Brazil · 1 Days · 6 Moments · January 2017

Florianopolis #listatroîsdehashtag

6 January 2017

So at 7:30 (one hour later than planned) we arrived in Florianopolis and take another bus 🚌 to our hostel #magicmonkey 🐒 Get 💵some Breakfast with Açai (like ice cream from Açai 🍇 with granola 🍚and bananas🍌) Just booking the bus for the next day (we had to drive 35 minutes to the bus terminal and backwards) and then booked the next hostel 👌🐥. In the city was a food truck place where we eat some churros and Maniokchips 😋 At the evening we got an Mexican Night at the Hostel with Caipirinha, selfmade Nachos, Quesedillas, and 4 different dips: Avocado 🥑 Beans 🍛 Legumes 🥗 Meat 🍯

5 January 2017

So here is another #list from things which are #deceitful while traveling 🤖😼🤛 #threebedsontopofeachother 🛏 Beds standing as unsecure as possible while your sleeping in the third bed on top #drivingwithabus 🚌 In Rio a busdriver closed his door while 2people with a "childcar" want to get out. Because those people were angry the busdriver was it too and drives as fast as even possible around the corners. 🛐 #bookyourflights&bussesviawebsites You don't get robbed on the streets of Rio but from a german website. By now nothing happends but it's strange 😬 #longbusrideswithtshirt #sleeping🤧 Air conditioner and it's cold like winter ❄️ and my ear 👂 feels like sick. It's warm and cold changing every hour and it's like sweating and hot at the same time. 🤧 #waterlessinRio Sure the rich areas of Rio and no water 💦 👎 we stayed in Botafogo but heard that Copacabana gets water by food trucks first 😅 To be continued...
A yellow bus with it's waiting bus driver who through his arms with a smile on his face 👨🏼‍💼🙌 #saopaoloTiêtebusdrama ✅ #NovoRiobusspectaculo ✅ I'm still sitting in this bus for 7 hours with a snack by McD #ovomaltineshake 🥛another snack at a stop #hopemystomachworks 😬🙏 and now driving through Sao Paolo 🏢🏬🏙. #someemotionsoutofthewindow
I mentioned that this VLT is very slow didn't I? 🤔😬 We checked the "online tickets" for a phone number 📲. We only saw that we have to be at the terminal menos de una hora 👏👏👏 Can we take ourselves serious? #We'retravelinglikeidiots #whywebookedthisbussolateforsomuchmoneyandthebookingsaid #bookingdon'twork! At 12:29 we arrived at the Novo Rio searching our bus enterprise (they got little boxes where we have to change our "online ticket" into a paper ticket 📜. The lady laughs and said: hoy? 👩🏻‍⚖️the bus is full! We got tickets i said! Her hands moves like saying the bus is still driven away...👋 Maybe not, which terminal i said. 😰 She goes to a phone ☎️ and calls somebody like 2 minutes and laughs like talking to a friend😐 In a relaxing mode she took my handy and got out names in the system and printed our tickets after looking at passaporte 🤓📕. You don't recognize how fast you can run with your baggage 🎒.
At 11 am we go to the bus which brings us to Novo Rio. We wait 10 minutes and decided to go the same we got to the Airbnb stay. #metro-tram 🤓 #badidea 🤥 So the metro goes fast to the tram station VLT 🚊👍. We got this VLT-Rio cards from the first tour. ( a card costs 10R$ and 3R$ for the Card and we took a ride to the Airbnb for 3,80R$ --> now there are 3,20R$ on the card) At the ticketbox are some people so we're waiting. This machine can't change money: take 3,80R$ and want to put two 2 Reais notes in it doesn't work. Standing there at 12 o' clock the machine saying 1,80R$ missing and don't take the 2 Reais note. Despúes de ocho minutas we're sitting in the tram with some help of VLT-people. ✊️
I got a lot of transport in my Journis 🤔 Hopefully booked yesterday: the bus to Florianopolis 🚌 at 12:30 at Novo Rio. It will take 18hours 👻. For five days we tried to book a flight to Florianopolis on a website for roundabout 170€ for two people. At the and of the booking there was written like: not possible try it again. I switched my money from this card 💳🙏 What a crap with this fucking booking sides 💩👺👿 For like 220€ with the bus for two we hope it works. Everybody told us: to Buenos Aires? Via Iguaçu! 🙈 #wesawamonkeyfromthehostelwindow 🐒