North America · 8 Days · 26 Moments · July 2018

21 July 2018

And all good things come to an end. Our flight was delayed by 3.5 hours so instead of getting up at 3.00 am we got up at 7.00am. And at airport we received each from WestJet a US $15.00 meal voucher. This was a great trip.

20 July 2018

And we finished the day at the Orlando Cheesecake Factory.
Last day in Orlando. A bit overcast here with occasionally a drop of rain. Everybody went out shopping. Not me. I am here at Corona Cigar Company. Love this place,,,,a 17 year old Glenfarclas, a good book and a fine cigar......

19 July 2018

Love this place, the music, the energy, the drinks and food.....
After a day of chilling out at Vistana.......Mango’s

18 July 2018

Yeah, we had a thunderstorm around lunch time for an hour or so and the Blues Brother show was cancelled due to thunder, however we had a great day here.
After a day in the heat, an “Hurricane” at the Hardrock tastes soooo gooood!
Out of the train into “Harry Potter” village
After Universal we take the “Hogward” train to Adventure Island.
Today is our day at.......

17 July 2018

Mel and Dianne in the footsteps of Nana, long walk on Siesta Key Beach. A long walk took them down to the Pepper Tree, where Nana and Papa + family often stayed. Here Mel run into friends. Needless to say it took a few hours before they got back.
And of course, back to Siesta Key beach.
After breakfast some shopping and walking around Sarasota
The Airbnb in Sarasota rented by Mel and Brandon. We joined them here for the Monday eve. We all checked out on Tuesday 10.00 AM.

16 July 2018

And at the end of the day........Dry Dock Water restaurant.,,,,,.. excellent seafood here,
A 2 hours drive from Orlando to Siesta Key. Today a lazy in Siesta Key (Sarasota). It’s hot, and sunny. The water temperature is around 88F. We are not complaining.

15 July 2018

At the end of the day we went to one of our favourite dining places in Orlando, Texas de Brazil. The image is of my salad bar picks. You are served 35+ barbecued beef, pork, chicken, and lamb options. Service is always great here.
Laying on your back, and looking up.... There’s something about palm trees..
Dropped the kids off at the car rental company in Kissimmee. They are off to Sarasota. We’ll meet up with them tomorrow. We just are taking it easy today. Hanging around the pool is just fine.

14 July 2018

And we are closing the day with a “belated” birthday party for Brandon.
After some Uber issues, Brandon and Heather arrived at Vistana. A pool is a nice way to cool down.
After a hard day of the hustle and buzz of travel, time to chill out. The hurricane, adjacent to Vistana in Kissimmee, has an excellent selection of drinks and food without breaking the bank.
Almost there, 30 minutes to go
Ready for take off.
Waiting to get on board.
As we went through security Dianne had to remove the IPad case. Tim the tool man assisted , and Dianne’s iPad got a complementary cleaning.