with this two wonderful cyclists :)

16 May 2017

Two days ago we met two other crazy cyclists! Lena and Silvio travel towards Singapur (see and since we share a very similar state of mind, we will continue together for now. We arrived in Budapest together and split up to different hosts for the night. Elis and me crashed Lothar's flat. Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality and for the great cooking! :) At the next day I recognized, that I lost my hat somewhere along the way and decided to cycle back and search for it. 70 km of successlessness. :( But I'll find a new one ;) We had a beautiful dinner above the roofs of Budapest and today we continued our journey. Now towards the Balaton! :)

13 May 2017

The last two days where very sunny and hot! I don't want to imagine how it is with 40°C in the shadow :O! But we enjoyed the nature around us and Langos!!! The EuroVelo 6 (Danube cycle way) in Hungary is not as beautiful as in Slovakia, but the campsites are amazing! We already met Paul and Julian again xD and we had a very beautiful evening together with blues harp music and Langooooosssss! :) See you soon guys!! Today we reach Budapest! yuhuuuu!

11 May 2017

In Bratislava we had our streetmusic debut. Although it was a bit uncoordinated, the people seemed to like it ;) Elis finally bought new, waterproof shoes and we left the city with good impressions. On the cycleway out of Bratislava we met Peter, who invited us to stay at his home with his Slovak-Brasilian family. Thank you very much for the warm hospitality! :) Yesterday we cycled for hours under the hot sun on a loong, straight dam. We saw beautiful, riparian forests with many traces of beavers. In the evening we pitched our tent under a huge, old tree directly at the Danube river.

10 May 2017

Today we cycled all the way, through the Donau-Auen National Park, to Bratislava (new country, check!!). Here we met with Elis' mum, who kindly offered us a room in a Hotel :). We had a great dinner at a typical Slovakian restaurant and discovered a small open air in the center of the city (DEN Euröpy - Korben Dallas). Now after a long chat, we all need to go to bed. (Grazie Mamma!! :* ci vediamo presto presto!!)

8 May 2017

Dear friends, we had some very nice days in Vienna! On Sunday we walked to the Schloss Schönbrunn (7km in one way and 9km back), had then a nice dinner with our biker-friends and spend the night at Gesa and Bente's House :) It was a litle bit tooo much walking for us, but the next day we repeated it anyway... With our great host Stefan we walked to the Danube island and to a wine festival, but it took quite a long time xD. Except for my feet hurting, we had two very wonderful days! Thanks to everyone! Bente and Gesa, see you in Romania. Stefan we hope to see you somewhere soon!! Paul and Julian, we had some very funny and chocolatic days with you. Now we are separated, but we'll catch up soon!

6 May 2017

We had a very hot day today and started with a great breakfast with scrambled eggs and cake at the fisherman's hut. We reached Vienna after we were nearly blown off our bikes by the headwind. :o Now we spend the night at Stefan's penthouse over the city :D

5 May 2017

We had two wonderful days along the Donau. Yesterday evening we found a nice beach for camping and the nearby sheepfarmers supplied us with sheepcheese, cake, beer and a lot of fruits. We went for a short swim and afterwards the tarp protected us from the thunderstorm. The next day brought good cycleweather and we decided to divide up, because Paul and Julian wanted to climb a mountain in Dürnstein, whilst Elis and me had a more relaxed day and found a beautiful meadow in the forest next to a fishing hut to spend the night.

3 May 2017

Yesterday we had another beautiful cycling day along the Traun river and finally reached the Danube again. It greeted us with strong headwind. In the evening we found one of the greatest camping spots so far: the founder of the "Zillenfahrer Club" invited us to stay on the club's meadow directly at the water with a possibility to swim :)

1 May 2017

I (Elis) woke up and saw a big tree in front of my sleep place. Lukas put it up during the night for me <3 The "Maibaum" is a tradition from his home region. The guys forced me to drag the tree with the bike. Was fun for 500m...xD. After breakfast we cycled through the Salzkammergut up and down, along lakes and mountain bike trails. The day ended in a smal village along the river Traun in the garden of some nice people.

30 April 2017

Today was finally again great weather for biking! :D Julian saddled his horse lightning fast and after a bit of cleaning and tidying up the party residues, we were ready to take off at 12:30(!). We cycled about 40 km through a beautiful mountain landscape and ended up at a nice lake with a fireplace.

29 April 2017

Yesterday we participated to the farewell party of Julian, who is traveling with Paul towards Nepal. It was a great party with a lot of interesting and funny people :) During the day we cleaned our bike's and went to the Königsee while Paul and Julian filled their saddlebags and trailer with climbing and cycling stuff for their tour :).

