United States of America · 14 Days · 28 Moments · December 2018


1 January 2019

back home finally. sad for this experience to be over, but happy that i got to have it. till next time :)
heading to the airport now

31 December 2018

happy new year everyone!!!

30 December 2018

today we went to the beach, fed peacocks, and had dinner during a beautiful sunset. we found a lot of sand dollars too which was cool!

29 December 2018

well, to finish off the day, my aunt got bitten by a light green assassin bug (that’s the official name). bite hurts worse than a bee sting,,,,,, Ouch
we went to the lgbtq+ welcome center today and it was Fantastic. love this city
it is So humid
today we went to the saturday morning market, then sawgrass lake park. stuffed croissants for breakfast were really good! we saw at least five gators too, so that was cool

28 December 2018

we went shopping for about four hours today, it was insane!! fun tho, i got a couple things and there were some good sales
(pt 2/2)
went to myakka river state park today! it was partially flooded, so we got to wade through some water which was fun :) (pt 1/2)

27 December 2018

(pt 2/2)
went to boyd hill nature preserve today and took a guided tour, it was very pretty (pt 1/2)

26 December 2018

went mini golfing then to the beach, it was p great
gonna go to the beach today!!

25 December 2018

walking around downtown to see the lights rn, found a cool mural
we were working on this the Entire day. finally finished. this was the bane of my existence omg
merry christmas!! today’s been pretty chill, we did presents then we went on a walk with the dogs and now we’re just hanging out and watching nightmare before christmas :)

24 December 2018

merry christmas eve!! having christmas eve lunch with family rn :) went to the bookstore earlier for books to read tonight, made gingerbread houses and place markers after that just hanging out and having a chill day today, it’s p nice

23 December 2018

homosassa springs (pt 2/2)
homosassa springs (pt 1/2)
headed up to homosassa springs, gonna see some animals :)

22 December 2018

leaving for tampa now

21 December 2018

universal studios!
harry potter world is fantastic! butterbeer is the best

20 December 2018

it’s pouring rain and we’re all soaked, by the lines are real short so this is good!!

19 December 2018

arrival ™
with my dad finally, got chick fil a :)