Brazil · 1 Days · 3 Moments · December 2016

Fly to Iguaçu

16 December 2016

We got a short stop in Curitiba, sitting in the same plane ✈️ and wait like 45 minutes to fly to the destination. Thats why we got snacking and drinking two times 🍫🍦🍭☕️🍡 and stay in an empty plane. #everthingfixeswithnodelay 👍 #airplanelikeabus 🐶 #landscape 🍁🌾🌱🌴🌵🎋🌿
So in a warm climat we're deboarding and take the first bus to downtown. The busdriver said this bus drives to our housing, but the lady where we have to pay in the bus said: "no, it's wrong". So we bail out and walk the way back to the airport just to check that it was the right bus 🚌😬 So after that in the right bus we ask some ladys where we have to went out. They told us, we went out, it was wrong 🐥 So staying on the street with no plan. But 5 minutes later the two ladys from the bus came around and help us to find the right direction. They were very nice, friendly, from Peru and Spain and we were not a bit angry. More happy about them 🙃 Staying for one night in a hotel with pool, but we realizes that we need a hostel not a hotel. #happywithasaveflight 🤓 #cooldowninthepool 😊
Olá outra vez! We stayed to short in Rio but we will come back on new years eve to check out some more places in this city. The next stop is Iguaçu by flying from Rio to Curitiba. #beautifulviewofrio 🏞 #abovetheclouds ☁️☄️☁️☁️☄️