Switzerland · 15 Days · 9 Moments · January 2017

WEF is love, WEF is life

18 January 2017

David Cameron, Sister Sledge, and CDO in the house! #wearefamily!
Well.. how shall I understand that? 🤔😂

15 January 2017

I came from the bottom, now rising to the top! #derschiefeturmvondavos
T minus three hours until lockdown! #redzone

11 January 2017

After days of getting fucked over by our head production crew, our baby is starting to take shape! Almost ready for world leaders to discuss major issues, such as climate change and neorevolutionary economics, while wasting huge amounts of electricity. Spot the error. #fml

7 January 2017

Once upon a time, I was an audio engineer.. #fml

6 January 2017

Well.. I'm kinda irritated!?

5 January 2017

Day two of snow inducted mayhem! Electricity and snow for everyone..

4 January 2017

Huge amounts of baggage? - Check! Tiny car? - Check! Graubünden license plate? - Check! Roadtrip!