South Korea · 2 Days · 8 Moments · November 2017


28 November 2017

SUMMARY OF DAY 1 EXPENSES Airport bus : 10,000 T card: 24,000 Lunch: 9,000 Cable car : 8,500 Souvenir: 16,250 Street food : 1500 Dinner: 9,000 SIM card: 33265 KTX $117.37
After which I walked around Myeongdong area. And walked back to check out hostel haru. One of the girls came back, I said hello. She ignored me... 😕

27 November 2017

The room was ok. Bed was nice with a tv. Just that the toilet was a bit small. Thankfully when I used no one was using it. So it was ok!
The well known porridge. I think it was only ok. Just a good comfort food for the winter. I ordered the seafood porridge. It cost 9,000₩ (369฿)($15)
N Seoul Tower. It was a long walk up to the cable car station (there was actually a free elevator service) and it was all uphill slope. Thankfully the weather was cold not summer, if not the walk will be pretty exhausting. The cable car ride cost 8,500₩ (348฿)($15) (round trips). It was a very short trip but it saves you from walking all the way up or taking a bus. After arriving I was greeted with this super nice view with the orange sky, sun about to set. I went around taking photos of the love locks before the sky turns dark. And I wanna go up to the tower before the sun set. There was a crowd but not too bad kind.
Walked around this place called ssamziegil, they have very cute and interesting handmade stuff.
Went to hostel haru dropped off my baggage and went out as the room is only available at 3pm. Walked to insa-dong wanted to eat bibimbap but it was closed!!! Googled and they recommend this dumpling shop. It was ok, the big dumpling is full of ingredient, the noodles were soso. Too much for me. Everything cost 9,000₩ (369฿) ($15)
1 hour flight to udon followed by a 4 hours plus of waiting. Flight at 2.40am arrived at Korea about 10am After arriving, I collected my SIM card which was pre-booked on klook. And I also collected my train to busan tickets. After clearing everything, I took the airport bus to hostel haru. It was less than an hour bus right.