28 April 2017

Category: Schietwetter. We had three days of nonstop rain and snow. The first day we spent relaxing at Franziska's house at the Starenberger lake. Yesterday we cycled 100 km for the first time on this journey to reach Rosenheim, where we slept again at a friend's house and met Paul, who also recently started his bicycle world tour. Today we three cycled only a few km to Traunstein, and took the train to Berchtesgaden, because we got fed up by the snow. Now we stay for a day at Julian's house, a friend of Paul. They want to cycle to Nepal together. We will continue together the next time. Check out their Blog:

25 April 2017

Today we started very early, at 6:30(!) Because of this we had a lot of time to cycle our way through the beautiful upper Allgäu and unfortunately also a lot of rain to the Starnberger See. Here we sleep at Franziska's house; thank you very much for the hospitality! :)

24 April 2017

We started this day very late, but with a nice warm sun and a big breakfast :P Then we cycled through the lower Allgäu. The funniest thing happened at the end of the day: We were looking for a place to pitch our tent, when Jochen overtook us on his racing bike and asked where we were going. We answered Australia and he invited us to stay at his house ;) thanks a lot Jochen!

23 April 2017

Finaly a sunny and almost warm day. After breakfast with traditional "Seelen" (souls) we cycled to the citycenter of Ulm and Lukas' uncle Roland guided us throgh crooked houses, gothic and barock churches. Then we had a nice chat with another fellow traveler Gabriel ;) and ended the day in a tipical "Gasthaus" (tavern) with delicious beer and "Maultaschen" :P. Thank you for the wonderful day!!

22 April 2017

We slept on a comfortable couch in a small flat, inside the last German town with complete city wall (Nördlingen), inside a gigantic meteoric crater (24km diameter)!! We are very thankful to our host Max for sharing his flat and travel experiences with us :)! See you somewhere out there soon! After leaving Nördlingen we cycled out of the crater (uphill of course!) and with a lot of headwind and could rain towards Ulm! Very beautiful landscape but a very exhausting day!

21 April 2017

Dear Friends :) we had two very nice days in Nürnberg with some great friends Uli and Julia (and their flatmates -5-). It was relaxing and comfortable since the outer temperature was below 0°C :S. We had a lot of fun and we are very thankful to them that we could stay that long. We wish them lots of fun and luck in the coming projects ;) see you soon!! Next time there will be food cubes in every city and village ;) We cycled 100km further to Nördlingen were we are staying at Max' house, also a very nice guy ;)

19 April 2017

Dear friends we had two climatically very variable days! From sun, to rain, to snow :o! But now we are safe in Nürnberg and today we are going to take the day off from cycling :)

16 April 2017

Happy Easter our friends! As you can see in the first picture we created an Eastern meal for you ;) mashed potatos with self collected herbs, onions and beans. Yummy! We had a great day, even though the weather was not good! Met great people and found a great place to sleep :)

15 April 2017

Today we started with the plan to ride many many kilometers, but in the end we finished with only about 30, because we found a very nice place to stay on a meadow directly at the river. We cooked with a lot of wild herbs (Bärlauch :)) and Elis used the time to paint.

14 April 2017

Today we had a very relaxing day :) We had a wonderful breakfast with our friends Claus and Susanne and we cycled about 50km southeast along the river Main. We just had some difficulties with finding a place to sleep. But now we are safe in a nice meadow ;).

13 April 2017

Hey friends! Today we cycled 90 km along the Rhine and Main and ended up in Frankfurt, where we met new friends who host us for the night. They brought us to a beautiful little "Äbblwoi-Wirtschaft" where we got to know some of the typical food and drinks. And also some of the Frankfurtian vocabulary: Bembel, Gschpritzte, Schopp :D

12 April 2017

A wonderful day along the Rhine. Many castles, big cliffs and a beautiful medieval village!! We found here a nice camping directly at the riverside!

11 April 2017

Another day has passed :) and we are about 50km further! This morning we finally met our friend Raffi! He just came back from Bali *.*. Now - 10km from Koblenz - we are preparing our dinner at a lake. Mmmm Beer-noodles with mushrooms and cream. Gnam gnam :)

10 April 2017

First Day. Check! We started late, but we still did 70km. And we are totally exhausted in the end! :P We came all the way up here to see a friend. But he was not there :( let's see if we meet him tomorrow!

9 April 2017

Hey! We had a very great evening yesterday! And tomorrow our journey starts :)

28 March 2017

Dear friends :) our journey starts on April 10. Follow us! We are very excited! :)